Chapter 21 Taifu comes out of the closet

Shan Weiyi’s voice really interrupted all the charming feelings of the prince.

The prince suddenly turned his head and looked over, but saw that there was no one there.

At the same time, Shan Weiyi had slipped away like a fish.

As an A-level warrior, Shan Weiyi’s movements were as fast as lightning, as fast as the wind, and he slipped out of the door in the blink of an eye.
The prince looked at Shan Weiyi through the glass wall, and raised his eyebrows in displeasure, as if accusing Shan Weiyi of not understanding his favor.

The prince raised his hand and tapped the glass wall with his fingers, and said with a soft smile, “Look at how scared you are, can I really have you here?” This implied that he was just scaring the person.

Shan Weiyi frowned and said: “Your Highness, it can’t be here, so does that mean it can be somewhere else?”

These words really blocked the prince’s mouth.

The prince really thought this way: Even if he wanted Shan Weiyi, he can’t do it in public places.
In other words, other places are okay.
The prince was even thinking about getting a new quilt for his bedroom, because his original quilt was woven with bulletproof silk from the distant stars, and the spoiled Young Master Shan seems to prefer delicate and fragile silk, native to earth.

Across a glass wall, Shan Weiyi felt as if he had secured a protective trench, and his brows and eyes were a little more smug, as if he had predicted that the prince could not break through the wall.

The prince really couldn’t.

But for some reason, seeing Shan Weiyi’s complacent look, the prince’s teeth itched again.

He leaned on the glass wall with one hand, as if leaning on Shan Weiyi’s head.
He smiled and asked, “Are you unwilling?”

Shan Weiyi’s face froze.
Of course he didn’t want to.

Young Master Shan’s IQ was not high.
He had neither the courage to refuse firmly, nor the wisdom to refuse lightly and politely.
He could only be awkward and in a predicament, only muttering: “I… I can’t… Your Highness…”

His stupid and cowardly appearance happened to please the prince.
This kind of shallowness made the prince think he was very cute.

The prince smiled softly: “You have no guts now? Didn’t you lie to me boldly just now? You said that the Taifu was watching there.”

Shan Weiyi opened his eyes wide, shook his head and said, “How dare I lie to the Prince? Earlier Taifu was watching.
It’s just that when I was talking, he ran away.” 

The prince looked at Shan Weiyi in disbelief: “Just in a moment, he ran away without a trace?”

Shan Weiyi nodded: “In just a short moment, I can run from His Highness to the outside of the wall.
We are all well-trained reformers, what can’t be done?” 

The prince only said: “The Taifu is not such a person, don’t talk nonsense. 

Shan Weiyi sneered: “It’s not that strange.
He passes by here every day to watch you and me, and every time he looks at you for a while before walking away.”

This was not a lie.
This was the only chance for Taifu and Shan Weiyi to meet each other every day besides drawing cards.

Every day, the Taifu would come to visit for a while.
But because he pretended to be passing by and just stopped for a while, it wasn’t too strange.

The prince had good ears and eyes, and was sensitive.
Of course, he also knew that the Taifu would pass by for a while every day.
But the prince never thought about it that way, and even now he didn’t.
The prince only looked at Shan Weiyi with a sneer: “His office is nearby.
It is normal for him to pass by.”

But Shan Weiyi said: “Why does he stop when he passes by? And also stay to watch for so long?”

The prince said: “He is my teacher.
It’s normal to care about me.”

“Care about you?” Shan Weiyi shook his head, “He’s obviously looking at me.” 

The prince found it ridiculous: “He’s looking at you? Why?”

“What else could it be?” Shan Weiyi answered with his head raised , “Likes me secretly.” 

The prince was almost amused by him.

The prince absolutely did not believe that the Taifu would have a crush on Shan Weiyi.
Shan Weiyi was shallow and ignorant, with poor character and learning, how could the Taifu have a crush on him?

Of course, the prince still took Shan Weiyi’s face into consideration a little, and didn’t speak out his true thoughts.
He just smiled and said, “Don’t think too much, the Taifu doesn’t like you.”

