It’s strange. 


No matter how much I think about it, there is no reason for Fleur to send me a gift of reconciliation.


‘What is she thinking?’


I thought about it, but no answer came out.


At times like this, what is it?


‘Let’s not think about it.’


If it’s a question that I can’t find an answer to because I’ve been thinking about it, it’s right not to think about it anymore.


I tried hard to forget the scent of tea that was still in my mouth.


‘Well, if there is really a change of heart, she will contact me again.’ 


I’m thinking like this. 


And besides this, there were many things I had to pay attention to.


The same goes for Sylvester and the second Prince Largo.


Sylvester is out of the question for now.


There’s nothing to think about.


Then, the problem is Largo—.


‘He didn’t attend this ball, right?’


It’s an imperial ball, but I don’t know why he didn’t attend.


There must be some reason—.


‘Ah, I don’t know.’


What’s the point of holding on to something that doesn’t even come up with an answer? Later, when I met Largo, I could ask directly or ask Sylvester. 


So let’s not pay attention to Largo either.


Mental and physical stability is important.


Maybe I should meditate while drinking because he asked me to bring him another tea.


I thought so and tried to pull the rope.


It was then. 


“Ah, Madam!”


Irene, who said she would bring a new towel, came into the room.


And gave me a letter.


“There’s a letter from Countess Cardel.”


“Countess Cardel?”


I accepted the letter and opened the envelope.


The contents of the letter were brief.


‘Can I visit you today?’


It doesn’t say why she’s coming.


Perhaps she was coming to talk about the ball. 


About the imperial ball and the ball held in her mansion.


It’s been quite a while since we went to buy furniture, so it’s time to hold the banquet. 


“Tell her to come.”


So I returned the letter to Irene and said it. 


I hope that Countess Cardel’s visit will be a good thing.




“Hello, Duchess!”


Countess Cardel appeared vigorously.


“It seems like it’s the first time we’ve seen each other since the ball.
I couldn’t say hello properly then either.
How have you been?”


She smiled brightly and greeted me.
At her formal but friendly greeting, I welcomed her with a low smile.


“I’m doing good.
How have you been?”


“I’ve been doing very well, too! Thanks to the Duchess!”


“What do you mean thanks to me?”


Still, thank you for saying this.


I recommend the tea to Countess Cardel. 


Of course, it’s not the tea Fleur sent.


Today’s tea is jasmine.


It’s the tea I came out thinking about her, who was not present. 


“The tea is good.”


Countess Cardel drank tea with a smile as if she had thought the same as me. 




She slowly put the teacup down.


And looked straight into my eyes.


I think she’s going to talk about the main point now.


I glanced gently at her open lips.


“As you know, I’m going to hold a ball soon.”


We talked about it then.”


“Yes, that’s right.
So I really hope that the Duchess will attend.”




After nodding lightly, I took out what I was curious about.


“You can write a letter about this.
But why did you come here?”


Countess Cardel slightly flinched.


What’s wrong? 


“You don’t hate that I’m here, do you?”




I must have made the words stand too much.


I shook my head.


“No way.
I’m just asking out of curiosity.
No offense.”


“Yes, Duchess.
I think so.”


Now it seems that she understands my personality.
Countess Cardel smiled and took another sip of her tea.


Then, putting down the teacup again, she slowly opened her mouth.


“It’s not that different, I was wondering if the Duke would be able to attend as well.”


“My husband?”


Will it be okay?”


I narrowed my eyes. 


There must be a reason to say this.


“What’s the reason?” So I asked.


Countess Cardel looked slightly embarrassed. 


Then, as if she had no choice, she shrugged her shoulders and answered.


“His Highness the 2nd Prince said that he was willing to attend, but he said that he would come only with His Excellency.”




I asked back, narrowing my forehead.


Largo is coming?


‘That’s weird.’


Why would he attend the Count’s ball without showing his face at the imperial ball?


‘It’s really weird.’



I swallowed my saliva and raised my chin.


I’ll tell my husband well.” 


Of course, it’s hard to see Sylvester now, but emotions are emotions and this is it.


I couldn’t let go of my hand till I knew Largo was involved. 


‘But, Ophelia.
You have to keep that in mind.’


‘That I don’t do favors without you paying.’


After hearing all these words, how could I pretend not to know Largo and let go of it?


I had to find out what that meant and what the relationship was between Ophelia and Largo in the past.


