Chapter 26 The Taifu’s Troubles

The fluff of the cat’s tail dragged across Shan Weiyi’s waist, leaving a numb itchy feeling.
Shan Weiyi subconsciously wanted to break free, but was wrapped even tighter.

“What do you want?” Shan Weiyi asked, “Like last time, you learned something new, so you’re here to ask for a reward?”

Xi Zhitong’s body was taller and stronger than Shan Weiyi’s, but the attitude was still obedient: “Yes, master, I want a reward.”

Shan Weiyi said softly: “What do you want?”

“Like last time.” Xi Zhitong said, “Last time…that…I like it “

Shan Weiyi’s eyelids twitched: “You like to be suffocated?”

——The artificial intelligence also is an M?

Xi Zhitong shook his head: “No, I don’t like that.”

Shan Weiyi was a little relieved: Good, my Tongzi still hasn’t learnt to be crooked.

Xi Zhitong went back and analyzed in detail what he liked, and now he had come to a conclusion.

He said: “I like the feeling of you giving me oxygen.”

Shan Weiyi took a short breath.

“Master, can you give me another breath of oxygen?” Xi Zhitong asked softly.

It seemed that without waiting for Shan Weiyi’s answer, Xi Zhitong’s face was already very close.

Shan Weiyi’s brain didn’t seem to turn around yet, but his body gave the answer first – he closed his eyes subconsciously.

Closing his eyes, the surroundings were dark, and the sense of touch of the tongue and body was enlarged to infinity.

He could feel Xi Zhitong’s cold lips tentatively rubbing against the corner of his mouth—really like a cat.
Then, just like a big cat, it suddenly burst out with a strong sense of aggression, drove straight in, and demanded sweet oxygen like a storm.

Shan Weiyi closed his eyes tightly and couldn’t see anything, so his hearing became very keen.
The wet, ice-cream-like sound seemed to come from all directions, and it seemed to be only in his hallucinations.

The kiss was so long that Shan Weiyi’s mortal body almost suffocated.

After Xi Zhitong noticed that Shan Weiyi was not breathing well, he reluctantly left his lips.
Xi Zhitong saw that Shan Weiyi’s face was flushed and his lips were moist.
He looked very good-looking but also extremely embarrassed.
Xi Zhitong asked carefully: “Master, you don’t look well, is it because I have taken in too much oxygen?”

Shan Weiyi reached out and grabbed Xi Zhitong’s tail, and said, “Fool, this is not oxygen inhalation.”

Xi Zhitong’s eyes shining cold and gentle light like a silver moon: “What was that?”

Shan Weiyi said: “You really don’t know?”

“I know.” Xi Zhitong said, “It’s a kiss.”

His tone remained the same.
It was full of mechanical feeling, but revealed a gentleness that belonged to Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi was curious: “Since you know, why…” 

As he spoke, Shan Weiyi raised his eyebrows in surprise: “You were pretending to be stupid, weren’t you?”

Artificial intelligence can pretend to be stupid?

Technology can always surprise people.

Xi Zhitong admitted with drooping cat ears: “You can say that.”

“You can say that?” It was the first time that Shan Weiyi heard such an ambiguous and cunning answer from the mouth of an artificial intelligence.
It was like discovering that a child lied for the first time to eat candy.
Shan Weiyi was surprised, annoyed and amused: “So why?”

Xi Zhitong said, “I learned some new knowledge…”

“What exactly is it, that knowledge?” Shan Weiyi: What strange knowledge did my Tongzi learn?

Xi Zhitong said: “Pretending to be naive and ignorant can please men.”

Shan Weiyi was stunned.

Xi Zhitong’s cat tail circled around Shan Weiyi’s arm: “So, does master like it?”

Shan Weiyi really couldn’t answer.

— because he’s so d*mn fond of it!

Shan Weiyi: “…you have learned very well, don’t learn it again in the future.”

Xi Zhitong looked at Shan Weiyi in confusion.

Shan Weiyi suddenly asked, “Did Shen Yu delete the card draw app?”

Hearing Shan Weiyi mention Shen Yu at this time, Xi Zhitong felt a little strange in his heart.
But what was strange about it, he couldn’t tell.