“Do you know what he likes?” Shan Weiyi asked back.

The prince said: “It’s probably someone like Ruan Yang.”

“That’s Ruan Yang liking him, not him liking Ruan Yang.” Shan Weiyi said very firmly, “Ruan Yang is just jealous of me, that’s why he framed me like that.”

The prince was really speechless by Shan Weiyi’s brain.

But Shan Weiyi’s serious and proud appearance was extremely cute.
The prince could only care a little bit dotingly: “Look at your brain when you have time, be good.”

Shan Weiyi was so angry with him that he turned around and left.

While walking, Shan Weiyi picked up his mobile phone and sent a message to the Taifu:

“See you in the dormitory, I have something to say.”

The Taifu, who absolutely could not like Shan Weiyi as thought by the prince, appeared outside Shan Weiyi’s dormitory within five minutes .

The automatic door of the dormitory opened, and Taifu stepped in.
He saw Shan Weiyi wearing a chocolate-colored lapel cloak, lazy and casual, with sharp eyebrows and eyes.
He and Ruan Yang were indeed different types.
No matter how pitiful Shan Weiyi in the card was, the real Shan Weiyi always gave people a sense of toughness and sharpness-this was exactly the reason why the Taifu didn’t like to touch him, it was too damaging to the beauty.

Just let the paper man stay on the paper and don’t let him see the real appearance, then he can kryptonite for 10,000 years.

Shan Weiyi rested his chin and said, “You saw it today…”

Shen Yu smiled and said, “I didn’t see anything.”

Shan Weiyi jumped off the sofa, and slowly walked to Shen Yu’s side like a cat, with a sly light in his eyes, making people wonder whether he was going to pounce on them to bite or send the top of his head over to him to be stroked in the next second – such suspense made people feel sweet.

Shen Yu looked at him with a smile, waiting for his next move.

However, he was neither.

As soon as he turned his head, he walked away, passed Shen Yu, walked to the table, took out two cups to pour water, and said, “I don’t want to be with him.”

Shen Yu said indifferently, “It’s not whether you want to or not.” 

“Real indifferent.” Shan Weiyi called Shen Yu to sit down at the table, “The prince is just a spoiled brat.
If I really have that intention, I still wouldn’t be interested in him.” With that said, Shan Weiyi smiled slightly at Shen Yu, which was full of hints.

Shen Yu didn’t accept the offer.
To be honest, he liked pure and harmless types like Ruan Yang and Wen Lu, so he was happy to approach them in the three dimension world.
When Shan Weiyi came to him so recklessly and winked at him, it made Shen Yu very uncomfortable.
He really hoped that the paper person would stay on paper, and idols should stay away from fans.

Young Master Shan was indeed not very intelligent, and he didn’t know how to read people’s eyes, so he rushed up and hugged Shen Yu tightly.
Subconsciously, Shen Yu threw Shan Weiyi onto the carpet with an over-the-shoulder throw.

Shan Weiyi said angrily: “You are noble! You are amazing! Don’t ever have a day when you beg me to love you at my feet.”

Shen Yu smiled lightly and said, “I’m afraid there won’t be a time.” 

He reached out his hand in a gentlemanly manner to help Shan Weiyi up.

At this moment, a reminder sounded from the dormitory door: “The prince is here.”

Hearing the notification sound, Shen Yu froze for a moment.

Before he came back to his senses, Shan Weiyi said in a panic, “Oh no, the prince has authority, this door will open automatically…”

Of course Shen Yu knew, but before he could figure it out, Shan Weiyi clutched his hand and stuffed themselves directly into the closet.

When Shen Yu came back to his senses, he was already squatting in the closet.
He thought, this was wrong, why should he hide? It’s not necessary at all.

Just when he was about to come out dignifiedly, he heard the footsteps of the prince walking in.

It’s too embarrassing now.

If he was going to come out of the closet in front of the prince, it would be really difficult to be “upright” in that scene.

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