When she went inside, she was sitting at a desk doing paperwork.

Marilyn, the lady-in-waiting, was in charge of the concubines there.

Marilyn put down the documents she was looking at and stood up to greet Priscilla.

She didn’t seem surprised at Priscilla’s sudden visit.

She was relatively calm.

“Lady Priscilla, why have you walked all the way here?”

Priscilla spoke bluntly.

“I need a doctor.”

“Are you sick anywhere?”

“My lady-in-waiting got hurt a lot.”

“I’m sorry, but you’ve come to the wrong place.
I don’t have that authority.”

“I know.
I need your permission.
That’s why I’m here.
I thought it would be best to go through you to see His Majesty.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Tell me you’ll go and ask him to see me.”

The lady-in-waiting smirked.

“Lady Priscilla, I’m sorry, but His Majesty is not someone you can meet.
I can’t do it even if you ask me to.
I’m sorry about the lady-in-waiting, but please go back.
If it’s because you don’t have a lady-in-waiting, I’ll send you another lady-in-waiting.”

“She’s a lady-in-waiting, you manage.
She’s dying right now.
I’m just trying to get a doctor, but you can’t?”

“No, I can’t.
You can’t take away His Majesty’s precious time just because of one lady-in-waiting.
And I also have a lot of work to do.
Go back now.”

“One lady-in-waiting?”

Oh, I’m furious.

Priscilla grabbed Marilyn by the collar with an angry face.

“She may be only a lady-in-waiting to you, but she is more precious than you to me.”

“Let go.
You’re too enraged.”

“Yes, I’m enraged.
I’m so angry that I’m annoyed, and you’ll have to listen to me.
Because I know how to save the daughter you raise outside of the Palace.”

The head lady-in-waiting’s eyes grew bigger.

“…what do you mean by that?”

Priscilla rolled up the corners of her mouth.

“I know a cure to save your daughter.”

“You know the cure?”


“Are you telling me to believe that now? And how did you know I had a sick daughter?”

“Even though I’m locked up, there’s nothing I can’t find out about that much information.”

In fact, this is a secret only the heroine knows.

However, Priscilla, no, Lee Seyeon was the only reader who read the novel diligently.

She knew all the information the heroine had.

Marilyn, the lady-in-waiting, bit her lips.

“…it’s no use knowing.”

Priscilla said with a stiff face.

“I also know jestina is threatening you under the pretext of your daughter.
And that the medicine she gives you is prolonging her life.
If she stops taking her medication right away, your daughter won’t be able to live long.”

Marilyn, the lady-in-waiting, was appalled.

“H, how do you…”

Marilyn, the head lady-in-waiting, moved only under the orders of the Emperor.
But something happened.

Her daughter, raised outside the Palace, ate candy someone gave her and got poisoned.

She looked everywhere to treat her daughter, but each doctor she brought shook their head.

But Jestina came to see her.

Let’s make a deal.

She said she would give drugs that neutralized the poison every 15 days if she did what she told her to do.

And when she became Empress, she said she would save her daughter with an antidote.

So the head lady-in-waiting had no choice but to follow Jestina’s instructions while accepting the Emperor’s orders.

The ladies-in-waiting, assigned fairly according to her wishes, were unfairly given.

And the budget given to the princesses also changed.

That’s how Jestina gained power at the Concubine Palace with one’s own help.

“If you let me meet His Majesty, I’ll tell you the herbs that go into the antidote.”

“How are you going to let me know? How can you find an antidote that even doctors who say they don’t know about?”

‘Of course, the heroine knows.’

The heroine learns that Jestina is threatening the lady-in-waiting.
Helps her both physically and mentally to make an antidote.

Of course, this was only after the heroine appeared.

But now that her situation was more urgent, she had no choice but to use it.

Why can’t you use the heroine’s knowledge to live as Priscilla?

It doesn’t matter how the novel goes or if the development gets weird.

After living as Priscilla, the development of the novel no longer mattered.

Of course, at least from Priscilla’s point of view.

The head lady-in-waiting asked with suspicious eyes.

“Do you truly know that?”

“Why, because you’re afraid it’s a lie? I also value my life as much as your daughter.
I don’t play with my life.”

“All right, I’ll believe you.
Do you just need to see His Majesty?”

“I understand.
Please wait here.”

“No, you don’t have to.
Show me where His Majesty is.”

The princess who entered the Concubine Palace here cannot leave without permission.
Please wait here.”

“There’s no time to wait.
I’m in a hurry.
While you go back and forth, Rien’s wounds will get worse.
I’ll meet him in person.”

“If you leave the Concubine Palace, you may get His Majesty’s wrath.
You will be punished.”

I already know that the Emperor is a tyrant.

However, the Emperor does not kill the princesses trapped in his cage. 

It’s a precious collection.

Yeah, he doesn’t kill if you do wrong.
He will only cause minor wounds.

That’s the setting of the novel.

He was a total nutcase.

Priscilla looked unafraid at Marilyn, the lady-in-waiting.

It was a life that died once anyway.

How can she be afraid of punishment?

“I don’t care.”

“Even though he might kill you?”

“Kill me? That’s not going to happen.”

“You’re sure His Majesty won’t kill you.”

“His Majesty won’t kill me.
I, no, that’s my intuition.”

“Intuition… Alright.
I’ll let you see him in person since you’re saying that.
Follow me.”

Marilyn, the lady-in-waiting, took Priscilla to the Emperor’s Palace as if she could not help it.

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