Xi Zhitong quickly switched back to work mode, and replied: “Yes.
Since Shen Yu was strangled by you with a scarf last time, he has not drawn a card.”

Shan Weiyi only said: “This is such a pity.
I’ve been spending a lot of money recently, and I’m afraid I’m going to spend it all.
He doesn’t draw cards, so I have to find other ways to make money.”

Xi Zhitong said, “Do you need me to help you rob a bank?”

“…Tongzi, Let’s not do illegal things, shall we?” Shan Weiyi felt more and more that this filthy scum world was going too far, how did it pollute his pure Tongzi?

It was impossible for his Tongzi to be wrong, and it must be the world that was wrong.

It’s because there are too many bad people in this world, and Tongzi has been taught badly.

On the other hand, Shen Yu was also experiencing a troublesome experience he faced for the first time in his life.

As if to prove that he was not tempted by Shan Weiyi, to prove that his reason still had the upper hand, to prove that he was still the calm and self-sufficient Imperial Taifu, Shen Yu decisively uninstalled the draw card app, no longer contaminated with Shan Weiyi related things.

Not only that, but he also treated Ruan Yang better and better, as if he really liked Ruan Yang, and wanted to have a positive relationship with Ruan Yang.

If you only looked at the surface, Ruan Yang felt really refreshing.
Shen Yu almost put him on the altar to worship.

However, Ruan Yang, who could see the degree of favorability, felt cold.

The better Shen Yu treated him, the faster his favorability would drop.

Therefore, when Shen Yu was making medicine by the bed with a smile, Ruan Yang would always think of the phrase “Da Lang, get up and drink the medicine”.

Ruan Yang didn’t dare to let Shen Yu continue to serve him, so he just said: “You’ve been with me these days, and it’s boring.
Why don’t you go out and relax.”

Shen Yu smiled softly: “I’ll be with you, it’s not boring at all.”

Ruan Yang: … Hehehe, please look at the favorability panel and then say that to me again.

Ruan Yang only said: “You should also take a look at the prince.
I heard from the little eunuch that the prince has a cat, which is very cute.
Go and see it for me, and take a photo for me to see.”

Shen Yu heard of the prince raising cats and he was also a little curious, so he agreed to see it.

When Shen Yu arrived at the prince’s bedroom, he saw a cute jade snow civet cat.
Shen Yu smiled and said, “Where did you get such a good-looking civet?” 

When the prince saw the cat, he thought of a person, and the corners of his mouth curled up unconsciously.

Come on, needless to say, Shen Yu guessed where the cat came from, from the rippling expression of the prince.
Thinking of that person, Shen Yu’s heart sank suddenly.

But the prince picked up the cat and said, “This is interesting.
Shan Weiyi joked that he stole the money to buy the cat from you.”

Shen Yu: …It hurts my heart.

Shen Yu took out all his money in his funds and gave it to Shan Weiyi.
Unexpectedly, turning around, Shan Weiyi took Shen Yu’s wife capital to give gifts to other men.

What a sad story about the green turtle.

The prince looked at Shen Yu: “Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

Shen Yu hurriedly: “hahahahahahaha”.

The prince felt that Shen Yu’s expression was a bit unnatural, but he didn’t think in the direction of the green-haired turtle, he just thought that Ruan Yang’s serious illness prevented Shen Yu from laughing.

The prince was concerned and asked, “Is Teacher Ruan’s illness still not good?”

Shen Yu also pretended to be worried about Ruan Yang and sighed.

The prince said in comfort: “I heard that there is a very strong ghost doctor on earth, who has a lot of research on diseases of the earth bloodline, why don’t I invite him here and have him look at Teacher Ruan?

“I also inquired about it, and it was said that he was going to the Freedom Federation now.”

“It doesn’t matter.
Going to the Freedom Federation proves that he is looking for money.” The prince said, “Can’t our empire afford the money?” 

The prince said again “Didn’t that Xi Zhitong say that he was a wandering doctor who specializes in treating difficult and miscellaneous diseases? What did he say?”

Shen Yu replied: “He also said he couldn’t do anything.” 

