Chapter 11 Scum Gong Number Three

Shen Yu concealed the emotion in his eyes, and said with a smile: “This is too surprising.
I never thought that the crown prince would fall in love with such a disrespectful and vulgar person such as Shan Weiyi.” 

The crown prince himself didn’t expect it either but he just smiled and said: “Change of taste.” 

In the afternoon, the sun was like fire and the trees were green.

After swimming, the prince changed his clothes and went back to the dormitory.
Xi Zhitong had already left, and Shan Weiyi was lying on the sofa in the living room.

The bullet on Shan Weiyi’s leg had been removed, and the tissues of both feet have been repaired, leaving no scars, as if he had never been injured.

The prince squinted his eyes and kicked Shan Weiyi off the sofa to make room for himself.

Shan Weiyi suddenly rolled off the sofa, woke up immediately, and looked up to see the prince sitting on the sofa with an elegant demeanor, looking down at him.

“Come here,” said the prince.

Shan Weiyi wanted to stand up, but was kicked by the prince’s long leg, and immediately turned into a turtle crawling.
Shan Weiyi gritted his teeth in pain, and in the eyes of the prince, he looked a bit like a dog.

The prince smiled and said, “You are not allowed to stand.”

It seems that the prince was determined to set rules for this “vicious dog”.

Shan Weiyi sat on the blanket, crossed his legs and said, “Wen Lu also served the prince like this?” He reached out and hooked the carbon fiber chain connected to the collar, and his white fingers formed a great color difference with the black carbon fiber. 

The prince narrowed his eyes and said in a threatening manner, “You don’t have to think about it, just follow my orders.”

If he was obedient, then he was not Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi snorted and said, “Even if the prince doesn’t say anything, I know.
The reason why the prince uncharacteristically did not kill me and threw Wen Lu away was because the prince found out that I have a certain quality, which aroused the prince’s interest.
I think this trait should have nothing to do with whether I am a dog or not.”

The crown prince disliked his thoughts being nailed by his subordinates the most.
Hearing Shan Weiyi’s analysis, a look of coldness flashed in his eyes, and his dissatisfaction with Shan Weiyi almost surpassed that of Wen Lu.

Young Master Shan was a fool who pretended to be smart and didn’t know how to live or die, but he continued with a proud face: “The prince changed his mind after a fight with me, so I think the prince has discovered my strong physical skills that is better than your sparring partner, so you want to keep me and let me compete with you!”

Hearing Shan Weiyi’s completely irrelevant guess, the prince’s dissatisfaction disappeared.
Instead, he actually felt it was funny, and there was a smile on his face that was a little sincere.

Seeing the prince’s smile, Shan Weiyi seemed to be encouraged and said: “But because my martial arts was too strong, the prince is worried about keeping me by his side, so he wants to teach me a lesson, isn’t that right?”

Twirling the ends of his purple hair, he said with a smile, “You really have an idea.” 

“Just as I thought!” Shan Weiyi smiled triumphantly, and then boldly sat next to the prince, lowering his body and a flattering smile on his face, “A weapon should be sharp.
Not only can I be the prince’s partner, but I can also be the prince’s guard.
The prince doesn’t need to train me.
What’s the point of training me like a pet dog? Even if it’s a dog, it should be a strong dog, only then can it lead the way for the prince!” 

The prince took off his gloves, and picked Shan Weiyi’s chin: “I’m afraid you, a fierce dog, will bite the master back!”

Shan Weiyi didn’t respond, and just rushed towards the prince fiercely, punching like the wind.
Seeing Shan Weiyi’s sudden counterattack, the prince smiled instead of being angry, and started fighting with Shan Weiyi while talking and laughing.

According to the power gap between the two, the prince can easily subdue Shan Weiyi.
But he was just teasing Shan Weiyi, leading him to fight in close quarters.

When the prince stroked Wen Lu, he was very relaxed, just like petting a cat on his lap.

Shan Weiyi was another matter.

Shan Weiyi tossed and turned, moved swiftly, and was worthy of being an actual combat A-level student of the Imperial Military Academy.
When the crown prince fought against him, his heart beat faster.

Shan Weiyi kicked him out of nowhere, with tremendous force, and the prince beat him back and forth, pushing him back onto the sofa.
Shan Weiyi was not reconciled to being crushed, he turned around and hugged the prince, almost twisting the prince’s neck.

