Jake slowly began to open his eyes, no idea whats happening or where he is, but one thing is for sure. He isn in space anymore! Some how he had traveled to a unknown world as he looks up at the purple sky with a confused expression plastered on his face.

Slowly he lifted his head looking around o find himself in what looked like a jungle in the middle of autumn. The leaves and even vines had turned a warm red color. When he tried to lift his body up he could feel the vines around him constrict his body only to look at his side and see a flower! It flowed a bright yellow as it stuck out of his side as if it was growing out of his body!

”What the hell is this place! I didn think the first thing I would find after waking up was a **ing flower blooming from my side! ”

He grunted slightly as his body sent a single of pain as he tried to pull out the flower causing him to let it go as he instead spent his time breaking out of the vines and standing up.

”What. The. Fuck? ”

The moment he stood up he could clearly see he was surrounded by all sorts of flowers with a very strong herbal scent filling the air. Speaking of the air it was definitely different. He could actually see the movements of these blue strands that began to move around towards the plants before being absorbed.

”How the hell did I end up in a world like this!? This looks straight out of a manga! ”

He slowly began to move away from the jungle like area avoiding stepping on the different plants. After a little bit he finally found a walk way before looking at some kinda sign written in a language he didn understand. Just from the way it was placed and how organized this biome of flowers was he could only guess that this was a herb garden and for some reason he was the fertilizer.

”Now which way should I go? ”

”You should go to the right! My instincts say that something strong is over there that we could fight! ”

A second voice suddenly rang out in his head startling him! He quickly looked around trying to see if there was anyone around him as his thoughts run through him a mile a minute.

”Who is there! Show yourself! ”

Jake yelled out as he put up his guard. Suddenly a laugh could be heard inside his head as another sound came out like a sigh behind the laugh.

”Sorry Jake I guess you wouldn know who we are. After all you have been in a coma for 1,102 years since the black hole. Unfortunately we couldn wake you up till now or even move the body without you awake. Here let me introduce myself. My name is Alexander but you can just call me Alex. The obnoxious laughter is coming from Sebastian even though his name sounds elegant but he is not. He is just a muscle head that wants nothing more then to fight his heart out. ”

Sebastian: ”Hey! Shit up Alex! We both know that isn true! I have brains as well! It just so happens they all involve fighting tactics! ”

Sebastian began to laugh out again as Jake just sat there dumbfounded by what he was hearing. Had he gone crazy? Why was there now two different voices in his head!

Jake: ”W-wait a minute. Are you saying I have multiple personalities or something? ”

Alex: ”Exactly. While you where asleep your soul created 2 new personalities to coup with your consciousness being gone for so long. I am no fighter. I am the embodiment of every bit of knowledge you have acquired through the years after getting your ability of photographic memory. Im basically the smart one while Sebastian is the brawn and you are everything in between! ”

Jake couldn help but hold his head feeling a headache come along as he shook it almost in disbelief of what is happening. That was until he suddenly heard a yell coming from behind him. He quickly turned around to see a relatively young women looking at his naked body covered in roots and a flower sticking out his side.

He quickly looked at what she was staring at to see her eyes basically tracing Jakes little brother with a blush spread across her face. She barely got out a couple words in her embarrassment as she couldn help but stare ”@&$?! ”

He had no idea what she was saying but he quickly waved his arm making just a causal outfit appear out of thin air and quickly wrap his body. It was just a pair of shorts and a y-shirt at the moment. It was to bad that the shirt didn fit properly with the flower still sticking out his side.

”Umm excuse me miss but I can understand what you are saying… ”

He thought he might as well show that he couldn communicate first to see if she had a solution. That was until Alex gave him a suggestion.

Alex: ”Keep getting her to talk. We need to figure out the language here eventually so better now then later. Ill do all the work all you need to do is keep her talking. ”

Alexs calm calculating words echoed through his head as he brought his hand up to cough into it before correcting his posture.

Jake: ”Give me all you have already figured out and Ill try. ”

As he said those words only a couple letters and their sounds began to flow into his head as if he knew it all along before starting to sound them out.

”@@$? ”

This made the women slightly confused at what he was trying to do before she slowly walked up. Almost as if she was scared of him just to suddenly start saying something again.

Women: ”@$/? @r! yo! try()g to say? ”

As she spoke he slowly began to understand more and more. He was honestly impressed by how smart Alex is but couldn be impressed with himself as he began to try again.

Jake: ”Keep talking please! ”

His words where anything but perfect but he was slowly getting there. It took him about a hour to finally understand almost everything she was saying.

Women: ”Excuse me but I have a lot of work to do can we please go and see the matriarch now so I won get in trouble! ”

The women was obviously annoyed at this point. She had been trying to tell him the same thing over and over again for a hour but he always replies with some weird words or just words that didn make sense.

Jake: ”Oh sorry! I was just getting used to your language, I couldn understand a thing you where saying till now! ”

He lifted his arm behind his head scratching it slightly as he laughed to himself obviously a little embarrassed at the situation.

Jake: ”I don want to get you in trouble so lets go see this matriarch you speak of. ”

The women looked at him with a weirded out expression before turning her back and walking on the trail she came from.

Jake soon followed behind taking in the sights as he saw the signs now understanding that they where saying the plot number and what biomes the herb garden belonged to. The garden he came out of was something called a Yang Flower Field. He obviously didn understand what the flowers where but thought he should gather as much knowledge as he could as he walked.

Women: ”Please don touch anything as we head to the matriarch. She would not be happy to find more of her precious herbs destroyed after you suddenly came out of the Yang Flower Field. Especially since you took a High-grade Yang Flower with you. ”

She pointed out to the floor sticking out of his body as they finally get out of the garden to finally see that he had been in a green house of sorts. The women soon lifted her hand and a doorway appeared out of the glass before she walked through while Jake followed her like a lost puppy dog.

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