Chapter 2 Useless Knowledge Added

Shan Weiyi, a quick transmigrator, was still five challenge transcripts away from retirement.

The so-called challenge transcript was a script of two quick transmigrator PK*.

* player killer

In order to retire sooner, he resolutely asked to do five transcripts at the same time, that was to say, he had to deal with five scumbags at a time, and at the same time fight against five quick transmigrators, which was equivalent to one fighting ten.

But Shan Weiyi was fearless.

Everything, for early retirement!

Beep—beep—beep —

The laboratory was filled with the feedback sounds of various instruments.
A small observation room was surrounded by glass walls, and a dying deer was lying on the bed inside.

Wen Lu couldn’t remember how many times he had been skinned.

It has to be said that the world’s technological level in the Space Era was superb.
He was still alive after being skinned, and after being injected with auxin and other drugs, he was able to recover quickly, and his skin grew again, his skin smooth and white as a newborn.

But soon, this new layer of skin was peeled off

Again… Repeatedly.

Wen Lu seemed to be trapped in an endless vortex of pain.
He kept calling the system to block the pain.

However, the system responded with an emotionless voice: This is an S-level transcript, and the host can only choose one game buff.
You have selected “Protagonist Halo”, so other buff functions cannot be used.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wen Lu: F*ck.
What kind of protagonist halo is this? It was supposed to be love at first sight! I’m complaining about item description fraud!

System: Complaint submitted.
The reply results will be reviewed within 15 working days.

Wen Lu was in pain, so in order to make himself more comfortable, he decided to ask the system about the situation of Shan Weiyi.
If Shan Weiyi was having a bad time, he would be happy.

The system told him empathetically that Shan Weiyi was staying at home with a broken leg, and the prince hated him very much, expressing that he did not want to see this person again.

Only then did Wen Lu get a little comfort.

In fact, Wen Lu still had hope in his heart, and hoping that the Imperial Taifu would come to rescue him soon.

He still remembered, before being dragged away, the Imperial Taifu whispered in his ear, “Child, don’t be afraid, wait for me”.
The voice was as mellow as coffee, with a reassuring heat.

However, day after day of torment, Wen Lu’s will gradually slackened.
If the system hadn’t given him regular nerve connections and spiritual treatment, he might have collapsed.

He had been here for a week, and he was emaciated.
But thanks to his aura as the protagonist, no matter how haggard he was, his beauty would not be damaged.
On the contrary, he would reveal a kind of beauty like pear blossoms hit by rain.

He didn’t know how much time had passed, the mellow voice sounded in his ears again: “Child, can you still get up?”

Wen Lu’s eyelashes trembled, and before he opened his eyes, he recognized the person coming.
Not only because of the beautiful voice, but also because of the fresh lily of the valley fragrance.

He opened his eyes slightly, and saw the Taifu’s handsome face in the cold light of the laboratory.
Under the gentle gaze, the tortured Wen Lu’s psychological defenses were broken, and he collapsed into hi Lily of the Valley smelling embrace and cried loudly.

The Taifu patted him on the shoulder softly, as if coaxing a child: “It’s okay, it’s okay…good child…”

Wen Lu unconsciously clung to this embrace, looking at the Taifu with pleading eyes: “I… Am I leaving here?”

“Of course.” The Imperial Taifu’s voice was as soft as the wind, “Speaking of which, I’m here to take you away.”

After speaking, the Imperial Taifu wrapped Wen Lu’s body with a warm blanket. 

At this moment, Wen Lu even fell in love with Imperial Taifu a little bit.

However, as a quick transmigrator, he still maintained a certain calmness.

He asked the system in his mind: How much does the Taifu like me?

System: Shen Yu’s favorability for you is 60%.

Wen Lu was pleasantly surprised: it’s steady, it’s steady, this wave is steady.
I didn’t do anything and it’s 60%? Sure enough, the aura of my protagonist halo is still okay.

