I’m calming down now.
As expected, I feel better after talking.”


Sylvester let out a big sigh and murmured.


It’s true.


His heart, which had been racing, began to calm down as he spoke.


As expected, the answer was to confess.


Sylvester smiled thinking that way.


Ophelia opened her mouth blankly looking at Sylvester.


What did Sylvester just say now—?


She stared at Sylvester.


So, now I’m—.


“L, like me?”


He likes me? 


Ophelia couldn’t believe it, so she asked back.


Thinking that she might have heard it wrong.


“Yeah, that’s right.
I like you.”


But Sylvester said the same thing again with a face that was too casual.


He says he likes her.


Ah, headache.


Ophelia staggered a little and touched the railing.


“Why is that reaction?”


Sylvester did not know the reason why Ophelia came out like this.


“Why with this reaction?”


Ophelia said.


“Of course, this is the reaction! Who can’t beat their temper and confess like this?”


“Here is the person.”


Sylvester proudly straightened his shoulders and said.


Ophelia dumbfounded.


What kind of person is this? Seriously!


She cries inside.


“And it wasn’t because I couldn’t overcome my temper.
I had my own thoughts and plans.”




He confessed because he was really angry.


A confession that wasn’t planned.


However, after confessing, he felt relieved.


At the same time, he realized that he liked Ophelia much more than he thought.


Isn’t it because he likes her so much that he can’t hide his feelings and spit it out?


Sylvester has now changed his mind.


Since this happened, he will hold hands with Ophelia and go.


“You’re joking!”


But it doesn’t look like that to Ophelia.




What does this mean? Sylvester tilted his head.


Ophelia ignored Sylvester and shouted afterward.


“Why all of a sudden? We didn’t have any signs! How can you confess like this all of a sudden!”


“There were no signs? Do you really think so?”


Sylvester asked.


“Looking back, I think I showed a lot in my own way.”


Ophelia bit her lower lip hard.


That’s actually true.


She has noticed, too.


‘Because he got angry whenever I talked about Callian.’


No, but she still didn’t expect it!


“Didn’t you pretend you didn’t know?”


Ophelia could not deny the feeling of being stabbed to the head.




She pouted her mouth and let out a sigh.


Then Sylvester said,


“So, what’s the answer?”


“What do you mean answer?”


“I told you I like you.
That’s why you have to answer me.”


Sylvester took a step closer to Ophelia.


Behind him is a wide black sky.
The light of the stars embedded in various places pours out and shines on him.


His blue eyes stared at Ophelia.
The cold eyes suddenly contain warmth.
To the point where it goes too much.




Sylvester slowly reached out to Ophelia.


“Do you not like me?”


And wrapped her cheek.


The cold body temperature was felt, and Ophelia’s shoulders flinched.


But it’ll be okay soon.
This is because he is Sylvester, not anyone else.




Her heart was pounding.


Ophelia could feel the heat rising on her face.
Her earlobes got hot.




She faltered and stepped backward.
But the railing is where her back touches.


Sylvester smiled and put his hand on the railing and locked Ophelia in his arms.


“Answer me.”


Then he whispered.


“That you like me.”


With a sweet voice enough to melt her ears.


Ah, I’m going crazy.


Ophelia took a big breath.


“I don’t like you.”


She closed her eyes and pushed him away.


I don’t like you.”


At Ophelia’s rejection, Sylvester gently stepped back.


And he doesn’t forget to shrug his shoulders and frown.


It was a really sly attitude, but it didn’t seem hateful to Ophelia.
It only looked cute.
Oh, she’s going crazy.


Ophelia sighed for a long time and buried her face in her hands.


“Then it can’t be helped.”


Sylvester said.


Ophelia slowly raised her head because she felt chilling at the moment.


“…What do you mean?”


“I have no choice but to make you like me.”




Ophelia shouted in surprise, but Sylvester was calm.


“You can look forward to it.”


He smiled and tapped Ophelia’s cheek, and Ophelia buried her face in her hands again, feeling a fever coming up where his fingertips touched.






