When I woke up in the morning, Sylvester was not there.


I knew this would happen.


After all, Sylvester is busy, so we can’t be together until morning.


Even thinking like this, I couldn’t erase the strange sadness.


But it was then.


“Are you awake?”


Sylvester came into the room.
Huh? Why aren’t you in the office? Why are you here?


I wondered and tilted my head.


“I brought you something to eat for breakfast.”


Come to think of it, Sylvester was holding a tray.


But what? Did you bring my breakfast?


“Neill said that.
A man who serves breakfast is popular.”


“Uh… That’s true but.”




“It’s a bit strange to suddenly change like this.
Can you just do it as usual?”


Sylvester’s face crumpled as if it were visible.


He stared at me and said.


“When I treat you nicely, just take it.”




I nodded quietly.


And he received the breakfast that Sylvester had brought.


It was simple brunch and coffee.
These are the things I eat in the morning.


“I asked the chef.
What you eat.”


“That’s why you brought it like this?”


“That’s right.
But is it fine just like this? Don’t you need something like meat?”


“It’s okay, but did you forget what I said earlier? Please do it as usual.”


“I feel like if you just eat like this, it will dry out and disappear.”


Sylvester glanced at my slender wrist and said.


It’s kind of touching.


Because you’re worried about me.




“Well, but that won’t happen because you’re strong.”


He always adds words like this to light the candles, really.


I pouted my lips. 


“Hurry up and eat.
I’ll watch you eat and leave.”


“If you watch me like that, I’ll get indigestion while eating.
Just leave.”


“I don’t want to.”


Sylvester responded firmly.


“After I watch it now, I have to watch it in the evening again.”


“So what?”


“How can I hold it and wait to see you until then?”




Tsk, really.


I buried my face in my hands.
I felt both of my cheeks burning.




I raised my head and looked at Sylvester.


“Are you really crazy?”




How can you admit it so easily?!


I was dumbfounded and opened my mouth.


“I’m crazy.
That’s why I’m saying this openly that I like you.”


Sylvester said, messing up his bangs.


“If I wasn’t crazy, I would have kept my feelings to myself.
No, I wouldn’t have liked it in the first place.
I’m doing this because I’m crazy.”


It was a muttering tone as if muttering to himself.


I just stared at Sylvester without answering.


Sylvester then turned his head and looked at me.
Our eyes met.


“So, Ophelia.”


He approached me.


And he placed my hand on the back of his hand, which was still sitting on the bed.


“Try to fall in love with such a crazy man.”


He clasped my hand.


“Because I’ll try my best, too.”


And then he kisses my forehead.




Why are you kissing me all the time?


I’m going crazy.


I bowed my head, covering my red face.


Badump, badump.


My heart, which had only reacted to capitalism, was beating too fast.




Count Cardal’s ball is tomorrow. 


So I was wandering around the mansion after a long time.


To take a walk and organize my thoughts.


The sky was dark as it was about to rain.
The wind somehow felt strong.
Will there be a typhoon? To the point where I wonder. 


When the weather is like this, I remember the day I possessed Ophelia’s body.


When it rained so much that I couldn’t see an inch ahead.
I was possessed then.
My mind was blank, but I remember the weather cleared.


‘Don’t you remember? Before, when it rained like a hole in the sky.
You burned all the books that day!’


The original Ophelia must have died that day.


By using the witch’s magic circle incorrectly.




How did the original Ophelia get the magic circle? I remembered the contents of the diary.


[This is a magic circle that can amplify my black magic.


It is a precious magic circle that that person obtained from a witch.]


That’s definitely what it said.


Then, who is ‘that person’?


‘Ah, I don’t know.’ 


It seems to be getting more and more complicated, I thought.


‘I don’t know.
I’ll run away without knowing anything.’


Sylvester or whatever.
I really don’t know!


Thinking so, I hurried my steps.


It was then.





A familiar voice was heard.


I hurriedly turned my head towards it.


Then Theo showed up!


Wow, Theo! How long has it been?


Our Theo, whom I haven’t seen since I saved him from the last carriage accident!


“Oh my goodness!” 


I approached Theo without hiding my joy.


Theo, who was practicing swordsmanship, hurriedly put the sword in and greeted me.


“It’s been a while, Madam.
How have you been?”


Theo, whom I haven’t seen in a really long time, is much more confident than before.


I think he’s a little bigger. 


“Yes, I’ve been well.
I’ve never looked for you since I brought you here.
I’m sorry.”


“No, Madam.
I’ve been doing really well thanks to you.” 


Theo said with a smile, folding his sparkling eyes beautifully.


So pretty.


How can you be so pretty?


As expected, he was also the sub-male lead of the original story. 


‘Uh, come to think of it—’


Originally, Theo met Fleur while building a nursery.


After that, Theo becomes close to her, claiming to be the escort of Fleur.


That’s how he ended up riding the sub-male lead route.


However, the present Theo didn’t meet Fleur.


So what happens?


I tilted my head.


“By any chance.” 


I asked Theo.


“Is there a woman you have in your heart right now, so?”




Theo’s face turned red because I asked the question too suddenly.


“No! Absolutely not!”


He shook his hand and strongly denied it.


He’s never met Fleur, so he’ll never fall for her.


The reason why I ask this is because I don’t want to be an enemy to Theo.


It’s obvious that if Theo likes Fleur, we’ll be at the opposite in the end.


Shouldn’t that be stopped?


I’m glad you did.”


I smiled satisfactorily and nodded.


Then Theo’s face changed a little strangely.


He carefully asked me back.


“But why are you asking me this?”


Uh, well.


What should I explain?


“Because you are my future knight.
That’s why I asked in advance.”




Theo straightened his back and took a deep breath.
Then, with a determined expression on his face, he pulled his chin.


“Yes, Madam.” 


Tak, tak.
He said while hitting his left chest. 


“I’ll do my best.” 


Theo’s face was still red as he said that.


What is this? 


Is there something to make him blush? 






Sylvester sighed deeply and leaned against the back. 


Then, turn the pen several times.


Just looking at him, he looks like in deep thought! 


Neil looked at Sylvester with a worried face.


It was clear that it kept bothering him after His Highness 2nd Prince came back.


Because His Highness 2nd Prince has been away from the imperial family for too long, his power is slightly weakened now.


That’s why he’s thinking about how to get out of this hardship!


Ah, our amazing His Excellency Grand Duke. 


He never stops his evil plans at any time!


Neil was moved by the emotion and put his hands together.


“Your Excellency.
Is there anything I can help you with?” 


Sylvester’s hazy eyes finally returned to focus.


He slowly turned his head to look at Neil.


“I have.”


Oh oh!


Neil’s eyes twinkled with joy at the thought that he could help Sylvester.


Sylvester threw the documents at Neil.


Neil hurriedly looked at the documents.


The title of the document is—.


“Come up with a new plan.”


Special mission.
Shaking Ophelia’s heart. 


Neil rubbed his eyes a few times, wondering if he saw something wrong.


But what was seen remained unchanged.


It’s really ‘Shaking Ophelia’s heart.’


“I need to seduce Ophelia more seriously, but I don’t think it’s good.
What do you think? 




Neil bit his lip.


“I will quit.”


This crappy job.


He thought it would be better to quit.



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