At the soft matress a girl was naked and tears her in her eyes continuous dripping in her hand there was more then thoushand gold soul coin ,there was also hammer shaped silver token in which word Tang in front and 3 crave on back on it.

After realised the mean of the word and money she put her cloth and run away from Hut that was placed near outside the village called golden phonix village. After she left near a tree a shadow of person come out with silt guilt on the face but he didn want to involve in it ,after some time thinking something he left without moving back and fly in the sky,and never comeback.The girl running was village head only daughter ,her name was Chen Xiao late night she was Coming From Outside the village due to some more work in market she come late and in the forest the only way to cross the market to come to her village a bandit come to her and try to abused her.

She shouted and a person with ruddy body and nice face come to her to save after person come just with his soul pressure other bandit was kill on the spot. After killing them he saw her ,she know that this person is very powerful soul master so she timid a little but just she about to speak Thankyou and turned around to leave she botce that the person continue looked at her not only that were eye were drunk and near his eye there was black mark which show that he didn sleep for more then month, at the instant the person come to her grab her flew into distance ,there was Hut but not even single living person was there then she put her in the Hut and closed the door,she shouted in panicked what are you doing but he stop her by using soul power she was not powerful soul master like him ,she was only at 8 rank soul scholar at the age of 19 which is very excellent in her village because hope to touch the barrier of soul master realm with her innate talent 1,But now she helpless and the man slowly open her dress put his hand on him and start making love.

Next afternoon When she wikeup the person was leave just by living token and money not even a single word and just by seeing token she tremble and lost her voice clean her dress and run away because she knew the person never gonna thake a responsible because that person come form one of the most powerful in the mainland Clear sky hammer sect .

After she reach her home she tell her father about incident and her father make a calm decision to not tell to other about it ,never mension this incident ,But like heaven joking there Family after some 2-3 months girl find herself pregent and she diceded to dilver her child after hardenship of next 7 months of her pregnancy she dilver a child which she name Chen Yang ,Chen mean sunrise or sunset,and Yang means Half universe Fire character because her martial soul was golden chicken who mutated from golden phonix that they believe,but upto now not even a single person able to awaken it.

After delivered The child Chen Give her last word to her father and died by kissing her last time seeing her child due to excess blood loss.And her last word are

”Don let them know he was there child or they kill him if he awaken there martial soul then please take him away before they can reach him or they kill him ”.and she died her father bury her and left the village by giving the position of village chief to other with child in her hand towards most powerful place in whole continent spirit hall ,spirit city where normal person leave must be spirit grand master and he was only able to cultivate upto rank 23 ,at age of 58. After travelling for more then three months he reach the village by carry a child and go the blacksmith shop where his only friend that he know in the city work and start to job there by carrying all the responsibility of the child on his on shoulder.

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