Shan Weiyi’s fierce fist brushed the prince’s vitals, revealing a trace of coolness, but it made the prince’s adrenaline inevitably soar – this was an instinctive reaction during battle.

However, when he and Shan Weiyi clasped their limbs tightly and breaths became entangled, the thirst-quenching pleasure coming from the skin stimulated the adrenal glands again.

The crown prince can fully confirm that stroking Shan Weiyi and Wen Lu were two completely different things.

Compared with Shan Weiyi, Wen Lu was nowhere near itching and was very boring.

At this moment, Shan Weiyi’s body was completely controlled, but he still wriggled unwillingly, his fair neck glowed light red under the friction of the leather ring, like peach blossoms falling on the snow.

The prince subconsciously put his hand on the light red scar and stroked it lightly.
Generally speaking, the person who was caressed should feel the itching unbearable, but the prince who suffered from touch deprivation was more like the one being stroked.
As if being passed by an electric current, his whole body trembled indescribably. 

Shan Weiyi thought that the prince wanted a truce, so he said with a flattering smile, “Prince, my performance as a martial arts training partner is not bad right?”

Seeing Shan Weiyi’s flattering smile, the crown prince turned cold, he swiped his arm and swept Shan Weiyi off the sofa onto the ground.
Shan Weiyi rolled on the carpet neatly, but was not injured.

The prince looked at Shan Weiyi who was jumping up and down, feeling agitated at times and amused at times, the changes made him lose his mind.

Shan Weiyi no longer tried to sit on the sofa, but sat cross-legged on the blanket, or laid on his side, sometimes lying down and playing with his own brain, or sometimes suddenly jumping up and beating the prince—but it wasn’t really a fight, it was just making a fuss.
After arguing for a while, he walked away.

The prince only said: It really looks like a dog.

Although he gave a somewhat disgusting evaluation, the prince has already settled on the sofa for an afternoon.
Although he was processing the information on the optical brain, he would always devote some attention to Shan Weiyi.

The reason he gave for this was that he was afraid that if he didn’t pay attention to Shan Weiyi when he hit him, if he was hurt by something like Shan Weiyi, wouldn’t that be a slap in the face?

Therefore, he had been paying attention to Shan Weiyi…

However, rather than saying that he had been guarding against Shan Weiyi’s attack, it was better to say that he had been waiting for Shan Weiyi’s attack.

Ah, “waiting” may not be accurate, it should be “hoping”.

Although Shan Weiyi was wearing the collar, it was uncertain who was tied to the chain.

In the evening, the prince was about to go out.
After putting on his leather boots, he couldn’t help looking back at Shan Weiyi.
For a moment, he wanted to bring Shan Weiyi with him.

But he quickly dismissed the idea.

Shan Weiyi said pitifully: “The prince is going out? Are you going to leave me here alone?” 

The prince smiled and said: “Are you restless?”

Shan Weiyi said: “How can I be restless? I am just not willing.” 

The crown prince seemed to have been scratched in his heart, his face was still cold: “Don’t be senseless because you want to have fun.”

“That’s true.” Shan Weiyi admitted bluntly, “But besides that, if you always put me here, what about my classes? Also, if my family members want to come find me, how can I explain myself?” Shan Weiyi said with a flattering smile: “Of course, my own face doesn’t matter, I’m just afraid of affecting the prince’s wisdom.” 

The prince didn’t intend to keep Shan Weiyi locked up, and he didn’t have such a habit.
He originally only thought about training a dog, but now he felt that it was unnecessary to train Shan Weiyi to be a stupid dog.
Although he was a bit deceitful now, he was also stupid, and he couldn’t make any troubles, it was somewhat interesting.

The prince untied the collar for Shan Weiyi.

Watching the collar unfastened, Shan Weiyi’s pampered flesh inevitably left marks.

The prince wiped his hand on Shan Weiyi’s neck, which made the marks deeper.

Shan Weiyi frowned and said: “I’m afraid it’s not just scratched here, I have to see the school doctor.”

The prince did not stop him: “Go.”

When Shan Weiyi was kidnapped by the prince, naturally he was plucked of all smart equipment.
Only when he left, did he get his wristband and earphone back.
As soon as the device was turned on, there was a mess of information like snowflakes.
It seems that many things happened on the day he was locked up by the prince.

He clicked on the light screen on his wristband and saw that most of the information came from his family group.
But the most eye-catching thing was the reminder from the bank: his parents have suspended his credit account.

