Chapter 13 ALPHA GAY

Drawing again and again, getting various fragments again and again…

Until late at night, he synthesized an SR.
In the card, Shan Weiyi raised his head, and there was a circle of red marks around his neck—this should be leather collar traces left behind for a long time.

It was just a red mark, but it enveloped Shen Yu’s heart like a set of locks.

“It’s this one…” Shen Yu murmured, recalling that day when he passed the training room, the huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows revealed the scene inside: the prince was fighting with his new training partner.

The prince’s new sparring partner was of course Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi didn’t wear a combat uniform, but an ordinary cotton and linen clothe.
The top was sleeveless and the neckline was loose, revealing a large area of ​​skin when he moved.
The waist was tightly tied, making the waist appear thin and narrow.
As for the prince’s attire, it might be the same, Shen Yu didn’t pay much attention.

Shan Weiyi lost to the prince and was pressed to the ground.
His bare arms were held behind his back by the prince.
His pretty face was pressed on the training mat.
There were still red marks from the leather ring on his fair neck.
It was so pitiful and cute. 

Shen Yu couldn’t help standing still, his gaze fixed on Shan Weiyi as if frozen.

Shan Weiyi was fully focused on dealing with the prince, the strongest warrior of the S rank, so he naturally didn’t know that Shen Yu was watching from outside.
However, the prince’s five senses were well developed, and he turned his face extremely keenly, his eyes piercing the unknown peeper as sharply as a knife.

When he saw that the “peeper” was Shen Yu, the prince’s guard dropped a little, and he nodded politely.

Shen Yu also had to smile and nod like a dog, controlling himself to look away and walk.
He turned and walked to the other side.

However, no matter how far away he was, Shan Weiyi’s appearance still emerged in his heart.

As if to make up for some regret, Shen Yu couldn’t help activating his wristband and kept drawing cards.

In the middle of the night, Shen Yu looked at those beautiful cards over and over again, repeatedly tracing the appearance of the person in his memory.

Shan Weiyi fought with the crown prince without any protective gear and wearing light clothes.
The obvious reason was that this kind of actual combat was more difficult and can exercise physical fitness better.
But what it was actually for, both Shan Weiyi and the prince were clear about it.

Because he had to fight against the S-level prince without protective gear, Shan Weiyi had to suffer some injuries.
The prince originally cherished his flesh and blood, so his attacks were already very light, so Shan Weiyi’s injury was relatively light.
The level of interstellar technology was high, and this small injury can be healed by just spraying it with healing potion, it just only needed professional doctors to operate it.

And the “professional doctor” responsible for curing Shan Weiyi, of course, specifically referred to Xi Zhitong.

Xi Zhitong, the school doctor, had always only treated Shan Weiyi, a student patient.

When Shan Weiyi was there, he worked.
When Shan Weiyi was not there, he was like a computer in a dormant state.
It did not move, as if it was turned off, but in fact it was still on standby at any time.

When the door of the school infirmary opened, Shan Weiyi stepped in, and Xi Zhitong, who was sitting on the chair, seemed to come to life, opened his eyes, straightened his back, leaned forward, with an overly focused gaze, staring at every step that Shan Weiyi took.

In such a situation, Shan Weiyi felt that Xi Zhitong was like a big dog at home waiting for his master to get off work.

Especially when he ran up to Shan Weiyi and handed him a pair of soft slippers: “Master.”

Shan Weiyi found it difficult to resist this 100% sincerity and kindness.

——Although such a mind came from an AI.

But it was precisely because it came from an AI, an AI ​​​​written by himself, that he can believe that this was 100% without added intentions.

After going through so many copies of the small world, it had become hard for him to trust all human beings including himself.

Xi Zhitong was different.
Xi Zhitong was his obsession “during his lifetime”, the “posthumous work” he insisted on “after death”, and the same umbrella he had weathered through every storm.

Whether it was from a rational or emotional point of view, he trusted Xi Zhitong 99.9% of the time.

It was just a little worse than the protection he gave himself.

Xi Zhitong who became a human gave Shan Weiyi a new feeling.

It’s a mixed feeling, but not bad.

Shan Weiyi smiled kindly at Xi Zhitong, and wanted to take the pair of slippers, but Xi Zhitong bent down and squatted down, offering to put it on for Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi was shocked for a moment, and retreated subconsciously, but was firmly held by Xi Zhitong.

