[13th November 2133 – Ribishi Seas, Realm: Near-Way. Around the 5th hour…]

The Stranger played to Sergile demand, delighted that they
e coming to terms.

So, he strode forward slowly, but paused when his Opposer appeared to look repulsed by something.

What? Surely Sergile isn afraid of him, and a man such as he would be brave against an adversary like him.

That was until he examined himself, and noticed the flow of his habit. He was grinning, and very profoundly at that.

It caused him to think, The rumor that he is filled with despair really was true?, so the initiator turned his face to stone.

Thus, Sergile allowed him to inch ever closer, but The Stranger himself was likewise being careful because he knew who he was dealing with.

His Opposer could have multiple hidden factors, and any signature to cast against him if the wrong move was made.

”Forward your ear! ” *That* The Stranger demanded for his care.

Sergile did as commanded and turn his right ear whilst facing both the handle bar and the ocean. He would rather turn to this direction than the other in case things goes south.

Nothing seemed of suspicion, so The Initiator lent his lip as a whisper to the ear of his Opposer, stating all that he needs to know.

There was a pregnant pause that Sergile had to stop himself from seeming unnerved before this entity.

”You will fail! ” Sergile responded to the hidden message sternly and with absolute surety.

The Stranger, however, signaled a negative, ”I know this is not unfamiliar with the likes of you, but this time there are several more of us involved, even more than what you have! ” And he said so with all confidence.

Angered, Sergile made known to him, and by the shift of his tone, it echoed ”And how much more will the chances decrease if I slay you!? ” And immediately he surged with power.

His eyes glowed with energy and sparks coursed through it that several tendrils of golden lightning exude from his person.

Before The Stranger can give any response, however, Sergile admitted a U-turn around The Initiator with less than a second, sending a vice grip to the back of his neck.

The tendrils merged with his hand as he does so, but the stranger simply smiled, and vanished into smoke before he can reach him.

Frankly, he wouldve been surprised if he hadn known the possibilities, but was also disappointed in himself that his statement of death may have contributed to that escape.

He looked at the gray seas, then looked at the roof of the carrier, then looked at the security camera.

”I need to report this soon to the emperor. ”

He has not cooled due to such encountered, but he still went back inside the carrier, and he ignored the path leading to his room. He routed to another.


He was at the guest quarters that was a few walks away from his own, and there were at least fourteen of these rooms, and ten that were occupied.

So, he alerted five of these rooms, that housed his personals that were resting on shift, as well as calling the other active personals to rely on what had transpired.

They are both angry and ashamed. Ashamed that they couldn keep the carrier properly secured, and angry that this mysterious stranger had the gall to threatened his life.

And in response to all of this, they scouted everywhere.

Now there were nine empty rooms, and five remained, so he went to only one this time, and it was the one he held the most dear.

”Its still rather early, but surely, she should be awake?! ” And his guess came to be correct.

For this woman, up and at, where it only took 28 seconds for the frame to slide open.

This woman whose presence just became known was that of a fair maiden of refined maturity. She seems to be somewhere in her early twenties.

Her black hair was long and silky that flowed pass her shoulders. Her teal like eyes were expressive, and her beautiful dark skin caused his loins to become active.

There was also a jade hanging before her forehead and other similar jewels placed around both her wrist and neck. It goes remarkably well with her voluptuous hour glass figure.

She adorned herself in a short purple robe that barely reached down to her buttocks, and its curtains that were barely closed.

Before she said anything, she smiled lusciously, especially to his reaction when her clean-shaven crotch is bare and exposed before him.

Her name was Saline the Sloot[Who was a Mirite] who hails from a matriarchal society[Which was Miridia], a village located at the west of this realm. This society honed and developed itself with extravagant, and erotic dances.

Every two to three months the chieftain the matriarch will judge the best of her fairest maidens and send them errands across the land that may accept them.

It is something that proves fortunate for their society as many nations like their dances, where these women will collect monetary values, gifts, and even contracts for their wonderful dances.

Saline was obviously one of these women, but something unexplained happened where she and her company found herself no longer in Near-Way but Zhorheim.

All the bond men that the chieftain have to accompany both her and her maidens were slaughter by the orcs there and was just about to be turned into breeding stocks if Sergile hadn rescued them.

They were under his protection and provision ever since, and Saline found herself entertaining him in more ways than one, but when Sergile tried learning of her weird event of travel she honestly cannot remember.

And although they are in Near-Way now, both her and the company minded staying with him for a time, having passed her village not too long ago.

Thinking that he was just here to have fun; ”Oh my, back for another? ” She confided to play along.

Saline would be lying if she had it in her mind that she didn expect a scenario like this to happen.

”Hm. ” Sergile however affirm with no answer; however, his actions spoke for him when his lips descended unto hers, and she in turn accepted it rather greedily.

And when he released himself from her, he pushed himself into her room, as he held her into his embrace.

”Oh… ” She giggled, he carried her like a princess, she was then thrown unto her bed.

As a result, her robe became loosened, baring both her crotch and hardened nipples.

And as he began to dislodge, he said:

”Currently, I am stressed. ” Sergile exclaim as he mounted her.

Saline watched this chiseled man that hovered over her, and now judging his current expression:

”Do you require comfort? ” She saw that it wouldn be something that was often casual between them.

Just what happened? She wondered because she had never seen him like this all throughout their time of knowing one another.

But if this is all that it takes to make him happy again, the man who was her protector, and benefactor as much as he was her lover, then she had no reason to doubt what he needs.

She forwarded her left hand that was soft and gentle upon his face, and she smiled so wonderfully.

”So beautiful. ” He murmured and rained kisses upon her neck.

”Ahh~ ” She moaned, liking that sensational feeling that made her even more aroused.

When he stopped kissing her nape, he brought his lips once again before hers.

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