The two just chatted like this, but the cat couldn’t sit still.
After squatting on the prince’s lap for a while, he got bored, jumped on to the floor, then as soon as he flicked his tail, walked away with haughty steps, shaking his head.

Seeing the arrogant but beautiful appearance of the cat, both Shen Yu and the prince thought of the same person.

However, that man was the same as this cat, and the prince can touch and hug him.
Shen Yu could only pretend that he was not interested at all – he paid for the cat!

Shen Yu felt aggrieved by his internal injuries, but he could only maintain a refined smile.

The prince stopped talking about cats, and only talked about business: “Father has the intention that after the return of Tianji Star, to have me leave the academy and return to the Imperial court to study and do business.
Taifu should also come with me.”

Shen Yu nodded.

Thinking that he will return to the Imperial court with the prince soon, what about Shan Weiyi…?

Shan Weiyi should continue to stay in the Academy to complete his studies.
In this case, they would be thousands of miles apart.

The prince can treat Shan Weiyi as a pet without any taboo, and he will naturally call him to his side when he wants to see him.
But after Shen Yu leaves, he could no longer be Shan Weiyi’s teacher, and the chances of meeting Shan Weiyi were even less.

In the future, if he wanted to see Shan Weiyi again, it would be in the prince’s bedroom…

Shen Yu’s heart was in a mess, and he still kept a polite smile on his face, responding fluently.
The prince couldn’t see anything wrong with him either.

The two chatted for a while, but saw the little eunuch hurriedly coming from the outside, it seemed that there was something urgent to report.

The prince calmly asked: “What’s the matter? You’re in a panic.”

The little eunuch glanced at Shen Yu, then swallowed again: “It’s about Teacher Ruan and Young Master Shan…”

Hearing the names of these two people, the faces of the prince and Shen Yu were a little more concerned.

Seeing that Shen Yu’s face had also changed, the prince thought that Shen Yu was concerned about Ruan Yang, so he frowned and said, “What’s going on?”

The little eunuch said, “Teacher Ruan ran into Young Master Shan while walking outdoors.
After a quarrel, Young Master Shan picked up a brick and hit Teacher Ruan on the head…” 

The prince was extremely surprised: “He smashed again…” 

The last time Ruan Yang and Wen Lu fell into the water, Shan Weiyi also smashed them with a brick.

This time, it was actually pretty much the same as last time.
It was also designed by Ruan Yang.
He intentionally blocked Shan Weiyi’s path, adding to Shan Weiyi’s obstacles.
Shan Weiyi thought to himself: looking for a fight again, what is my hobby?

So Shan Weiyi picked up the brick and hit Ruan Yang a few times without hesitation.
Ruan Yang also prescribed the weak buff, so he was sent to the emergency room on the spot.

Hearing the little eunuch’s report, the crown prince only said: “Shan Weiyi is too arrogant!”

After saying that, the crown prince looked at Taifu again from the corner of his eye.
He saw that the Taifu was indifferent, and he couldn’t tell what kind of mood he was in.

The little eunuch had learned to be good this time, but he dared not echo the prince’s words that Shan Weiyi was really arrogant.
If he really dared to say that, the prince’s heartfelt feet would fly over.
However, he didn’t dare to say that Shan Weiyi hit well, after all, the Imperial Taigu was still in front of him.

Neither side of the little eunuch dared to say anything, so he had to say: “There is also a problem with the management of this Academy, why are there so many bricks on the ground!” 

Young Master Shan smashed Ruan Yang, and recently the Taifu took care of Ruan Yang in every possible way.

The crown prince thought the Taifu would be unhappy, so he said to the Taifu: “The one with a surname of Shan just doesn’t let people not worry! Lawless, I will definitely teach him a good lesson!” 

These words were reprimanded on the surface, but a defense in essence.

How could Shen Yu not understand what the prince meant?

The prince wanted to protect Shan Weiyi, fearing that Shen Yu would vent his anger on Shan Weiyi for the sake of Ruan Yang.

Seeing the Prince’s protective appearance, Shen Yu felt a sense of sullenness for no reason.
He only smiled slightly and said, “Let’s go and see what’s going on first.”

