My goal is to get divorced. 


Today was another day where the servants gawked over the handsome Duke Sylvester Ryzen.
As usual.


His glossy black hair, thick brows, and sunken eyes were enough to capture the hearts of those who laid their eyes upon him.
And the blue of his eyes? Although it was akin to that of the cold snow of the North, it couldn’t be anything but attractive.


Unfortunately, despite his breathtaking appearance, Duke Sylvester is no longer a bachelor.
And to add salt to the wound, he was wed to Ophelia McGuffin, the evil witch of the century! Everyone clicked their tongue, finding the marriage to be ill-fated.


And then that happened.


“Honey!” Shrieking, Ophelia burst into the room, not even bothering to knock, just like an unruly woman with no knowledge of etiquette. 


However, Ophelia’s beauty was enough to coerce the people in the room into turning a blind eye to her discourtesy; silver hair cascading down her back, skin as fair as snow, and sparkling emerald green eyes that likens her to a snow fairy.


Ophelia McGuffin was the epitome of beauty.


Despite this, Sylvester’s gaze towards his own wife was heartless.
“Is something the matter?”


Ophelia inhaled deeply at the tone of his voice.
His lips were overly seductive, enough to seduce anyone as soon as they see them.


However, Ophelia was still an extraordinarily evil woman, and a black witch to boot, which is considered taboo.


‘I shouldn’t fall for that face.’


“I’m here because I wanted to tell you something.” Everyone started focusing on Ophelia.




Ophelia lifted her chin.


“Get a divorce!”


“Huh!” Everyone inside the room made the same sound.


Ophelia put her hands together close to her heart—she hopes the Duke will respond! Seeing things from the Duke’s point of view, she found that he has no reason to refuse.
Even if Ophelia was the one and only child of the Grand Duke McGuffin, she was still from a family that was ruined due to gambling.
Not to mention the fact that even though she was a married woman, she tirelessly pursued the Crown Prince.


She’s an evil woman who harasses everyone and a dark witch who has mastered black magic!


If he had accepted the request for a divorce and chased Ophelia away, there would be nothing but benefits for him




“Ophelia.” Sylvester ripped the divorce document that Ophelia handed over to him in half.
“Get out.”




‘This was the fourth request already! When can I finally get a divorce?’ Ophelia sighed and turned her feet.


But before she stepped out, she turned her around one final time.
“Then can I get a divorce tomorrow?”


“Get out!”




He doesn’t love her anyway, but why can’t she get a divorce?


Ophelia wanted so bad to say ‘Let go of me! I’ll be free!’  but she couldn’t and so kept it inside.
Sylvester’s eyes were too intimidating.


“I’ll shut up and go—” Ophelia left the room under a lot of pressure.


“Oh, it’s so hard to get a divorce,” she mumbled.




It all started when she picked up a book.



Doesn’t the title sound absolutely crazy? It was a magnet she couldn’t repel, especially since she absolutely adores drama.


The story began when the female protagonist, the Countess, picks up a boy.


When she found the boy lying near her estate, she brings him in and supports him both materially and mentally.
But it turns out that the boy was the Crown Prince who went missing 16 years ago in the Imperial Household! The boy, returning as the Crown Prince, proposes to the Countess, even though she was already wed to another man.

That was how it started.


She was so excited to read the book, she didn’t realise how much time passed by. 


The love between the main characters was fun to read, they were just like Romeo and Juliet, and even the villains who appeared in the story were amazing.
Every single one of them, except for one—Ophelia McGuffin.


Ophelia McGuffin was the only daughter of one of the two Grand Dukes in the Empire.
Not only that, but she was also known to be so beautiful that her beauty was known even in other nations.


A perfect family and a perfect face.It was unfortunate that she donned an awful personality.
Well, it was only natural.


Ever since she slapped a lady on the cheek during her debut, Ophelia was famous for her bad attitude.
Keeping criticisms to yourself is what high society

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