Shen Yu brought Wen Lu to his home, and invited the Imperial Physician to check on him.
Wen Lu naturally had to be flattered and terrified, and often made pitiful expressions such as fear and worry: “Taifu, will you offend the prince if you help me like this?”

Shen Yu replied warmly: “It’s okay, Now you need to rest and recuperate, and you don’t need to worry about these things.”

Wen Lu hugged Shen Yu crying, and Shen Yu coaxed him with great patience—but Wen Lu was starting to get impatient.
No matter what Wen Lu did, Shen Yu’s favorability was stuck at 60% as if frozen.

Wen Lu began to think, could it be that his route was wrong?

So, he decided not to babble for now, and said obediently, “Well, then I’ll rest first.
Don’t worry about me.”

Shen Yu smiled softly, helped Wen Lu to lie down, and told him to be careful and tucked him in the blanket.

After leaving the room, Shen Yu felt the small dot on his ear trembling.
The frequency of the vibration let him know that it was the prince’s call, so he connected it immediately.

The prince’s voice sounded in his head in a level tone: “Is that something lu there with you?”

Shen Yu replied: “Wen Lu is recuperating here.” 

Prince: “After he has finished recuperating, send him here.
That’s not a problem right, Teacher?”

Shen Yu replied, his tone still gentle: “Of course there won’t be any problem.”

Every time he talked to the prince, he always had this tone of standard elegance.

The next day, Shen Yu asked someone to send Wen Lu to the prince.

Wen Lu was actually not too surprised, because according to the plot outline and character outline he got, Shen Yu had this style: in the early stage of the plot, although he fell in love with “Wen Lu” at first sight and loved him, the ethics of monarchs and ministers were even more engraved in the bones.
He to the prince was both teacher and minister, and it was absolutely impossible for him to disobey the prince for his own selfish love.

In the later period, Shen Yu questioned the decadent feudal system and the mean and ungrateful prince, so he decided to resign and go into seclusion.
He left Emperor Star with Wen Lu, who had been abused for 90 chapters, and eloped to the Freedom Federation.

After losing Wen Lu, only then did the prince find out that Wen Lu was the love of his life.
For this reason, he did not hesitate to cross the galaxy and come to the Freedom Federation to chase his wife to the crematorium.
Although Wen Lu was abused for 90 chapters, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was abused for a full 9 chapters!

After nine chapters, Wen Lu was moved, and in the hundredth chapter he had sex with the prince.
Shen Yu stayed in the Federation to continue the plot of “I Don’t Love This White Moonlight” with him as the protagonist.

At this point in the plot, Shen Yu was working as a professor at the Imperial Military Academy.
He not only taught the prince, but also guided other noble children.
But as a senior official, he didn’t have much time to be a teacher, so he only took one military theory class a week.
There were as many students who wanted to take his class as the crucian carp in the river, but in order to ensure the quality of teaching, his class was only open to 20 spots.
Therefore, the ones who could snatch his class were either great noblemans or people with great luck.

In the corridor outside the classroom, Shen Yu paced slowly, his eyes fell on a familiar figure, and his pupils moved slightly.

Not only Shen Yu, but also the students who came and went looked at the figure curiously.
Of course, more eyes implied that they were waiting to watch a good show.
Some people have already used a smart wristband to take pictures, and discussed it on campus forums: that Young Master Shan was really handicapped!

Shen Yu knew that Young Master Shan’s leg had been broken.
Speaking of which, Young Master Shan’s handicap had something to do with him.
But Shen Yu still took on a good teacher, stepped forward and said warmly: “Student Shan, are you back to class?”

High EQ: Classmate Shan, are you back to class?

Low EQ: Shan, you still know to come back to class.

Shan Weiyi looked up at Shen Yu——Shan Weiyi had to look up at him, basically Shan Weiyi had to look up at everyone now, because Shan Weiyi was sitting in a wheelchair.

