sion he lifted her out of her depression. He was the reason behind her rare smiles after the death of her parents. She would never forget the day. He took her on a trip to the national museum. Then he broke the news of his Scholarship to London . He promised to be back as soon as possible. Tears welled up in her eyes .She had cried all night long. The next day she decided to spend all her free time with him from that day onwards. They visited many places as though they were spending their last days together. She spent so much effort creating happy memories that she could hold onto: They studied together , Ate together , Went on outings together. They were literally almost together all the time. A week to Tayos travelling. She received a call from Tayo inviting her over to his house when she got there he took her to his room sat her on his bed and went to a wardrobe. At this point Victoria was scared and began screaming. Tayo was shocked at why she was making such dreadful noise all out of the blue after he closed her mouth with his palm. He asked what was wrong she then pointed at his hand holding her from speaking. When he reluctantly released her mouth ” Why did you choose to betray me ? ” where the words that Tayo was graced with. ”How did I betray you? Come on, what kind of prank is this. ” But seeing the tears in her eyes made him more confused ”when she came into the house she was just fine so when the heck did I betray her ” Tayo thought to himself. After much coaxing , pleading and persuasion Victoria explained how Tayo had betrayed her. Tayo started laughing he refused to believe his ears he didn get mad at her because he knew she had not fully overcome her trauma. He then brought out a package , gave it to her and asked her to open the package. At first she was skeptical seeing her skepticism he frowned. ”Do you really love me as you claim? ” ”I mean you say I am your new family when you don even trust me. ” Then she opened the package what she saw left her speechless A brand new ”Samsung Corby ”. She let her tears flow freely she had never owned a phone and now she owned one of the latest phones. Seeing her cry Tayo began to panic since he didn know why she was crying. ”Cutie pie why are you crying hmmm ? Don you like my gift …. ” before he could complete his sentence she hugged him tightly and said ”Do you know you are the best substitute to my big brother and I am so sorry for crying, I was just a bit overwhelmed by your gift ” . ”Ouch anyways Cutie pie has anyone ever told you you should stop crying it doesn suit your pretty face a pretty smile is much more suitable ”. He then informed her that he had saved his contact on the phone already and that he will make sure to call her and send her airtime everyday.

A week later Tayo, his family and Victoria were at the Muritala Muhammed airport terminal 2

He noticed that Victoria had not looked at his face or even talked to him. Since they were still waiting the announcement of the departure of his plane he decided to take a tour with her ( knowing that she always felt Uncomfortable around his parents. ). After they had left ”Cutie pie what is wrong you haven looked at me or even talked to me hmmm did I do anything wrong ? Come on you aren answering my questions . Then out of the blue she hugged him tightly and began whimpering and crying at the same time. Tayo immediately understood her actions. Him leaving her must have brought back the memory of her late family since she saw him as her only family after the death of her late family.

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