Dream Ancendancy Online

Bitter Reality and a Stronger Soul

tting closer and closer to understand more of the nature of mana.

”But the question is, how do I strengthen my will and soul? ”

Arthur frowned his eyebrows with these thoughts.

He already have some theories around these concepts, but he wasn sure if it would work or not. If it didn work, he will be in a difficult position.

”For the strengthening of the soul right now the only thing I can think about that can possibly do this job is mana. ”

As Arthur concluded he began the experiment.

First of all Arthur simply tried to guide mana into his soul to see what happens.

He took a small drop of mana and carefully placed it inside his soul. Arthur noticed that His soul couldn absorb the mana the way it was, because of that he went to the second experiment.

With the drop of mana in the center of his soul, Arthur made his soul take a spherical shape and make revolutions while gradually compressing.

In the beginning there was no reaction in the drop of mana, but as the revolutions increased the speed and the soul became more and more compressed, the drop of mana slowly started to release a mana gas that was then absorbed by the soul!

”Success! ”

Arthur was happy that he had success in the experiment, otherwise he wouldve be in a tough position if something went wrong with his soul.

Five minutes later Arthur fully absorbed the drop of mana.

”My soul seemed to be a little stronger… that is not bad. ”

Arthur said to himself as he took another drop of mana to strengthen his soul even more!

At this hate he could absorb 12 drops per hour which wasn neither slow or fast in Arthurs opinion.

Arthur suddenly smiled.

”I never expected to such fantastical things to exist hidden in this world. The more I involve myself into these magical things the more I like it, I wonder how the world will react when they discover that magic exist. ”

Arthur take a deep breath and started to make plans for the future.

”For the next five days I will split my day into two parts. Half of the time I will spend on designing the Dream Ascendancy while the other half will be spend on strengthening my soul. ”

Just as Arthur was about to get another drop of mana, he received a phone call. He looked who it was and as we though it was Sam. He quickly answered the call.

”Hi Sam. ”

”Hi Arthur, what miracle happened for you to miss work today? ”

Direct as ever Arthur thought

”Nothing much, I am just not feeling good. I will take a break of five days. ”

”Oh, thats it? I though you found a girlfriend, what a pity. ”

Arthurs lips twitched when he heard this

”Aren you worried about me? Why did you called again?

”Take easy boy. I am just worried that you will become a loner for your whole life, you seem to be like these crazy scientists whos life is only made of research and research. ”

”Aren you the same? I heard that… ”

”OK ok, you are OK. Goodbye! ”

Sam interrupt Arthur and immediately ended the call.

”tsk tsk, he called for nothing. ”

Arthur said that but his mood was much more relaxed when compared with before. He smiled and then continued to enhance his soul. The next five days was faded to be full of fun.


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