These days, Young Master Shan had been ill and depressed, so he looked haggard, with a sickly paleness on his cheeks.
A thick brown blanket was draped over his lap, covering his disabled leg.

He looked up at Shen Yu and said, “Professor Shen, I want to come back to class.”

He called Shen Yu a professor, not Taifu.

This sounded a bit interesting to Shen Yu’s ears.

Shen Yu smiled and said, “It’s a good thing that you have such a heart.
But unfortunately, you missed too many classes.
According to regulations, I can’t continue to let you attend class.” His voice was gentle but alienated.

Shan Weiyi bit his lip and said, “I’ve been in class for half a semester, at least let me do the papers for the midterm exam? This can be regarded as a beginning and an end.”

The papers for the midterm exam were extremely difficult, let alone for Young Master Shan who missed several classes.
Even if he did not skip classes, with his aptitude and diligence, it was impossible to pass.

Shen Yu originally didn’t want to give Shan Weiyi this chance, because it was a waste of time.
However, Shan Weiyi looked like he was about to faint at any time, so Shen Yu had no choice but to push him into the office and give him a paper.
He said: “I’m going to class, and I will collect the paper when I come back from class.”

Shan Weiyi nodded weakly. 

Shen Yu said again: “I have to explain to you clearly, even if you pass the exam, I will not let you stay in my class.”

Shan Weiyi’s eyes were sad: “I know.”

Shan Weiyi stayed alone in the office.

Shan Weiyi looked at the scroll, picked up a pen, and started to do the questions.

Young Master Shan was a waste who didn’t work hard, was not smart, and didn’t make progress, but Shan Weiyi was not.
Shan Weiyi had already read several interstellar books, and was also familiar with this theoretical knowledge.
He could score 100 points on this paper by answering the questions with his toes.

However, the voice of the system sounded in his head at the right time: Please keep the original owner’s “low IQ” character design.

Shan Weiyi was not surprised: I know “my” IQ is low, and I don’t plan to take the test and get 100.

System: Even if it is a pass, it will also collapse the character design.

But Shan Weiyi was not surprised: the original owner’s IQ was not high, but luck was okay, right?

System: There is no specific requirement for luck.

Shan Weiyi: Then if I add a lucky setting for him, it will not be considered a violation of the character setting, right? Because this makes sense from a probabilistic point of view.

System: After judging, that works.

So, Shan Weiyi finished the multiple-choice questions with a brush.
When it came to the subjective questions, he started to make up random responses.
The level of answers was similar to: “Why did the Imperial Army fail in the first battle of the Galaxy? Answer: Because they didn’t win.”.

When Shen Yu came back from class, he picked up the test paper.
If there were exclamation marks in his eyes when correcting multiple-choice questions, then his eyes were full of question marks when correcting the subjective questions.

Shen Yu put down the test paper and looked at Shan Weiyi with probing eyes.

Shan Weiyi also showed a guilty expression very cooperatively.

When encountering a student who was usually lazy and did not like to study with poor grades having all the multiple choice questions correct but the subjective questions all wrong, even the kindest and fairest teacher will inevitably have doubts in his heart.
What’s more, Shen Yu and the characters, kind and just,  were at odds.

However, Shen Yu still looked very kind.
He asked gently: “Don’t know the big questions?”

Shan Weiyi hesitated: “It’s not impossible…it’s just…I didn’t expect it.”

“En.” Shen Yu nodded with a slight smile, “The multiple-choice questions were done well.”

Shan Weiyi replied, “It’s all right.”

It’s impossible for a person like Shen Yu to ask directly, “Did you cheat? How can your level be all right?”.
He smiled softly, pointed to the most difficult multiple-choice question, and asked, “Can you tell me the idea of ​​this question?”

Shan Weiyi blushed and shook his head in embarrassment.

Shen Yu smiled and said, “Why are your cheeks red? You answered this question correctly, so don’t be embarrassed.”

