“The rebellion of a weak princess… It’s an interesting picture.”

Michael smirked and looked at Marilyn.

“What about Jestina?”

“She made a mess of the Palace.”

Perhaps, she broke the furniture in the room before she could control herself. 

It must have hurt her pride because she was attacked by something she regarded as insignificant.

He was sure she was dealing with it by making a mess of the Palace.

No princess in the Concubines Palace could touch Jestina.

She held power out of all the concubines.

For the first time, however, a princess appeared in front of Jestina.

A weak princess who had no power.

“Keep watching from now on.” (Michael)

“Are you going to leave Jestina alone? Leave it alone.” (Marilyn)

“Princess Jestina’s behavior has been going too far these days.
It’s good to give her a warning at this point…” (Marilyn)

“Warning? Why would I do that?” (Michael)

“But…” (Marilyn)

“Leave whatever she does.
The bigger, the better.” (Michael)

Michael didn’t take what Jestina did.

That would make her even crazier.

Then the day will come when he will be angry with her greed.

That will be the day he hunts the kingdom of Bugatti. 

Until that day, Jestina was a vital tool in creating that cause. 

You can go now.”

“…Yes, Your Majesty.”

When Marilyn left, Michael picked up the book that had been covered.

And the lights in the Emperor’s office didn’t go out until dawn.


A series of screams erupted from the cellar inside the Rosemary Palace, which was said to be the most splendid in the Concubine Palace.

“Ah! Please forgive me.”

“I’m sorry, Lady Jestina.”

Two ladies-in-waiting were being beaten, hanging from the ceiling of the basement.

Jestina sat in a chair and watched them.

“My pride was hurt because you guys didn’t handle it right.
You couldn’t control a bitch like that.
Did you want to offend me?”

The frightened ladies-in-waiting begged and begged.

“I have committed a very, very, very bad sin.
Lady Jestina, please forgive me…”

“S, save me.

*TN: onomatopoeia for crying

Jestina smiled coldly as she looked at them.

“If you committed a crime of death, you should die.
Where are you praying for forgiveness?”

Jestina looked at the other ladies in waiting.

They looked frightened, too.

The hanging ladies-in-waiting looked like their future selves.

“Hit more.
Their mouths are still working.
Hit them until they can’t even want to beg.”

“…Yes, Lady Jestina.”

The ladies-in-waiting who heard her order beat the ladies-in-waiting from the ceiling with whips.

The ladies-in-waiting screamed every time the whips flew.

“It’s so noisy.”

With every word she said, the ladies-in-waiting stuffed a bunch of cloth into the mouths of the ladies-in-waiting hanging from the ceiling.

Then the whipping began again.

The whipping, which had been going on for a while, ended when the ladies-in-waiting’s bodies drooped.

Jestina frowned and held her nose.

“The lowly things smell like blood.
I have to get out of here.
Get rid of those things.”

“Yes, Lady Jestina.”

Jestina left the basement and took a bath right away.

However, the lady-in-waiting accidentally poured water into her nose to wash her face.

“What are you doing? Who were you going to kill?”

Jestina grabbed her by the hair and dipped her face in her bathtub.

As the lady-in-waiting struggled, Jestina, who threw her away, shouted.

“Get out.”

Yes, yes.”

*TN: onomatopoeia for coughing

When the lady-in-waiting hurried out, another lady-in-waiting came in and attended to her bath.

Even while taking a bath, Jestina’s forehead did not straighten.

No matter how much she thought about it, Priscilla was so disgusting.

She couldn’t forgive her.
She couldn’t let anyone attack her.

But a humble princess came at her.

She couldn’t forgive her at all.

She wanted to make her kneel and beg in front of her miserably.

Then she would die mercilessly.
It was thrilling just to imagine.

The despair would spread to that delicate face.

‘Yes, that’s it.’

Jestina smiled faintly.

Because she came up with a good idea.

She got up from the bathtub, finished, put on bedclothes, and called the lady-in-waiting.


“Yes, Lady Jestina.”

“If the master makes a mistake, who should they ask for fault?”

Ran, who noticed the meaning of Jestina’s words, replied with a smile.

“Of course, we should first sin the person who served the wrong owner.”

“That’s what you think, too.”

“Of course.”

“Well, you know what to do, don’t you?”

“Just leave it to me.”

As Ran answered with a twinkle in her eyes, Jestina gave her instructions with a satisfied smile.

