“Yuri Dell.
Hurry up and sit down.
You have to be respectful to your sister, by all means.
How unsightly.”

It was not long before Elijah’s sighing could be heard.
Honestly, rather than Yuri, the wizard who had been watching us for a long time and only now had said something lousy was more hateful.


There was an indescribable heavy pressure in Hendrik’s voice that rumbled low like a wave above the water’s surface.
Why, why is he calling me? I was stunned by Hendrik’s sudden call.


I had to do my best not to look surprised.
Frankly, seeing him in person like this, he was really scary.
His distinctive harsh atmosphere completely butchers his handsome face.

Hendrik, with bright blonde hair and red eyes, stared between me and Yuri alternately once, and then spat out an unfriendly and refined remark.

“I think I need to cover my sister’s mouth.
That’s not exemplary.
You should be ashamed.”

“Are you saying it is alright for a younger brother to speak rudely to his older sister?”

But something scary is something scary.
That’s it.
My feelings here could not have resulted from Celina.
Get over your brothers and sisters’ pestering, Celina, as you always do.
Be strong, Celina.

“What’s so contradictory? I don’t understand.”

I added one more word that provoked him.
This is a fixed scene anyway, so I’m going to put up a fight.


Hendrik put down the cup he was holding roughly and started breathing faster.
I looked through the table without even glancing at him.

Elijah was of course seated in the upper seat.
Then, at some point, Mikael had taken a seat diagonally next to him.
Next to him was Hendrik.
And opposite him was me.

“Brother! You can’t.
Don’t be angry.”

Sitting on my left, Evan, the second child, read the unusual atmosphere and hurriedly stopped Hendrik.
And then looked at me as if to persuade me.

You should also refrain from provoking people like that.
You’re not a kid, why do you keep doing that?”

“I don’t do that do you, do I? Who was the one who was trying to pick a fight first?”

As I replied unenthusiastically, a woman across the table snorted.

“Well, did you know? This is why I don’t like talking to you, Sister.”

“Elizabeth Dell.
Haven’t you ever thought that I was provoking you on purpose because I didn’t want to talk to you? Stupidly, you only look at things from one perspective and miss the entire picture.”

On Hendrik’s left, the person who was arguing with me was Elizabeth, the fourth child.
Next to her was Yuri, who was glaring at me intensely.
Henrietta, the youngest, was sitting to my right.

I took an unexpected look at the real appearance of my family members.

Celina was the third oldest of six siblings.
And as a child born through an official genetic combination, she inherited some of her father’s characteristics.

But that wasn’t the case with the rest of the children, who had come to this world through magic.
If it weren’t for the name ‘Dell’, you wouldn’t know that they were Elijah’s children.
Even considering that their hair and eye color was like that, they didn’t bear the slightest resemblance to him.

Their feelings towards Celina were diverse and complex.
Evan, the second child, and Henrietta, the youngest, were very favorable to her, but the others were mostly accompanied by negative feelings.

As expected, Elijah Dell’s family education was a complete mess.

“Ah, this is really annoying.”

Elizabeth, who looked like the school’s prettiest queen bee who bullies the typical female protagonist in teen movies, glared at me with her pretty face.

“And I was going to stay a little quiet because of Mikael.
Do you have to be like that from early morning? Please, look at your own situation.
If I were you, I would have lived like I didn’t exist in this world.”

“My situation, my situation…”

I chewed over Elizabeth’s words.
I was getting irritated.

“What’s my situation?”

“What is your intention in asking, when you know everything?”

“You don’t like that I act so confident when I don’t know how to do anything, do you?”

Celina Dell, the daughter of an archmage who doesn’t have any magic abilities.

“That’s right.
You know it very well.”

She twisted her lips and laughed at me.

“Then, you should put a curse on me.”

“A curse? What are you talking about?”

“Tell me to foam at my mouth and die.
You’re not like the inferior me, so you have that much capability, right?”

I hardened my face and snapped coldly.

“Are you crazy?!”

Elizabeth shouted, her eyes glaring with hatred.

“Dear heavens! Don’t say scary things like that!”

Evan, who was sitting next to me, was greatly frightened.
At the same time, a sharp burst was heard.
I hurriedly turned my head.

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