Chapter 15 My Pleasure

Bai Nuo turned out to be a clone of Young Master Shan!

It turned out that many interstellar aristocrats would create several clones when they were born, so that they could use their organs when needed later, or do substitute experiments.

These clones have no human rights and were all locked up in the clone planet.

And Bai Nuo was a defective clone of Young Master Shan, with congenital deficiencies.
He should have been humanely destroyed, but because he suffered from a rare genetic disease, he was picked up by a special medical institution on Earth and was privately bought for research.

After learning of Bai Nuo’s life experience, Jun Gengjin was even more furious, thinking that the Shan family’s cruel practice was the root of Bai Nuo’s pain.
Just at this time, Concubine Shan fell out of favor, and Eldest Young Master Shan offended the crown prince.
Seeing that the Shan family was in danger, they moved away from the empire and moved to the Freedom Federation.

When they came to the Freedom Federation, they became meat on Jun Gengjin’s chopping board.

With a wave of Jun Gengjin’s hand, the Shan family went bankrupt, and the whole family couldn’t even pay the sunshine fee.
Father Shan, finally making up his mind, sold his wife and son.
When Jun Gengjin went to the Fengyue place to discuss business, he saw Young Master Shan and was very displeased: Although he hated Young Master Shan, he hated Young Master Shan even more for being sold with Bai Nuo’s face.

Jun Gengjin did his best to buy Young Master Shan back as a stand-in, despising him while messing with him and abusing him.

On the other hand, Shan Yunyun had become a big boss of a mall through his own efforts and the protagonist’s halo.
Thinking of brotherhood, he wanted to redeem the eldest son.
Of course Jun Gengjin disagreed, so Shan Yunyun played with Jun Gengjin in the shopping mall.
The two fought openly and secretly, liking and hating each other, gradually developing feelings for each other.

Jun Gengjin finally found out that he had only a vague fondness for Bai Nuo when he was young, but his real admiration and love was for Shan Yunyun.
Therefore, Jun Gengjin let Young Master Shan go.
At that time, Young Master Shan was already covered in wounds, and was sent to a sanatorium on Earth by Jun Gengjin to recuperate.

Jun Gengjin and Shan Yunyun HE.
And Young Master Shan met scum Gong No.
4 in the Earth Sanatorium.

After reading the synopsis, Shan Weiyi concluded: “I understand, so in the original plot, the Young Master Shan had his leg broken by scum Gong No.
1 and forced to drop out of school by Scum Gong No.
When his family was bankrupt, he was sold to Scum Gong No.
After being abused for a few years, he was dumped to a nursing home and was abused by Scum Gong No.4… after No.
4, he was abused by N0.

Xi Zhitong answered: “Yes, that seems to be right.”

Shan Weiyi sighed with sorrow: “The author of the series is also very environmentally friendly, only one piece of cannon fodder is recycled.”

Xi Zhitong didn’t know how to respond to this kind of word, and could only say the sentence he said most often: “It’s like this, so how can I help you?”

Such words may sound a bit blunt to others, but Shan Weiyi had become accustomed to them.
He said: “I’ve been busy dealing with the campus transcript these days, so I didn’t pay attention to Shan Yunyun.
What did he do?”

Xi Zhitong was able to hack into the major interstellar network systems, and it was easy to check Shan Yunyun’s trajectory.
But also because the amount of data and information he can access was too large, it may be difficult to report for a while.
He was a little embarrassed and said: “What kind of information do you need?”

Shan Weiyi thought for a while, and said: “Check what he did that was different from the original plot.”

Xi Zhitong’s calculation speed was extremely fast, after a while, he projected Shan Yunyun’s actions that deviated from the original plot track onto the wall.
Shan Weiyi took a few glances, and immediately grasped the point: “He is doing business in advance.”

Shan Yunyun’s protagonist halo was “business wizard”.

This was actually a cheat.
The quick transmigrator will not have the wisdom of a business leader just because of this halo.
Instead, the system with the aura of the protagonist can help him calculate, so that he can know what investment can increase and what marketing can be popular.
There was a saying that even pigs can fly in the wind.
With such a cheat, even a pig-headed fool can become a leader.

But now, with the halo of the protagonist, Shan Yunyun, a quick transmigrator, made various investments with the resources of the Shan family, and quickly accumulated a large number of contacts and wealth.

Therefore, Shan Yunyun got to know Jun Gengjin in advance, and even brought Jun Gengjin home—this was something that was not in the original plot.

Shan Weiyi stroked his chin and said, “I guess, Shan Yunyun wants to use the aura of the protagonist to prevent the Shan family from going bankrupt.”

Xi Zhitong said, “Why did he do that?”

Shan Weiyi brought up the screen of the script again, circled and said: “Look, in the original plot, Shan Yunyun used business wars to gain Jun Gengjin’s favor.
Bankruptcy was not a necessary condition.
More importantly, if the Shan family does not go bankrupt, I will not be sold to Jun Gengjin.
In that case, Jun Gengjin and I will not have any intersection.
This is beneficial to his mission.”

Xi Zhitong said, “But you have already interacted with Jun Gengjin.”

“Well, today qhen I came home, everyone was surprised.
He probably didn’t expect me to appear here today!” Shan Weiyi shrugged.

Speaking, Shan Weiyi folded his hands: “However, Shan Yunyun also adjusted quickly.
He made me leave a bad impression in front of Jun Gengjin by spilling wine.”

Xi Zhitong commented: “But, this may not be a bad thing.”

“Oh?” Shan Weiyi was a little surprised when he heard Xi Zhitong say that, “Why do you say that?”

Xi Zhitong replied: “Because Jun Gengjin was always curious about you.
Curiosity is the beginning of good feelings-this was what you taught me.”

Shan Weiyi doesn’t quite remember when he taught Xi Zhitong this sentence: “I taught this? I don’t really remember.”

Xi Zhitong said softly: “Every word the Master said, I will not forget.”

Not forgetting things heard should be the necessary quality of artificial intelligence, right?

But when Xi Zhitong said that he would never forget his Master’s words, Shan Weiyi was inevitably moved.
He smiled and said: “You are so considerate, how can I reward you?”

Xi Zhitong replied without thinking: “If this doesn’t make you feel too difficult, I hope you…”

Shan Weiyi felt unconsciously curious: Will artificial intelligence also make demands on the Master? What would they be asking for?

After becoming a “human”, Xi Zhitong became more and more lively, and Shan Weiyi paid more and more attention to him.

Xi Zhitong finished the sentence slowly: “I hope you will be curious about me.”

Hearing this, Shan Weiyi raised the corners of his mouth unconsciously: “What kind of request is this? I have been very curious about you for a long time.”

Saying this, Shan Weiyi’s curiosity and care for Xi Zhitong surpassed everything in the world.

“It’s my honor.” Xi Zhitong’s rational and quiet voice was tinged with a trace of imperceptible joy and excitement.

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