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Bitter Reality and a Stronger Soul

Arthur looked at a pen above his desk. It was 2 meters afar from him and it was definitely impossible to anyone grab it from Arthurs position.

But the next moment Arthur raised his hand towards the pen and made a gesture of grabbing. And when he moved his hand upward… the pen also moved!

”It was easier than I thought. ”

Arthur said with a smile.

Its been 20 minutes since he started trying to do something with his mana and he finnally had success.

Most of the time was spent in finding the correct method to use the mana. And he found out some things about mana.

Mana only can be manipulated through his soul. It is also something very complex with the method to manipulate it lying in the will of someone. But it is not all, there are a kind of muscle memory in the soul. The more he is familiar with something the easier it is to do it again.

For example, in the beginning he could barely manipulate a little of mana a feel centimeters from his body, and it was nothing complex.

But as he was getting familiar with it he quickly expanded in an accelerated rate the distance he could manipulate mana, till he reached the limit of his soul sense, which is a diameter of 3 meters.

And although the mana he can handle at a time still just a little, he can do many things with it, for example… hold and move a pen!

Through his will, he can make the mana hes handling to grab small objects, and then move it according to his will.

To make easier to use his will, Arthur also discovered that when you do physical movements it facilitates a lot the process.

”Now what else can be done with mana? ”

Arthur asked himself and then began to quickly make all kind of tests with mana, and after 30 minutes…

Arthur frowned deeply his eyebrows.

”In short term I won be able to discover anything else about the manipulation of mana. I tried all sorts of things for 30 minutes straight and I didn discovered nothing new. I also am starting to getting tired, it looks like that the use of the soul to manipulate mana have great impact on the mind. ”

Arthur was already happy with what he discovered so far. What he was doing right now are things that only can be seen in fantasy and fiction books. It was already insane, but it was only the beginning!

Now was time to test the ability he have gained from the cosmic brain!

Without thinking too much on how to start, Arthur went straight to the computer in his desk. He then pulled the chair and sat down while staring at the screen, his look full of expectation.

Taking a deep breath, he placed his hand on the screen and used the special ability of the cosmic brain.

Immediately a silver light shone where he touched the screen. One second later the light faded and Arthurs body fell from the chair, he seemed to be unconscious, but the truth was that his soul wasn anymore on his body! As for where it was right now…


Arthur felt his new body and was amazed. How could he not be when he magically possessed his computer!

It was a very odd feeling. He still could use his soul to sense things in a radius of 3 meters, he could also see his body aking a nap, but he lost all his other senses!

Putting everything aside, his initial thoughts about this ability proved to be correct when he did a single action.

He turn on the computer.

Omg, I don believe I became an artificial AI! With this… I can probably realize my impossible dream.

One thing to notice is that to every action he do while possessing the computer he needs mana, so he need to pull mana to his soul, store it and use it. His soul can store much mana, but because the actions he is doing is at a very small scale, the consumption is also very small!

Arthur then began to familiarize with the new world open by his magical ability.

The operation of the computer was very smooth, he could immediately open any program ignoring many processes, he could direct make any change in the system at will, and more.

He was basically a virtual god, and it can truly correspond to that if he posses the strongest computer in the world.

Knowing that Arthur was anxious to posses his personal computer in his laboratory. And so he did. He made his soul travel through the network to the the computer in his lab.

It was a top computer with the specifications way above the market.

Soon Arthur possessed the computer, he initiated a certain application named VR design!

Arthur discovered how to make virtual reality identical to reality long ago. It was a shocking achievement, but the hype when it comes to game didn last too long.

It was due to many things.

The first was that a perfect IA wasn created yet, but it was OK, there was no need of a perfect IA to many games.

The second thing was that the price was too expensive. The cost of a single capsule was very very expensive, costing a million, and there are many other costs besides that was the instalation cost and maintenance cost. But thats OK, the cost can go down over time.

The main problem was the difficulty to develop things in such performance. It was too complex for a human being to create a perfect virtual world, only the amount of data necessary is insane!

Even Arthur found it impossible for himself to create virtual things in large scale. A solution to it would be a perfect AI, but there is no existing methods to create them yet, and they can be extremely dangerous if handled wrongly.

Thats why Arthur practically gave up on realizing one of his greatest dreams if not the greatest!

I will create a perfect virtual world, and it will be even better than this world we live in!.

With thoughts full of a hidden frustration Arthur made a decision that would completely flip the world upside-down!

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