Shan Weiyi finished reading the information sent by his parents, and finally figured out the ins and outs of the matter.

After Shan Weiyi’s leg was broken, his family didn’t like him very much anymore.
His father took the opportunity to bring back his illegitimate son Shan Yunyun.
Shan Yunyun was hard-working, had good academic performance, knew how to do things, knew how to please the elders, and quickly won the love of the elders in the family.
Mother Shan also gritted her silver teeth for this, but because her own son did not act properly, she had to endure it.

But Mother Shan was also unwilling to give up Shan Weiyi, so she still made some manipulations to let Shan Weiyi go back to the college.
It’s just that she didn’t expect that Shan Weiyi really didn’t have a long memory at all.
Not only did he not clamp down his tail to be a man, but he continued to spread his wings on the verge of death.

In the past few days, the news that Shan Weiyi pushed Wen Lu and Ruan Yang into the water has spread throughout the academy.
Of course, this news also spread back to the Shan family.

Father Shan and Mother Shan were anxious and angry, calling and sending messages repeatedly to ask Shan Weiyi.
Shan Weiyi was kidnapped by the prince and had his watch and earphones taken, so he did not reply. 

Father Shan was so angry that he had nowhere to vent his anger, so he could only blame his wife: “You have such a good son! He is still so rebellious! You spoiled him!”

Mother Shan, seeing Shan Yunyun as the young master, felt a million unhappy things in her heart.
After Father Shan said such a thing, she couldn’t bear it anymore, and retorted: “Of course! I am a domineering young lady, and of course I gave birth to a domineering young master.
If you want a gentle and obedient son, you should naturally have a gentle and small-minded woman give birth to one for you.”

Father Shan was even more angry after being rebuked: “In these years, I only recognize Weiyi as my son, and I only loveed him.
Everyone can see it.
If it wasn’t for his absurdity, which offended the royal family, would I give up on him? Who am I doing this for? I am doing it for this family! If he is not restrained, our whole family will suffer!”

Mother Shan actually agreed with Father Shan’s words.
No matter how much she loved Young Master Shan, she had to admit that if Young Master Shan continues to make waves in the academy, the whole family will be ruined.

A while ago, Father Shan had already stopped Shan Weiyi’s allowance to make him think about his mistakes.
It’s just that Mother Shan loves her son and secretly sended him money.
Now, Mother Shan also agreed to the economic sanctions on Shan Weiyi.

Therefore, Shan Weiyi’s account was frozen and he couldn’t spend any money.

There were two paths before Young Master Shan, either go back to the Shan house and admit his mistake, or starve to death.

In addition to the private dressing room and swimming pool provided by the college to the prince, he also had a tea room.
Shen Yu often had tea and chatted with the prince there.

Beside the black walnut coffee table, Shen Yu held a plum-green orchid cup, and said in a manly voice: “It was said that the Shan family cut off Shan Weiyi’s living expenses because of the prince.
Now it’s good, the prince can give him a bite of food.”

The prince didn’t expect Shan Weiyi to become a poor man, he just thought it was interesting.
Thinking that he would not give money to Shan Weiyi and wait for Shan Weiyi to bow his head to beg himself, it was also a good thing.

Shen Yu guessed what the prince was thinking.

Shan Weiyi running out of money, he must not be willing to beg the prince at first.
At this time, Shen Yu could show up at the right time and give Shan Weiyi some financial help.

After all, Shan Weiyi was still a spoiled child with a low IQ.
Being given such help, he was afraid that it would be hard and inevitable for him to become somewhat dependent on Shen Yu.
At the same time, there will be deeper resentment towards the prince.

Soon, Shan Weiyi asked for leave from the academy and returned to the Shan house by spaceship.

When he arrived at the house, he saw a new decoration, from the gate to the hall, covered with Ecuadorian roses, red and fragrant.
There were macaron-colored decorative light balls floating in the hall, filled with a romantic atmosphere.

“You’re finally willing to come back.” Mother Shan was wearing a champagne-colored silk dress inlaid with rubies from Haute Couture, and walked towards him angrily holding up the hem of the skirt.

Shan Weiyi saw Mother Shan, and smiled: “Mom…”

“Mom, mom,” Mother Shan gritted her teeth and scolded, “Can’t you cause your mother less trouble?”

Shan Weiyi touched his nose: “What trouble did I get into? How could I not know? Was there some misunderstanding?” As he spoke, Shan Weiyi looked around again and asked, “Everything was good, why did you make it so colorful and grand? It’s not arranged to welcome me, right?”

