“I didn’t expect you to be caught in just one day.

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Priscilla blushed with embarrassment.

She was glad that he didn’t know about the slave auction situation.

“I didn’t expect that either.
And stop laughing.”

“What can I do about laughing, if you had asked me to go with you, you wouldn’t have been taken away by a slave trader.”

Priscilla frowned.

“Why am I so unlucky?”

Eren handed Heidi over to Priscilla.

“Why are you out of luck?”

When Priscilla looked at him with a questioning look, Eren grinned.

“You’re lucky enough to meet me, aren’t you?”

Unsurprisingly, Priscilla laughed.

“Oh, are you laughing now?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about.”

Then Heidi jumped into Priscilla’s arms.


“Heidi said she was worried.”

Heidi rubbed her face and acted cute.

So cute.
As expected, there is only you.”

Priscilla kissed Heidi on the face.

Eren sighed as he watched them.

“I’ve never envied Heidi before.”

“Are you envious?”

“Yes, I’m envious.”

“What are you envious of?”

“There’s something to be envious of.”

“What is it that you’re making people curious about?”

When Priscilla asked with a wink of one eye, Eren suddenly turned his head after his ears turned red.

“Uh, Eren.
Your ears are red.”

Eren hurriedly covered his ears with his hands.

“No, ma’am.”

“What do you mean, it’s definitely red.”

“Kerham, I’ve got to get going.
Heidi, come here.”

Eren quickly snatched Heidi from Priscilla’s arms and disappeared over the stone wall.

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Priscilla looked at Eren with an absurd expression.

“What? What’s wrong with him?”

Eren was very strange today.

“But why did you take Heidi?”

She was supposed to take care of Heidi in front of the stone wall, but Eren took her away.

“I’ll bring her back.”

Priscilla turned around, shrugging her shoulders.


A week has passed since she was put on probation in the palace.

In the meantime, Priscilla faithfully served her probationary period.

Rien and Lili scolded Priscilla, saying she was crazy when they heard why she ran away from home.

But what could she do, she really didn’t want to be Queen.

It’s terrible to have to live in a palace for the rest of her life.

“Rien, shouldn’t we go out and have lunch in the garden? The weather is really nice.”

“Sorry, you can’t.
You haven’t warmed up yet.”

“You’re so cold-hearted.”

“I can’t help it even if I’m cold-hearted.”


She turned her head in annoyance and heard a low-pitched voice.

“Do you want to go out and eat?”

When she turned her head, Michael stood with a sharp smile.

When Rien and Lili hurriedly bowed, Priscilla quickly bowed.

“You’re here.”

“Sit down.”

When Michael sat on the sofa, Priscilla reluctantly sat on the opposite sofa.

Priscilla was about to ask Rien to serve tea, but Michael shook his head and sent Rien and Lili out.

“Do you have anything to say to me?”

“I’ve been pondering your words.”


“The reason why you don’t want to be Queen.”

So, did you come to a conclusion?”

Michael smiled and nodded.

“I formed one.”

Priscilla waited for his words.

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“The bottom line is that you have to be the Queen.”

Priscilla’s face crumpled.

“Why, let the other princesses do it.”

“They are not like you.”

“What’s the difference?”

“You owe me a debt.”


“That’s your ransom and the mistake you made against me.”

Ah, shit.

I’m irritated.

Priscilla frowned.

“Relax your expression, because I don’t intend to force someone I don’t like to do it.”

“Why the hell do you need a Queen?”

“Because I need someone to stop the nobles asking to establish an Empress and control the palace after me.”

“Why is that me?”

Michael raised his index finger and pointed at her.

“There is no woman as bold as you.”

What kind of dog shit was that?

“That’s the reason, if that’s the case, there must be a bold woman among the other princesses.
Look for her carefully.”

“Do I look like such an idle person? What a waste of time to waste in such a place.”

For a moment Priscilla’s eyes shone.

There is a suitable woman.

There’s the heroine Siena.

“There is a woman more suitable than me.”

“Who is that?”

“Siena is the woman Your Majesty saved from the last slave merchant case.”

“She’s fit?”