You can go now.”

“Yes, Lady Jestina.
I’ll never let you down.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

“Fufu, you can look forward to it.”

Ran left the Palace with a confident face.

“I picked a good person.”

Ran was the only one who understood her words and put them into action.

So she had no choice but to entrust it to her.

Jestina hummed, imagining what was going to happen.

Ran went out with a confident face.
So she wouldn’t let her down.


In a quiet room.

Priscilla sat by the window and looked out, enjoying quiet contemplation.

It was the only time she could relax.

But strangely, she didn’t feel good today.

As if something big was going to happen.

The weather was gloomy, too.

The sky, which had been clear until a while ago, was full of dark clouds.


Come to think of it, Rien was nowhere to be seen.

She said she would get snacks but didn’t come even after hours.

“Why isn’t Rien coming again?”

A terrifying thought struck her.

“Don’t tell me something didn’t happen, did it?”

Priscilla shook her head.

“I don’t think so.”

While trying to shake off her worries, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

Priscilla, who rose from her seat, opened the door.

A little girl with a young face stood at the door with tears in her eyes.


The girl suddenly fell flat on the floor.

“Heukheuk, Lady Priscilla, please save my sister.
I beg you.
Please ask His Majesty to call a doctor.
I beg you.”

Priscilla was quite embarrassed when the young girl suddenly fell and begged.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m Lili, the younger sister of the lady-in-waiting Rien, who serves Priscilla.
My sister is in critical condition.
Please help me.”

“Rien is in critical condition?”

The girl nodded in tears.

As expected, the ominousness must have been predestined.

Priscilla raised Lili to her feet.

“Where is Rien now?”

“S, She’s at the dorm.

“She’s at the dorm? What about the doctor?”

“I can’t call them.
So I came to ask Priscilla for a favor.

Lili took Priscilla’s hand and begged.

Can you ask His Majesty to call a doctor?”

“Do I need his permission to call a doctor?”

Especially, commoner ladies-in-waiting like us mustn’t go near the Imperial Palace Medical Center.
We must go outside the Palace for treatment, but my sister can’t even move now.”

Priscilla’s expression darkened.

“Let’s go to Rien first.
Show me there.”


Lili wiped away tears with her sleeve and took Priscilla to Rien’s lodgings.

“This is her room.”

Priscilla opened the door and entered.

It was a simple room with a bed and a table.

Priscilla approached Rien’s bed.


Rien’s face was a wreck.

Her face was swollen, and her arms and legs were full of bruises and cuts.

“Lady Priscilla?”

As Rien tried to get up, Priscilla laid her back.

“Don’t move.
Just lie down.”

“Ugh, but…”

“Lie down.”

Rien had no choice but to nod.

Priscilla asked with a calm face.

“What happened?”


When Rien could not answer quickly, Lili answered with tears in her eyes.

“Heukheuk, my sister, was taken to Rosemary Palace and beaten.”


“They said that the lady-in-waiting who served the wrong master was also guilty… Sister… uheuk.”

In the end, Lili burst into tears sadly.

She seemed to be filled with emotion.

Priscilla let Lili cry.

After a while, Lili managed to calm down and stopped crying.
Priscilla then said.

“First of all, I’ll call a doctor.
Let’s deal with that first.”

Lily looked at Priscilla with a happy face.

“Thank you, Priscilla.”

As Lili bent down, Priscilla patted her shoulder.

“Don’t worry too much.
I will get a doctor.
So you take good care of your sister.”


Priscilla took Rien’s hand.

“I’ll be back.”

“Lady Priscilla…” 

“Wait a little longer.”

Priscilla left the sisters alone and left the dorm.

Then she went straight to the Palace head lady-in-waiting.

The head lady-in-waiting in the Concubine Palace managed and supervised all the ladies-in-waiting in the Concubine Palace.

She assigned all the ladies-in-waiting of the princesses to the Concubine Palace.

Because she only moved at the Emperor’s command, no matter how the princesses moved, she couldn’t help them.

That’s why Priscilla visited her.

Because she knew the content of the novel well.

The Emperor must know what was happening at the Concubine Palace.

Since the head lady-in-waiting reported it.

Priscilla opened the head lady-in-waiting’s door and entered.

It wasn’t difficult for her to find where the head lady-in-waiting’s room was.

She knew the approximate location because it appeared several times in the novel.

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