Seeing Shen Yu’s languid expression, the prince thought it was because of Ruan Yang, so he said, “En, let’s go and see Teacher Ruan now.” 

The prince, Taifu and the little eunuch went to the infirmary.
That was Ruan Yang’s dedicated medical room.
The doctor was examining Ruan Yang carefully, while Shan Weiyi sat beside him with a nonchalant expression.

The dean also stood aside, greeting Ruan Yang.

These days, Ruan Yang had established a good relationship with the dean and asked the dean to stand by him.
As for the dean, firstly he liked Ruan Yang’s way of speaking and mannerism, and secondly, he was trying to give Shen Yu face, so he was willing to stand on Ruan Yang’s side.
But since it was about Shan Weiyi, the prince would inevitably be involved, and the dean didn’t dare to stand up for Ruan Yang.

The dean had no choice but to pretend not to see Shan Weiyi, and just asked Ruan Yang if there was any discomfort.

At this time, the prince, Taifu and the little eunuch arrived.

Seeing Shen Yu, Ruan Yang immediately looked pitiful: “Taifu…”

Shen Yu stepped forward and asked the doctor about the situation.

The doctor was bought by Ruan Yang, so he naturally followed Ruan Yang’s orders.
He said sadly: “Teacher, Teacher Ruan’s condition is very bad! He is already weak, how can he withstand such a vicious beating?”

Shan Weiyi said: “Doctor, if you are treating his sickness, then treat his sickness, do you think you opened heaven’s eyes? Can you judge the case? How can you say that I ‘maliciously beat’ him?” 

The doctor said sternly: “Look at how injured Teacher Ruan is? Is this not malicious?”

“I didn’t have any malicious intentions, I just do whatever I want,” Shan Weiyi replied.

These words were also annoying.

Ruan Yang stared at Shan Weiyi with wide eyes: “You…you…” 

The prince really thought that it was no big deal for Shan Weiyi to hit someone at will, but it was not good if he hit someone that belonged to Shen Yu.
The so-called dog beating depends on the owner.
The prince couldn’t help but put on a stern face, and scolded Shan Weiyi: “Don’t be presumptuous.
This is the Imperial Academy, do you think it’s your back garden? How can a student like you behave wildly and beat a teacher?” 

The prince reprimanded Shan Weiyi, just like a parent scolding the child for outsiders to see to protect him.
But how can Young Master Shan, who has a low IQ, understand? 

When he heard the prince say this about himself, he immediately became unhappy: “Your Highness, are you scolding me because of this surname Ruan?” 

The prince said in a not pleasant manner: “You better watch your attitude!”

Shan Weiyi coldly laughed: “Good, so even you won’t help me anymore! Then give me back the cat I gave you!” 

Hearing this, the prince was so angry he didn’t know whether to laugh and almost couldn’t hold back his face anymore, so he had to say in a rough voice: “Don’t mess around.” 

Ruan Yang got up from the bed, but his feet were unsteady, and Shen Yu hurriedly supported him thoughtfully.

Ruan Yang bowed weakly to the prince, and said: “I know very well that Young Master Shan is the prince’s man, but the state has it’s state laws, and a family has family rules.
This is the Imperial Academy, so we should abide by the rules of the Imperial Academy.
Last time, Young Master Shan made a move to hurt people.
I thought he was a first offender, so I did not pursue it.
However, not only did he not want to repent, but he intensified.
If he is not dealt with according to the Academy regulations, how can we show justice and majesty?” 

The prince didn’t have a single word from Ruan Yang’s long speech enter his ears.

He had a self-centered personality, so why would he care about “demonstrating justice and majesty”? He felt himself to be just and majestic.

But the prince wouldn’t say that to Ruan Yang because Shen Yu was still standing beside Ruan Yang.

The crown prince said to Shen Yu, “What does Taifu think?”

Ruan Yang also looked at Shen Yu, as if he wanted to see Shen Yu’s attitude clearly.

Not only Ruan Yang, the crown prince and the dean, but even Shan Weiyi stared at Shen Yu with expectant eyes.

Everyone was waiting for Shen Yu’s statement.

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