It was unacceptable to take a step back, but they had to get her out of the Emperor’s Palace.

The thought of her being in the same space as the Emperor aroused anger.

Ran went out.
Jestina couldn’t contain her anger and threw the teacup before her.


The cup fell to pieces on the floor.

Jestina looked at it with indifferent eyes.

“I’m going to break it.”

She would break down every obstacle that got in her way.

“No one can stop me.”

Priscilla’s honored place shall be her own.

She had no intention of conceding to anyone.

Jestina clenched her fists, motioned the ladies-in-waiting to clear the remnants of the teacup, then closed her eyes and thought.

She backed up now, but she was not going just to watch.

She would stomp on Priscilla at all costs.


As she left Rosemary Palace, passing ladies-in-waiting looked at Ran and whispered.

“Jestina must have vented her anger on Ran again.”

“I know.
I’m so glad I’m not the maid in charge of Jestina.”

Ran glared at them.

Then the maids flinched and hurried away.

Ran wiped the blood off her forehead with a handkerchief.

Ran didn’t become Jestina’s exclusive maid because she liked it.

She wouldn’t have followed Jestina here if it weren’t for the money.

Ran was from a noble family that fell from the Bugatti Kingdom.

Her family was in debt and needed money.

The Bugatti Kingdom issued an official letter requesting a maid to follow Jestina to the Frances Empire.

Ran decided to become a maid because there was a lot of compensation.

Her debt would be settled, and her family will be able to live.

Fortunately, she was chosen as a maid and became a dedicated maid.

Monthly salaries, including compensation, had also increased.

Thanks to that, the family was free of debt and making a living on the money she sent.

If she quit being a maid here, her family’s living funds would be cut off immediately.

Then her younger siblings would starve, and her incompetent parents may borrow money to pay for the debt.

Therefore, Ran had no choice but to endure with all her might.

Ran delivered Jestina’s orders to the Princesses at Lilith Palace.

Then the Princesses turned around with half-dissatisfied faces and half-resigned faces.

“Ran, does it hurt a lot?”

Princess Leona approached Ran with a worried face.

Ran was well aware that Princess Leona was worried about her with pretense.

However, she did not express it.

“No, Lady Leona.”


Princess Leona patted Ran on the shoulder.

“Jestina must be very angry.
So ensure you accept her anger well, as that is also your duty.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Tell Jestina I’ll visit her soon.”

“Yes, Lady Leona.”

When Princess Leona turned her back and disappeared, Ran frowned.

“Pretentious bitch.”

Ran knew.

How pretentious and snobby Leona was.

She was a woman who stuck to Jestina’s side like a leech sucking sweet water.

So she hated her.

“If next year is worthless, you will be discarded without remorse.
So enjoy the moment.”

Ran, who smiled sarcastically at Princess Leona, held her chest.
She visited Marilyn.

Marilyn was organizing the papers.

At Ran’s visit, Marilyn stopped what she was doing and looked at her.

“What’s going on?”

“Jestina asked me to bring a list of maids to be assigned to Lilith Palace.

“List of ladies-in-waiting?”


“Why do you need it?”

“I don’t know.”

She must be up to something else.

“Okay, I’ll give it to you.
But what’s wrong with the wound on the forehead?”


Marilyn sighed as she saw Ran hiding her wound with a handkerchief.

It seems Jestina let out her anger at Ran again.

“Come and sit down.”


“Sit down.”

Ran sat where Marilyn pointed, and Marilyn took a box from the drawer, took out the medicine, and applied it to Ran’s forehead.

“I’m fine… Ah!” 

She tried to say it was okay.
But when the medicine touched the wound, she stopped sounding bitter.

“If you leave it like this, you’ll get a scar.”

With that, Marilyn placed the vial in Ran’s hand.

“Put it on in your spare time.”

“Thank you..”

Marilyn searched the papers and handed them to Ran.

“Take it.
It’s a list of ladies-in-waiting.”

“Yes, of course.”

Upon receiving the list, Ran headed straight to Rosemary Palace.

When she arrived at the palace, she opened the door and entered.
Jestina was sitting on the sofa with an annoyed face, even at a glance.

“Why are you coming now? I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Ran bowed her head.

“I’m sorry.”

“Bring me the list.”

Ran presented the list.

“Here you are.”