If anything goes wrong, peaceful life after a divorce is over.


If so, I had to untie the knot quickly before the divorce.


Only then can I live a peaceful and stable life.


I look forward to your kind cooperation, Duchess.”


Countess Cardel said.


Don’t worry.”


Sylvester likes me anyway, so if I ask him to go to the ball with me, he will follow me. 


This wasn’t a big problem.


But I have a question.




I raised my eyebrows to see Countess Cardel sipping tea.


“I don’t think this is the only reason you came to me?”


Countess Cardel’s mouth hardened slightly.


Her face was full of expressions, ‘How did she know?’


I raised my shoulders as if it were nothing.


“I know you’re not free enough to come a long way just for this reason.
So tell me.
Why did you come to see me?” 


“I really can’t fool the Duchess.”


Countess Cardel smiled and put down her teacup.
And she straightened her back. 


“I heard the news.”


“What news?”


“You found a diamond mine.”


“Ah, that thing.”


That’s true. 


Miners contacted me yesterday.


The diamond was found just below the mine that Jasmine gave me. 


It’s literally a jackpot.


I delivered this news to Jasmine, and Jasmine, who received a certain amount of ownership, sent me a letter covered with tears.


Thank you, and thank you again.


Well, it was originally hers, so she didn’t have to be so grateful.


Anyway, I have a diamond mine as planned.


But how did Countess Cardel find out about this?


“How did you know?”


“My husband is a businessman.”


Countess Cardel replied casually.


“There’s no way he doesn’t know the news outside of the Empire.” 




This, too, is right.


I nodded in acceptance.


Then I looked at Countess Cardel.


“So, are you saying that you want ownership?”


“No! There’s no way!”


She waved her hands. 


“Then what do you want?”




Countess Cardel blurred the end of her words and soon opened her mouth again, straightening her back.


“We’d like to have the right to sell the diamonds from the mine.”


Oh, my.


So this is what she wants. 


I raised my lips obliquely.


“What’s the ratio?”


“I’ll do my best not to disappointed you.”


“Is that so?”


There was nothing to worry about for a long time.


“Then I’ll have to approve so you won’t be disappointed either.” 


In my words, Countess Cardel opened her eyes wide in surprise.


“Can you say yes so easily?”


I said yes to the deal.


In fact, this is not a very good trading attitude.


But there’s only one reason why I did this.


This is to make Countess Cardel completely on my side.


I reached out to Countess Cardel.


“Didn’t I say that?”


And patted her on the back of her hand.


“I’m pretty good with my people.”


Countess Cardel looked down at the hand held by me, then raised her gaze to look at me. 


And slowly opened her lips.




There’s something in her eyes.
That’s definitely—.


“I’ll do my best.”




I smiled pleasantly at the thought of having made my strong side again.




Countess Cardel is just back now. 


I fell into thought again.


Why did Largo accept Count Cardel’s invitation to the ball?


Is there something in Count Cardel?




The Count is rich. 


It is full of expensive and precious items.




‘There’s no way Largo would want that.’


Then what is it?




I fell into thought. 




Largo is a very evil and cunning character.


There was no way such a character would act without reason.




Should I ask Sylvester?


I’m sure he doesn’t know why either.


Then, I have no choice but to ask Largo directly—.




“Ack! You surprised me!”


I rolled over the bed, roughly removing my hand on my shoulder.


When I turned my head around, Sylvester was standing there. 


“Why are you coming without sound? Why! Ah, I’m surprised!”


Sylvester looked at my hand that had been blown into the air, and then said with a slightly upset expression.


“I called you over and over again.
You just didn’t hear it.”


“I, is that so?”


But why are you talking so pitifully?


I feel sorry. 


I felt awkward for no reason and closed my mouth.


At this time, Sylvester threw something. 


“Take this.”


huh? I took it without realizing it.
When I looked at it, it was a small box.


“You haven’t seen my face for a few days, but what is it?”


“Just open it.”


I opened the box according to what he said.
Then I saw a brooch with a pink diamond in the middle.


“Why a brooch?”




“All of sudden?”




Sylvester replied briefly.


Then he turned around and looked at me.


Then he sighed and swept his bangs.


“This is actually an excuse.”


He sat next to me and said.


“I came because I missed you.”


Argh! What is this! Seriously! 


Why are you saying this all of a sudden! 

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