Chapter 25.2 – I’ve Already Satisfied You, So Shouldn’t You Satisfy Me Now?

He had originally thought that he would be able to easily clear out the opponent’s health within 20 minutes.
However, unexpectedly, he had barely cleared out a third of his health after 30 minutes.
Going by this speed, getting the first kill would probably take him at least one hour, and he would still have to kill him two more times…

Thinking about this made Little Monkey Lord involuntarily feel a sense of anguish.

All the people in the audience in his broadcast room were holding out, waiting to see a good show.
Yet, who would have guessed that after such a long time, not much health had been cleared out.
This caused them to experience a sudden feeling of depression.

How was this anything like an exceedingly intense and hot blooded Second Division match? This was simply a lover’s spat taking place in the wilderness! Tsk tsk tsk, look at their small, lackluster actions of pulling at and touching one another, they might as well just act out a fight in the wilderness1 and call it quits!

The audience was god.
As they grew more and more dissatisfied while spectating, they immediately filled the whole barrage screen with complaining comments that were lined up like a bunch of troops.

It was at this moment that Adorable Ghost’s staff suddenly flashed.

Upon the skill’s release, a few dry and withered mummified hands rose up from the ground, holding Great King of the Mountains firmly in place and imprisoning him.

It was a soft control skill that only lasted for two seconds.
Initially, Little Monkey Lord was not bothered by this at all.
He was reveling the fact that he had taken out half of the enemy’s health, and preparing himself to charge forward and continue with his assault once the skill’s effects ended.
Who would have thought that Adorable Ghost would not take any further action, instead decisively choosing to turn tail and run.

Nani2? Why3? Little Monkey Lord was unable to discern what Adorable Ghost’s actions meant and was completely dumbfounded.

However, the changes that suddenly took place before his eyes quickly gave him the answer.

Yellow sand swiftly began shifting about chaotically in the sand dune about 20 spaces away from Great King of the Mountains.
Shortly afterwards, a sandstorm blew a tall layer of sand up around him.
Because it had all happened so quickly, the sand seemed to have gotten stuck onto his face.

Great King of the Mountains’s vision was immediately obscured by the swirling yellow sand.
As the Tomahawk Warrior was buffeted by the howling winds of a tornado, he was swept away in a dizzying movement that caused his entire screen to shake.
This caused him to completely lose his senses, fly away, fly high…4

Once the storm ended, Little Monkey Lord was initially prepared to use the propelling motion of his skills to counteract his fall and make a safe landing.
However, when he was getting ready to use his skill, he discovered that all of his skill icons were greyed out5.

He was rendered speechless by the fact that Adorable Ghost had predicted the coordinates at which he would fall.

Little Monkey Lord felt depressed, and had no choice but to silently loosen up his hands.

The magic resistance that he had stacked onto himself could not help him defend against fall damage at all.
It was impossible for him to live after falling from such a height.

[System] First Blood!

As he helplessly and detachedly watched his screen turn grey, Little Monkey Lord waited for the respawn cooldown to end before returning to the revival point.
Then, he enthusiastically stepped upon the yellow sand that filled the land and travelled back towards where he had been previously.

From how he had been thoroughly abused that time in the Forest of Wilderness, to how his IQ had been suppressed when he had been outsmarted by Adorable Ghost, he felt as if he had more or less become numb.
Adorable Ghost’s methods were too profound, so all he could do was silently bear it…

Very quickly, he returned to the location where they had both fought just now.

Little Monkey Lord hadn’t even had the time to charge forth when a speech bubble suddenly popped up on the map.

Adorable Ghost: “Hm? Are you the Monkey streamer from that something something broadcasting platform?”

When Little Monkey Lord saw these words, he immediately regained his spirits.
He felt as if his face6 had been restored the moment his true identity had been recognized.
All his feelings of listlessness immediately dissipated like a puff of smoke.

Without really caring about the fact that the other wasn’t able to see him at all, he subconsciously straightened his back and puffed out his chest.
“That’s right! I am the great Little Monkey Lord, the streamer from GY broadcasting platform’s channel 1001! I am the undisputed number one in the universe when it comes to humor! Everyone who sees me loves me! Whenever I go, flowers will bloom and car tires will go flat!”