Jestina, who saw the list, looked at the lady in charge of the bath on the list and said.

“I don’t like the ladies in charge of bathing.
You’d better change it.”

It meant changing the maid in charge of bathing into one of her people.

Something would happen if Jestina tampered with the ladies-in-waiting list.

The target seemed to be Priscilla.

“Ran, pen.”


As Ran held out her pen, Jestina drew a line on the names of the maids in charge of bathing from the ladies-in-waiting list and wrote other names in small letters.

“Take this to Marilyn.”

“Yes, Lady Jestina.”

“You know, don’t you? What should we do with the list prepared to be presented to His Majesty?”

“I will deliver it exactly as you say.”

At Ran’s definite answer, Jestina smiled.


Priscilla diligently packed her things.

When all the princesses camped before the Lilith Palace stepped down, she no longer had to be in the Emperor’s Palace.

So Priscilla packed up the necessary luggage at her existing palace and headed to her new home with Lili.

Rien was still undergoing treatment and could not be with her but would stay at Lilith Palace when she recovered.

“It’s like a dream.”


“I’m going to the Lilith Palace with Lady Priscilla.”

“Do you like it that much?”

“Yes, I like it.”

Priscilla patted Lili’s head because she was cute.

“Let’s go before the princesses appear again.

“Yes, Lady Priscilla.”

Arriving at Lilith Palace with Lili, Marilyn, the lady-in-waiting, greeted her.

Lady Priscilla.”

“You worked hard.”

“Not at all.”

Lilith Palace was cleaned up under Marilyn’s leadership.

“I’ve done my best to ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable, so let me know whenever you need anything.”

“Thank you, but how’s your daughter?”

Marilyn grinned.

“I made an antidote with the medicine you told me.
Thank you.”

“That’s a relief.”

Marilyn led Priscilla to the bedroom with a grin.

“The bedroom is in the middle of the second floor.
I’m not sure if you’ll like it.”

Lilith Palace had more than ten bedrooms.

“You must have done well on your own.”

The atmosphere in the bedroom was neat.

Although the overall tone was pink to match Priscilla’s hair color, the decoration wasn’t excessive, so it didn’t come as burdensome.

“I like the warm atmosphere in the bedroom.
Thank you for your hard work.

Of course, it’s something I have to do.
More than that, is your luggage the bag you brought?”

“There’s nothing special, right?”

Priscilla was so simple that she didn’t have much to bring.

“I’ll organize my luggage alone so Marilyn can go to work.”

“I have one thing to tell you.”

“What is it?”

Marilyn approached Priscilla and whispered in a small voice.

“Jestina has taken the list of ladies-in-waiting.”

“She took the ladies-in-waiting list?”

“Yes, so be careful.
That’s it.”

Marilyn, who left the remark, turned her back.

When Marilyn went out, Priscilla was lost in thought.

‘What will you do, seeing the list of maids?’

She felt terrible about it.

Priscilla jumped into bed.

The spacious bed was soft and felt suitable for three people.

“Oh, nice!”

She liked the blanket because it was cozy.

Priscilla rolled around on the bed.

And then she dragged Lili.

“Lie down, too.
It’s great.”

“But, I…”

“It’s all right.”

Priscilla lay side by side in bed with Lili.

“How is it, good?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Enjoy it as much as you want.
When will you ever enjoy this luxury again?”

“Do you mind if I lie down?”

“It’s all right.”

Priscilla rested in bed for a while with LiLilike that.


During Priscilla’s break, Alfred, the chamberlain, had a conversation in the office of Emperor Michael.

“She went to Lilith Palace.”

“She’s finally gone.”

“She is a very bright woman.
Isn’t she, Your Majesty?”

“What’s that?”

Alfred, the chamberlain, smiled insidiously.

“Did you think I didn’t know?”


“You went to see her secretly.”

Michael frowned at the words.

“I have never done that.
Why would I see such a thing? Don’t talk nonsense, but do your job well.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“You can go now.”

Michael, who dismissed Alfred, the chamberlain, put down his pen and frowned.

“Why is such a woman so ridiculous?”

It was impossible to be interested in a woman who had done such a terrible thing to him.

This was all because Alfred, the chamberlain, said useless things.

“I’m in a bad mood now.
I’m just going to get some air.”

Michael, who got up from his seat, left the office.

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