Chapter 14 Bai Nuo

Shan Weiyi checked the photos and confirmed that each one was taken super well without using P at all, so he nodded: “Not bad, not bad, then you can add these to the card drawing program.”

Xi Zhitong said while working: “These are just photos… Will Taifu fall in love with you because of the photos?”

Shan Weiyi shook his head, smiled and raised a finger, saying, “First of all, he will fall in love with drawing cards.”

Watching the soaring money, it was difficult for Xi Zhitong to deny this fact.
The probability of shipment, the stimulation of shipwreck, and the mechanism of gold were all carefully designed by Xi Zhitong’s super brain based on thousands of popular games.
But what can a large amount of gold spent mean? The Taifu was a Master who was not short of money, and if he spent a lot of money, there would be no big loss.
It doesn’t prove that he’s really in love with it.

Shan Weiyi raised his second finger: “Second, he will be obsessed with this paper man who keeps him spending money.”

“Paper man…” Xi Zhitong tried to understand Shan Weiyi’s words, “But, you are real.”

“However, I am the prince’s ‘pet’ now, and it is very difficult and unlikely for him to come in contact with me.” Shan Weiyi shrugged, “He can only use his mind through a few words from the prince and these photos to imagine my situation, my experience, and my personality.
It is this kind of brain supplement that will make me his dream lover and what kind of person I am is no longer important.”

As an AI, Xi Zhitong found it hard to understand this situation.
But he had studied game algorithms, so he can still understand the intention of Shan Weiyi.
He just didn’t expect that a person like Shen Yu would also be addicted to a two-dimensional wife.

Shan Family.

The corridor of the main house was designed as a half-arch, and the arc-shaped light strip emitted a faint orange light along the arc of the arch, shining on the digital decorative painting on the wall, complementing each other.
But seeing Shan Weiyi walking by in the corridor, he was wearing a gray silk taffeta shirt, which was loose and casual but showed a trace of nobility.

Seeing no one around, he loosened the belt on his shirt and undid two buttons but he didn’t expect that as soon as he turned the corner, he would meet Jun Gengjin who was also walking alone.

Jun Gengjin has put on a new white shirt, which was also made of high-end handmade natural materials.

As soon as he lowered his head, seeing Shan Weiyi whose clothes were loosened to reveal his Adam’s apple, Jun Gengjin frowned slightly, and the image of the white moonlight in his heart immediately appeared in his mind.
Jun Gengjin felt the blasphemy with all his heart, so he quickly looked away.

Seeing Jun Gengjin’s expression, Shan Weiyi said with a smile: “Everyone is a man, why are you embarrassed to see it? Mr.
Jun must not be gay, right?”

Jun Gengjin said loudly, “Yes, there is nothing shameful about this.
Yes, my encyclopedia says I’m gay.”

“…” Shan Weiyi didn’t expect the richest man’s encyclopedia to have such information, so he choked.

Jun Gengjin smiled and said: “The Shan family has treated me with hospitality, from my dietary taboos to my favorite leisure drinks, they were all well thought out.
They probably shouldn’t not know my orientation.”

These words sounded polite, but the translation was very contemptuous:

——Your family is trying to please me, you don’t know my orientation? Stop pretending.

“Treated with hospitality? All well thought out?” Shan Weiyi smiled dryly, “Mr.
Jun has such a big face.
I poured wine on you and offended you, do you think I am entertaining you? I wonder how people usually treat you to make you think like this.”

Jun Gengjin was even more contemptuous of Shan Weiyi: “Everyone has their own way of hospitality.
Like ‘courtesy’ such as accidentally pouring wine’, it’s not like I haven’t encountered it before.”

Translated into straightforward words: I’ve seen a lot of routines like yours too!

Shan Weiyi’s eyes widened in astonishment: “Do you think I’m seducing you up by pouring wine?”

Jun Gengjin let out a sigh, shook his head and smiled, “Why would Young Master Shan think so? I didn’t say that! You’re really wronging me to say that.”

“I don’t know who wronged whom!” Shan Weiyi rolled his eyes, turned and left.

Looking at his back, Jun Gengjin thought coldly: Heh, playing hard to get.

Shan Weiyi returned to his room, and tapped on the wall—of course, the Shan family’s house was a smart mansion, and the four walls were all high-end touch screens.
With a touch of a finger, the optical brain can be called out through fingerprint recognition.
With a swipe of his finger, he went online to buy the white shirt for which Jun Gengjin was to be compensated.

