in his life. Looking at that expansive ancient Tang Sect compound halfway up the mountain, feeling the atmosphere of the Tang Sect, Tang Sans eyes moistened. For as long as he could remember, it could even be said he was born for the sake of the Tang Sect, but right now, he also had to leave the Tang Sect for the sake of his lifelong pursuit.

The elders were all speechless. Right now they still couldn clear their heads from the appearance of the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus. Two hundred years, after a full two hundred years the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus had unexpectedly appeared in the hands of an outer sect disciple, what did this signify? In this land, this exceptional hidden weapon that not even Tang Sects own people could resist absolutely represented the approach of another peak of the Tang Sect.

Looking at the elders bowing their heads without speaking, Tang San smiled brightly,

”Everything of Tang Sans was given by Tang Sect, whether its life or abilities, all were bestowed by Tang Sect. No matter when, Tang San in life is a person of the Tang Sect, in death a ghost of the Tang Sect. I know that the elders will not permit the corpse of an outer sect disciple that violated the sect rules to remain at Tang Sect; therefore, let me turn to bone naturally in this Ba-Shu. ”

Tang San was so serene that even his somewhat excited voice finally roused the elders, when the elders raised their heads to look at him, they saw milky white streams of qi spread out from him in a flash.

”Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record, you even learned the sects highest inner strength technique in the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record? ”

Tang Da cried out involuntarily.

With an explosion, as the group of elders retreated to avoid anything unexpected, they looked at Tang San who was entirely naked.

Tang San smiled brilliantly,

”I arrived in the nude, and I shall depart in the nude. Buddha Fury Tang Lotus is Tang Sans last gift for the sect. Besides myself, I carry nothing of the Tang Sect, the secret books are all under the first brick in my room. Tang San will now return everything to Tang Sect. ”

”Hahahahahahaha…. ”

Tang San laughed wildly up towards the sky, suddenly taking a step backward. At this very moment, the Tang Sect elders suddenly discovered, unexpectedly nobody still had time to block him. His body, enveloped in white light, threw itself forward off Hells Peak, soaring out into empty air, stepping into the clouds and mist around the mountain.

”Stop! ”

Tang Da finally reacted, but right now it was already too late to say anything.

The clouds and mist were very dense, bringing waves of humidity, taking away the sunshine, and also taking away that Tang San whose entire life was dedicated to Tang Sect and hidden weapons.

Time seemed to stand still. Tang Das hands trembled as he held up those three Tang Lotuses, his eyes moist,

”Tang San, ah, Tang San, why did you suffer? The astonishment you brought us was really too much, too much… ”

”Eldest brother. ”

A second elder stepped forward,

”Why should you mourn a renegade like this? ”

Tang Das gaze became cold in a flash, cold air covering his body, glaring at the second elder,

”Who do you say is a renegade? Have you ever seen a renegade who could obtain the sects rarest books and afterwards didn flee? Have you seen a renegade who would die for his ideals? Have you seen someone harboring a hidden weapon powerful enough to destroy any Tang Sect expert instead present it to the sect as his last act? Tang San was no renegade, he was our most outstanding genius in two hundred years. ”

The second elder stared stupidly,

”But, he stole lore from the sect… ”

Tang Da suddenly interrupted,

”If you were also able to produce the Buddha Fury Tang Lotus, I wouldn care no matter what you stole. You were wrong, I was wrong, in this past moment, we actually looked on helplessly as the chance for Tang Sects glory to rise again slipped away before our eyes. ”

The elders gathered round, their expressions all complex, some perplexed, some sad, some sighing, still more were regretful.

”No need to say anything. Pass on my orders, dispatch all the disciples, search for Tang San below Hells Peak. If alive, I will see the person. If dead, I will see the corpse. At the same time, from this moment on, Tang San is promoted to inner sect disciple. If he still lives, he will be the only successor to my position as head. ”

”Yes, head. ”

The elders bowed simultaneously.

If Tang San was still here on the cliff top right now, still able to hear Tang Das words, even if he died, he would certainly still be very gratified; his great effort in the end hadn been a waste. But, all this came too late.

Hells Peak, where a thrown rock would take nineteen seconds to hit the bottom, an existence seemingly surpassing the eighteen levels of hell, how could it permit a living person to return from the clouds and mist? Tang San was dead, forever departing this world, but his other destiny had only just begun.

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