“Yes, so just meet her once.
She’s a really nice woman.
I’m sure Your Majesty will like her too.”

Originally, the two were in love.
Because it was like that in the original.

Priscilla looked at Michael seriously.

“You’ll meet her, and if you don’t like her, I’ll do it.
I think this is a good suggestion.
What do you think?”

When he meets her, he will definitely fall in love.

It may have been because there was no situation during the slave merchant case.

Priscilla decided to trust Siena once again.

‘Heroine, please come.
That’s how I find my freedom.’

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Michael frowned at her as she introduced him to the other woman.

Michael, who was pondering, answered as if he had made a big decision.

“All right, let’s meet.”

Rather than being curious about that woman, he became curious about why Priscilla was like that.

Priscilla opened her mouth with a shout of joy.

“Siena will be at Baron Yufrey’s mansion now.
She said he was a distant relative.”

Of course, she read it in a book.

She remembered that it was about the heroine.

Siena’s relative was Baron Yufrey, and later, after Siena became Empress, he was also a person who holds an important position.

‘Didn’t he become Count?’

Thanks to Siena, who became the Empress, Baron Yufrey was elevated to the rank of Count, and even given a vast estate.

In other words, it was in the distant future.

“It’s Baron Yufrey, I see.”

“You must meet him.”

Priscilla put her hands together and looked at Michael with sparkling eyes.

“Don’t ever talk about me when you meet her.”


“I deceived her.
She thinks I’m a maid.”

“Weren’t we close friends?”

“I’m not close to her, we met in prison and built up a little affection?”

“It’s only that much, yet you’re introducing me?”

“What do you mean that much? That’s enough.
Even if I’m like this, one eye for looking at people is accurate.”

As Michael looked at her with suspicious eyes, Priscilla said proudly.

“She’s a really nice woman.
I don’t think there’s a woman better suited to be Empress than her.”


“It’s true, it is.
Are you going to meet her?”

“I will meet her only once.”

“That’s enough.”

“If it doesn’t happen that one time, you’ll have to follow my will.”

Priscilla sighed.

You just have to promise.”

When you meet her, you will probably fall in love.

Because she’s your soulmate.

Priscilla was so sure.

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“I’ll go now.”

“Yes, go quickly.
You’re busy.
I’m in a bad mood.”

Michael rose from his seat with a disapproving face.

Then he slammed the door and went out.

“What a temper, tsk tsk.”

Priscilla, who was still tongue-tied, ordered Rien to serve tea and enjoyed a rest again.


Michael, who left Lilith Palace, returned to the Emperor’s Palace with a grimace.

“I don’t like it.”

Oh my goodness, he was getting annoyed.

It was unfamiliar because he had never felt this way before.

Women always clung to him.

He saw a lot of fights over himself to get something.

They competed among themselves.
They destroyed themselves, and there was nothing better for Michael.

The more they self-destruct, the more the empire will benefit.

Sometimes they got part of some territory, and other times they got huge amounts of money and precious treasures.

But Priscilla was different.

There was nothing to get from her.

She herself was a precious treasure.

It would be hard to find a more beautiful woman than Priscilla even if you searched all the empires.

Such was the stupidity of the Duchy of Oren who drove her out of jealousy and framed her to drive her away.

Her half-brother Labella, who hated her dearly.
He dragged Priscilla and offered her to him.

The Duke and his wife, who adored Labella, also turned a blind eye to Priscilla.

So Priscilla came into his hands.
And he monitored her.

How would she survive in the palace where envy and intrigue ran rampant?

Every time the slender flower stem was hit and swayed, she held on and endured.

Michael watched it as a spectator.
And he thought he had finally seen the end.

Because she finally took her own life.
It felt a little bland, but to his surprise, she came back to life.

Having revived, she became so confident and fearless that he could not find her former self.

It was amazing.

He thought it was like that saying that when you die and live, you will have courage that you didn’t have.

Anyway, it was fun.

The things she did against Jestina after she came back to life were quite interesting.

He thought she could keep Jestina in check, so he gave up Lilith Palace.

Of course, even he made his own mistakes that he didn’t even want to think about.

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