Some time passed.
Just as he thought that his title had scared away his opponent, Adorable Ghost finally responded.
“Amazing, that’s quite long.

That faintly smiling emoji, it was that faintly smiling emoji again…as Little Monkey Lord looked at those three words7, he felt like he was being shown an immeasurable amount of ridicule.
He felt his anger slowly rising in his chest, but since he was currently being watched by tens of thousands of viewers, he could only restrain himself and continue playing the fool with a thick skin.
“How’s that, you’re scared, aren’t you? If you’re scared then call GG! Surrender and I won’t kill you!”

To be honest, a situation like the present, where a perfectly good duel had turned into a scene of two players chatting face to face, was really quite funny.

It was just that Little Monkey Lord, whose brain had been mixed into mush by the other person, had not at all sensed that anything was amiss.
Rather, he was so delighted by the fact that his famous name had been recognized by the other person that he felt as if he was flying high up in the sky.

—— I, Monkey, am a famous person too, alright!

He controlled Great King of the Mountains to flamboyantly take a few steps back and forth.
He was just getting ready to say something, but because the opponent’s following words caused his fingers to shake, his Tomahawk Warrior released a few skills into thin air from his current position.
This looked exceptionally funny, as if he was trying to follow a specific theme to fool around for his broadcast.

Adorable Ghost: “Surrender? Sure!”

Then, the 2 letters “GG” really appeared on this day’s channel8.

Not just Little Monkey Lord, but even the entire audience in the broadcasting room went completely crazy after seeing the system’s notification that the match had ended.
How could it have ended so quickly!?

F**k f**k f**k, they had all taken their pants off9 for the sake of this fated duel, yet this was the scene that they were presented with!?

Regardless of how they felt, the outcome of the battle could not be changed.
As they left the arena map and returned to the lobby screen, everyone felt as if they had been tossed about by a strong wind.

Little Monkey Lord stared at his screen in a daze.
Evidently, he was still unable to process or respond to what had just happened.

Could Adorable Ghost really have been scared off by him? But even if he was as supernaturally powerful as Sun Wukong, the opponent was like the alluring White Bone Demon10! After saying he would GG, he immediately GGed? When he had begun this battle, he had not anticipated at all that it would have such an ending!

Right as he was deep in thought and trying to make sense of the situation, a friend request from Adorable Ghost popped up on his screen.

After selecting “Confirm”, Little Monkey Lord received a message from Adorable Ghost very quickly.

Adorable Ghost: “Great Mr Broadcaster, since I have satisfied you with GG, shouldn’t you also satisfy a small little request of mine?”

He was still live streaming, why was he being thrust into the role of someone who was secretly bribing an actor to play out a script!?

Under the focus of tens of thousands of pairs of eyes, Little Monkey Lord tearfully replied, “I’m really thankful to you!”

Adorable Ghost: “I’ve heard that you normally sell some of your video recordings to a few producers, can you recommend a way for me to make money too? ^_^~”

The moment Little Monkey Lord saw these words, his hands shook, and he immediately shut down his broadcast with an explosive burst of hand speed.

It was completely quiet in the broadcast room, before the channel almost exploded from the large number of barrage comments it received11.

Little Monkey Lord spinelessly peeked at his broadcast room, which had been completely blasted by the viewers’ comments despite the black screen.
He took a deep breath and finally took control of the very last shred of his rationality.
“I say, bro, on the account of the shared destiny12 we have between us, recommending you is not a big issue for me.
It’s just, I’m not sure if you still remember.
When you were in the Tenth Division, there was a summoner called ‘Chef Lu’ whom you fought against once, wasn’t there?”

Lin Xiao thought back, but was unable to recall this.
Thus, he replied, “Of course I remember.
So that was you? We really were destined to meet!”

Little Monkey Lord went silent for a moment, before responding, “No matter what, you could still be considered as having “helped” me before.
So, I will help you this time, I’ll help you! Recently Ah Hang’s side has been requesting for some material on 3 vs 3 matches.
Why don’t you see if you can arrange for a team to record a video with you?”