Xi Zhitong was tall, and his fingers were of course long.
There was room to wrap around Shan Weiyi’s ankle, so he tightened it up a bit.
While Shan Weiyi bowed his head, Xi Zhitong raised his head, his eyes were as pure as a puppy looking up.
Shan Weiyi was once again defeated by such sincerity, smiled and said: “Where did you learn these rules?”

Xi Zhitong said: “I specially studied ‘how to serve the master’ online.”

“…” Shan Weiyi paused, ” I think it is necessary for me to review your study content.”

After saying this, both Xi Zhitong and Shan Weiyi reminisced deeply.

A long time ago, this system developed a deep learning function, possessing extraordinary intelligence, and could conduct self-learning with an efficiency that was difficult for ordinary people to understand.
Shan Weiyi would also observe and guide at the beginning, but later on, it was restricted, and he seldom supervised the learning process of the system.

Xi Zhitong was stunned for a while, and asked: “Did I do something that made the master feel inappropriate?” 

For some reason, Shan Weiyi read frustration and grievance from Xi Zhitong’s expressionless cool face.
Shan Weiyi was very soft-hearted, touched his head, and said, “It’s not your problem.
It’s just that there are too many bad people out there, and I’m afraid they will teach you wrong.”

Xi Zhitong didn’t feel anything wrong with his head being stroked and was even cooperative.

“Okay, stand up.” Shan Weiyi suppressed the strange thoughts in his heart, smiled and said, “Also, why don’t you turn on the light?” 

Xi Zhitong nodded obediently and stood up, and turned on the indoor light.
In an instant, the star map on the ceiling was lit up, and the pleasant light immediately filled the dark interior, bringing a clear view.

Xi Zhitong said: “I don’t need electric lights so I only turn on the lights when you come.”

Shan Weiyi thought that Xi Zhitong’s body was set to a perfect reformed person so his night vision ability was very strong, and when there was no need to do fine work, he really did not have to turn on the lights.

In fact, when Shan Weiyi wasn’t paying attention, Xi Zhitong didn’t even bother to open his eyes, of course there was no need to use the electric light.

Shan Weiyi took off his coat and shirt, revealing the red marks on his neck and the bruises on his back caused by the collision.
Seeing this, Xi Zhitong’s pupils constricted, and he used reason to control himself not to electrocute the prince again.

Shan Weiyi said softly: “What are you doing in a daze? Why aren’t you taking pictures yet?”

Xi Zhitong was indeed in a daze, and frowned slightly when he heard Shan Weiyi’s words.
He didn’t understand why he felt aggrieved and dissatisfied, so he had to attribute it to the revision of Shan Weiyi’s order.

He forced himself to use reason, and suggested amendments: “Put on your clothes.”

“Put on?” Shan Weiyi frowned and looked at Xi Zhitong.

Xi Zhitong stretched out his hand to pull back the shirt, covering Shan Weiyi’s body, and said in a mechanical tone: “I heard that taking it all off is cheap sexy, and half-covering is the real deal.”

“That makes sense.” Shan Weiyi nodded in agreement, while thinking to himself again: What kind of things has my pure student learned…

I should retire early, take my student to see the sea, the moonlight, the snow scene, the philosophy of life, and cleanse his soul well.

Thinking of this, Shan Weiyi was full of energy to act immediately, and took several groups of photos under the guidance of Xi Zhitong.

Most of them were some very ordinary daily photos.
Xi Zhitong said: “These photos can be used as R cards.
Of course, the number is more than SR and SSR, otherwise it will be difficult to arouse a players’ desire to buy.” 

Shan Weiyi felt that Xi Zhitong was reasonable, no wonder he is the calculation master.
He really has the talent to be a dog schemer.

Afterwards, Xi Zhitong took a few truly seductive photos of Shan Weiyi, and defined them as SR and SSR.
Of course, adhering to Xi Zhitong’s principle of “only half-covered was advanced”, Shan Weiyi didn’t reveal anything.
After seeing the finished pictures, Shan Weiyi sighed: “Compared to the last time, you have improved a lot.” 

Last time, Xi Zhitong did not perform well enough, and was rejected by Shan Weiyi and said, “Are you a straight man, you don’t even P the pictures?”.

For this reason, Xi Zhitong worked hard and became a master of P pictures.
As for being a straight man… Xi Zhitong didn’t know how to bend, but he will work hard.

He was so smart and worked so hard, in time, he will definitely become the Alpha Go* among gays.

* AlphaGo is a computer program that plays the board game Go

Come on! Forge ahead!

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