Mother Shan cut it off, with a look of resentment on her face: “How could it be? You came back at a really bad time…”

Because he didn’t know that there would be an event today, Shan Weiyi was dressed plainly.
Mother Shan saw that he didn’t look the part, so she took off a platinum honeycomb diamond ring on her hand, put it on Shan Weiyi’s finger, and took off her ruby ​​brooch, pinning it on Shan Weiyi’s clothes.
These two pieces of her jewelry were expensive but unisex.
The style did not differentiate between men and women, it can only be seen that they were very expensive, and they were also suitable for embellishment for Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi held the gemstone and thought: It will take me a year to sell it later.

But Mother Shan seemed to see through his thoughts, and said in a low voice: “I will lend you to wear it, and remember to return it later.
If you lose it, I will beat you with a laser stick for half an hour.”

“Half an hour? Half a minute is enough to take my life.” Shan Weiyi smiled, “It’s not that I’m afraid of pain, but I’m afraid of tiring my mother.”

Mother Shan gave him an annoyed look, then rubbed her swollen temples: “If you use your glib tongue to curry favor and please others, then I can live another hundred years.”

Shan Weiyi smiled, ignored the comment, and went back to the topic just now: “What kind of grand event is today? Why didn’t you notify me in advance?”

“Today was also sudden.
I only received the notice in the morning, and I hurriedly made arrangements at noon.” Mother Shan said softly, “It is said that a distinguished guest is coming.”

“What distinguished guest?” Shan Weiyi asked.

Without a system, it was troublesome, and he was also blind at the moment.

Mother Shan replied: “It is said that Shan Yunyun invited the richest man in the Freedom Federation to our house as a guest.” Speaking of Shan Yunyun, Mother Shan had an expression as if she had eaten expired canned food.

“The richest man in the Freedom Federation…” Shan Weiyi shuddered: This was unfortunate, this was his third target.

The richest man in the Federation was also the domineering president in the series.

The Freedom Federation was very different from the Empire.
The emperor of the empire was bigger than heaven, no matter how big and rich he was, the emperor would kill him if he wanted.
But Freedom Federation protected the sanctity of private property and allowed markets to regulate themselves freely.
The result of this was that the person who owned the most property was the most sacred and inviolable, monopolizing the market freely, and eventually, the capitalists could directly control the government.
The president had also become their puppet.

In the space city of the Free Federation, people even have to pay the annual sunlight fee to the artificial sun manufacturing company, the breathing tax to the air circulation and filtration company, and the gravity fee to the simulated gravity company.
And the boss of these three companies was this domineering CEO—Mr.
Jun Gengjin.

Mother Shan and Shan Weiyi were talking when they heard conversations and footsteps outside the door.

If he was not mistaken, there were three people who came, two of whom Shan Weiyi knew – Father Shan and Shan Yunyun.
Shan Yunyun’s voice was full of laughter, and came loudly: “I’m very curious, Mr.
Jun, if the people in Liberty Space City really have no money and cannot pay the sunlight fee, breathing tax and gravity fee, what should they do? You can’t just cut off their sunlight, air and gravity, right? It’s impossible.” 

A strange male voice sounded: “You imperial people have too much misunderstanding with our freedom federation.
What does Young Master Shan think of our entrepreneurs as? Devils? Of course we would not do such an inhumane thing.”

“Oh? What will you do then?” Shan Yunyun asked pretentiously, pinching his throat.

“People who can’t pay these necessary living expenses are too poor, and they need help.
And we will provide help.” Jun Gengjin replied.

“So will you provide them with subsidies?” Father Shan joined the conversation, “This is too generous.”

“Of course not, just giving subsidies will only raise lazy people.
It is better to teach people how to fish than to give them a fish.
These poor people will be provided jobs.” Jun Gengjin said in a warm voice, “For example, we will provide spaceships for free and send them to work in garbage stars, mine stars, industrial cities and other places to generate income.”

Shan Yunyun said in surprise: “Really, you guys are really too nice, I’m crying to death.”

“That’s right!” Father Shan echoed, “What kind of heart is this!”

Shan Weiyi heard these words and said to his mother: “If I understand correctly, this person surnamed Jun is forcing ordinary people to pay for sunlight, air and gravity, and if they can’t pay the money, he will send them to dig mines, dig coal and pick up garbage?”

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