Jun Gengjin was right, that white shirt was a limited edition, so it’s really hard to buy.
But Young Master Shan also had many channels to buy clothes.
After a little inquiry, he found a dealer who had ready-made clothes for him, but the price was indeed relatively expensive.

Shan Weiyi checked the optical brain, and was a little taken aback when he saw the money in the background of drawing cards: “Master Shen, who seems so calm and rational, had become addicted to drawing cards?” 

Shan Weiyi had abundant funds.

Shan Weiyi laid on the bed, turned over, and tapped the wall casually, the touch screen was activated, emitting a soft and non-glare white light.
In fact, he didn’t have anything he wanted to check, he was just bored, swiped casually, and wrote three words inadvertently – “Xi Zhitong”.

Just after his “Tong” character finished the last flat stroke, a familiar voice sounded from the smart speaker in the bedroom: “Huh?”

Facing such a sudden voice, someone else would probably be surprised or even terrified.

But Shan Weiyi was not like this.

Of course, there were still some surprises but not shock, nor disgust.
Maybe it’s because he and Xi Zhitong were already familiar with each other.
In the long-term cooperation and symbiosis in the past, he had become accustomed to the familiar voice immediately responding when he thought of the system in his mind.

He can even accept the sound in his head, let alone the sound from the smart speaker.

He even disliked that this speaker could not perfectly present Xi Zhitong’s beautiful baritone that he specially tuned.
To speak through this speaker, he really wronged his Tongzi.

Shan Weiyi turned over, sat up on the bed, and said to the smart speaker, “Can you hear me?”

“Yes, Master.” Xi Zhitong replied.

Shan Weiyi rubbed his chin and said, “So, you hacked into our smart home system, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Master.” Xi Zhitong’s tone was too open and natural.
It seems that, as an artificial intelligence, he doesn’t know that this could be suspected of violating privacy.

Fortunately, Shan Weiyi didn’t mind.

This was also due to their previous long-term coexistence life pattern.
Xi Zhitong had lived in his mind for too long.
He regarded Xi Zhitong’s shadowy presence as normal, and the privacy boundaries between them have been blurred.

Shan Weiyi even thought it was not bad: “Very well, then you can also see what happened to Shan Yunyun and Jun Gengjin, right?”

“Yes.” Xi Zhitong replied.

Shan Weiyi suddenly reflected on himself: “I was careless, I didn’t expect to meet Jun Gengjin here.”

It may be due to the butterfly effect caused by the quick transmigrator, so Jun Gengjin appeared in front of him in advance.

Although Shan Weiyi had read the plot outline of Jun Gengjin’s transcript before, without Xi Zhitong’s guidance, he still worried that he would make mistakes due to lack of details.
Shan Weiyi asked: “That Shan Yunyun is the third quick transmigrator, right?”

“Yes.” Xi Zhitong replied.

Shan Weiyi nodded, pointed at the wall, and said, “You can project the details of Jun Gengjin’s story on the wall.”

“Okay, right away.” Xi Zhitong responded quickly.

In the next second, dense words appeared on the wall, showing the plot of Jun Gengjin’s copy – “The Domineering President Falls in Love with Me”:

Unlike the new humans in space, Jun Gengjin was born on Earth.
Not only did he not have a strong physique like the new humans, but he was also very weak when he was young.
He had recuperated in a special children’s medical institution, where he met his white moonlight, named Bai Nuo.
Bai Nuo was also a sick child, but he was very optimistic and gentle, and always encouraged Jun Gengjin.

Jun Gengjin successfully turned into a reformed human being through a transformation experiment, was adopted by the Jun family, and moved to the Free Federation Space City.
From then on, he could only communicate with Bai Nuo via the Internet.

Jun Gengjin tried his best to bring Bai Nuo to the space city, however, Bai Nuo was weak and sick, and could not meet the requirements of aerospace at all.
Jun Gengjin spent huge sums of money to hire the most advanced medical team on earth to treat Bai Nuo’s illness, but he couldn’t change Bai Nuo’s physique.

Therefore, Jun Gengjin could only have a video chat with Bai Nuo once a month.

Surprisingly, Jun Gengjin saw Young Master Shan at a party.
Young Master Shan looked exactly like Bai Nuo.
Jun Gengjin couldn’t help but suspect that Young Master Shan and Bai Nuo had some kind of special relationship.

Following this line of investigation, Jun Gengjin discovered a shocking fact.

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