Lin Xiao replied, “3 vs 3? Easy! It’s just, I don’t know what the prices are like?”

“Don’t worry about the price, it is definitely considered a good price for the industry!” Little Monkey Lord felt as if he had choked on a mouthful of blood.
Finally, he weakly added, “Don’t fight battles in the Tenth Division to make up the numbers, you must fight in at least the Third Division or above…”

Satisfied, Lin Xiao told Little Monkey Lord to wait for his news.
Then, he turned away and began scrolling through his friend list.

There was a reason why he still had an impression of this Monkey, whose account was Great King of the Mountains.
Previously, after Shen Changyu had discovered his identity, he had conducted some research specifically into the “money making” streaming industry.

Actually, the so-called low barriers to entry were mainly applicable to cute girls.
Furthermore, accumulating popularity as a streamer was a long process.
This career was not very reliable for him, an unknown god-level player with an uncertain future and not much free time.
Thus, he set his sights on the explosively popular videos which were hot topics on the various Internet platforms they were uploaded onto.
He had been mulling over the fact that he did not know anyone who had a clear understanding of the industry whom he could learn the trends from, when coincidentally, he had met this streamer on the arena ladder.

By selling his recorded materials, he could not only raise his account, but also earn money at the same time, thus killing two birds with one stone.

There weren’t many people on Lin Xiao’s friend list.
After scanning through it, he first sent a message to Laughing Sky, whose status was currently set to Idle.
“Brother, want to team up and play 3 vs 3?”

Actually, these two people had not spoken a word to each other ever since they had added each other as friends.
After all, Laughing Sky had been thoroughly abused by Lin Xiao during the guild battles before.
He13 had just silently left him on his friend list, making the relationship between them rather awkward.

Yet the first message he received was this strange invitation to fight in a team battle.
Laughing Sky’s response was extremely direct.
“I’ll play.”

Lin Xiao smiled.

He liked men like this who were direct and forthright in their actions.

In that case, since they already had two damage-dealers, they were just missing a healer.
However, the selection of his final teammate admittedly worried him a little.
He thought long and hard.
Should he invite that Clear Sky from the guild? After all, she really seemed to detest the sight of him…

While he was deep in thought, a portrait on his friend list suddenly lit up.

Lin Xiao looked at Hello Kitty, the ID that had not come online for all this time, and broke out into an enlightened smile.
Without thinking twice, he immediately sent over a message.
“Sister Hello Kitty, long time no see! Want to play a 3 vs 3 team battle? ^_^~”

Hello Kitty: “Sure.
Carry me14.”


TL comments: And so they meet again ^_^~

I usually try to stay 1 chapter ahead of the weekly releases, but since I’ve been busy lately, I haven’t been able to keep to that.
So I will be taking a week’s break to catch up.
*fingers crossed that I can get more TLing done* ><


Some games allow you to attack people in regular maps outside of PVP/Arena battles.
These regular maps are usually referred to as “the wilderness” in this context.


A loan word, the pinyin sounds exactly like the Japanese words for “what”.


This was in English in the raws.


“fly away, fly high” is in English in the raws.


I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but this means that the skill cannot be used at that point in time.
This could be due to a lot of reasons e.g.
not enough energy/mana, getting silenced/skill blocked, etc…


This means something along the lines of pride or dignity, but if you have read a lot of other CNovels you probably already knew this!


In case it’s not clear, he’s referring to “That’s quite long”.


It’s not really specified, but I assume this is in the chat box or something under a special Arena tab.


Figuratively of course.
It means something along the lines of them being ready to be satisfied *cough*


This is a reference to Journey to the West.
Tl;dr the White Bone Demon or Baigujing was a shapeshifting spirit who framed Sun Wukong, making Tang Sanzang think that he had murdered innocents.


If you are familiar with Youtube or Twitch broadcasts, this is like how you can still chat in the stream room right after the stream ends.


Referring to how they happened to meet multiple times and thus making it a fateful occasion.


Referring to Laughing Sky.


Literally take me to win while I’m lying down.
I’ve used the English equivalent aka “carry me to victory”.

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