Shan Weiyi pursed his lips: “This question… I made a wild guess…”

“Made a wild guess.” Shen Yu nodded meaningfully, pointed to another question, and asked, “What about this question?”

Shan Weiyi said: “I also made a wild guess…”

Shen Yu asked seven or eight questions in one breath, and Shan Weiyi answered he made a wild guess.
Thanks to Shen Yu’s patience and good temper, he nodded and said, “Why are they all wild guesses?” He still smiled gently when he asked.

“Isn’t it… because I don’t have a high IQ.” Shan Weiyi rubbed his nose, “I found out when I was doing the questions at home, I was far more likely to be correct when I make a wild guess than when I do it myself.” 

Of course Shen Yu didn’t believe it.
How small is the probability that a person would get all the multiple choice questions right? However, if Shan Weiyi was cheating, the possibility was also not high, the secrecy measures for the papers were good.
After the exam, he took away all the papers and did not let students take them away.
Even if there were some students with excellent memory, the possibility of memorizing the questions and giving it to Shan Weiyi was not high.
First, Shan Weiyi offended the prince, and even the imperial concubine dared not help him.
How could any student be willing to help him cheat? Second, even if there were students who were smart and desperate and willing to help Shan Weiyi, it was unlikely that they would help him with a strange result in which all the multiple-choice questions are all right and all the big questions are wrong.

Shen Yu thought for two seconds, smiled, took out another booklet, pointed to the multiple-choice questions on it and said, “Then make a wild guess for this question, what would you choose?”

Shan Weiyi glanced twice and said the correct answer.

A hint of interest flashed in Shen Yu’s eyes, and then he took a random problem for Shan Weiyi that was outside of the syllabus questions.
Shan Weiyi intentionally didn’t answer all of them correctly, but the correct rate was as high as 90%.
Shen Yu couldn’t help being more interested in Shan Weiyi: “It’s surprising that you have such luck.”

Shan Weiyi smiled helplessly: “I only discovered this after I broke my leg… Maybe it’s… …It’s a blessing in disguise.” Saying that, Shan Weiyi lowered his eyelids sadly.

Shen Yu comforted him gently, like a good teacher.

Shan Weiyi wiped away the non-existant tears in the corner of his eyes, sniffled his nose, and asked, “Then…then can I stay in your class?…I think…the army also needs lucky people, right?”

The system’s AI tutoring went online, and in Shan Weiyi’s mind, he said: Your performance was rather clumsy, and you haven’t even shed a tear.
AI intelligent analysis reminds you that the target of the attack, Shen Yu, may not believe that you were crying.

Shan Weiyi: I didn’t expect him to believe me, am I not very smart?

System: So that’s how it is, I understand now.

The studious system recorded the result for deep learning.

Shen Yu really didn’t believe that Shan Wei wanted to cry.
Seeing this old Young Master Shan with his eyes above his head so clumsily trying to gain sympathy, he felt a little more secretive interest in his heart.

However, his face still maintained a false gentleness and a real indifference: “Student Shan, I sympathize with your experience, but the school’s regulations cannot be violated.
I hope you will not be discouraged.”

Hearing Shen Yu’s gentle refusal, Shan Weiyi looked defeated, as if he couldn’t pretend to be crying anymore, and drove the smart wheelchair to leave sadly.

System: Shen Yu doesn’t look like he intends to change his mind.
He’s not letting you rejoin his class.

Shan Weiyi: I didn’t have any expectations.
I am someone the prince hates.
It is impossible for Shen Yu in the early stage of the plot to touch the prince’s reverse scale.
System: Then your purpose of coming to ask him to do the questions is…?

Shan Weiyi: arouse his curiosity about me.

System: Can I ask what was the point of doing this?

Shan Weiyi: Curiosity is usually the beginning of good feelings.

System: I see, I know now

Listening to the serious voice of the system, Shan Weiyi suddenly realized that the system seemed to have learned a lot of useless knowledge from him.

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