With that in mind.




Callian glanced at the balcony where Ophelia and Sylvester disappeared.


Then, he looked down at his hand.


This is the hand that still has Ophelia’s warmth.


‘It doesn’t suit you, Your highness.’


‘Your Highness needs a bad woman.’


‘Will there be a woman worse than me in the Empire?’


That’s an amazing thing to say.




It’s literally an amazing word.


However, Callian had no choice but to admit that her voice didn’t leave his ears.


That much, her words were fascinating.


‘It’s crazy.’


Callian sighed and lifted his hand.


At this time, someone called Callian from behind.


“Your Highness.”


It was Fleur.


Come to think of it, he didn’t ask Fleur to dance even though the next dance song began.


“I’m sorry.
I was lost for a while.”


Callian quickly admitted his mistake.


“It’s fine, Your Highness.”


Fleur shook her head.


“I’m fine.
But I’m worried if Your Highness is okay.”


She said, looking anxiously at Callian.


“Did you have a bad conversation with the Duchess of Ryzen?”


Bad conversation.




Callian thought he had a bad conversation.


Because he heard something he didn’t want to hear.


Callian wanted to forget everything he heard from Ophelia if he could.


But it was already stuck in his head, so he couldn’t.


Callian closed his eyes tightly.


“Your Highness, are you okay?”




At Fleur’s words, Callian quickly came to his senses.


“I’m okay.”


Callian shook his head a couple of times and reached for Fleur.


This is because the music was changing and playing before he knew it.


“Let’s dance.”


Fleur raised her lips and took Calian’s hand.


And said,


“Thank you, Your Highness.”


Callian tilted his head.


“What are you saying thank you for?”




Fleur put his fingers in Callian’s hand.


“For everything.”


She smiled brighter than ever and said, and Callian could feel the pure and kind feelings spreading across her face.


‘Good women give mental stability, but not political stability.’


Ophelia’s words kept coming to mind.




Contrary to the words to look forward to it, Sylvester has been busy since the next day.


He didn’t even enter the room, and he was stuck in the office only.


He didn’t even show his face during mealtime.


What are you so stuck on doing?


I was a little angry.


That’s right, because his confession was too intense!


‘It’s my first time getting a confession from a man.’


That’s right.


The past when I was stuck in the hospital.


How could I have met a man?


I’ve never been in a relationship.


So I’ve never received a confession.


In the middle of this, Sylvester’s confession was like—.
It’s not to that extent, but it’s a confession that has its own sincerity.


Maybe that’s why my heart was pounding more.


But Sylvester, who made my heart pound like this, doesn’t show his face.


Isn’t that too much?


‘If you’re going to be like this, don’t tell me to look forward to it.’




Just see.


I snorted and crossed my arms.


“You don’t look happy today, Madam.”


Irene looked at my face and said.


“It’s just that I don’t feel good.
It’s not a bad thing.”


“Isn’t that the same thing?”


“It’s different.”


She seemed to insist, but I pretended not to know.


“Do you like this tea?”


Come to think of it, the tea I’m drinking now was the first taste I’ve ever tasted.


It was delicious, so I asked casually.


It’s good.
Who brought this?”


“Countess Fleur.”




As it was, the tea water was sprayed out.


“Oh my! Wipe it here, here, with this.”


I wiped my mouth and hands with Irene’s towel.


No, did Fleur bring it?


“Why does she bring this?”


“She sent it as an apology.
Oh, of course, I fed the birds first and checked whether they were poisonous.
Did I do well?”


“That’s not the problem!”


I shouted.


However, it wasn’t something I would be angry with Irene, so I quickly got up and put away the teacup.


I lost my appetite.
Throw this away.”


“Yes? But—”


“Or share it with the servants.
Do as you please.”


“I understand!”


Irene replied with a bright smile.


I don’t think she has any sense at all—.


I leaned against the back and fell into thought.


Why did Fleur suddenly send this?


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