Black Monolith Origins

The Strange Visitor

[13th November 2133 – Sister of Death, Realm: The Sea of Dreams. Around the 5th hour…]

Snoring among the apple trees was a black She-Bear. Beside her were two infant gazelles serenaded in the hue of gold.

And there lies within her grasp a brown boy… he was centered within her ring.

He was minded to stay, her presence was always comforting, but… there was fun to be had.

Four more Gazelles slightly older than the babes appeared, they were brimming with energy and adventure, they came before him.

They jump and stomp their hooves where they quickly began jumping like a flock of sheeps, in a circle and not a fence.

They urged him to play or to at least come with them, and though he had not refused, he was unsure of leaving the side of the She-Bear.

Thus, they grew impatient and left him. Seeing them waver to mind their own business caused him to feel left out.

In a moment of rebellion, he left both her grasp and her protection. He rushed at their path with all of his might.

When he caught up, the Gazelles look before him, they approach and began surrounding him in cheer.

And cheer and cheer they did. He, too, was jumping along as if it were the greatest moment of his life.




They heard gun shots, and this caused It all to stop short, they paused confused but knowing something was not right, fear began to settle in.

For a time, such was complete, but courage is born from somewhere, and curiosity is always within the youngers.

They needed to know what was before them; hence they retraced their steps back, slowly and quietly.

But when they did and the moment became clear, their legs were the first thing to betray them.

It was no longer just fear but sadness and disbelief as tears quickly departed, for what was before them was a tall Red Man and below that tall Red Man was a dead She-Bear.

Her innards were blown to smithereens, it all was plastered on all trees and ground, and also on the cowering babes.

They were truly at lost, they did not know what to do and when the Red Man had noticed them, he gave them such a wide and sinister smile, that it caused their bowels to run free.

”HA… HA… HA… ”

Laugh he did and laughed more, and when he began moving, they pray that such was a dream and what he was about to do next was truly more so the same.

They watched as the red man approach the baby Gazelles, who had shielded both their ears and vision.

They surely want to deny. The devil was being played. He looked down at the babes, then looked back at them.

There he gave his grin once again along with the Ascension of his boot, where he quickly descending it downward.

The sound of spurting resounded within the mind, the sounds of bones cracking, and flesh being squished by repetitive stomping. That moment everything has clouded in blood.

”NOOOO!!! ”

As if awakening from a nightmare, Sergile opened his eyes in fright as he quickly ushered himself forward.

He was in the break of cold sweat, his fingers curled in a fist, tightening as he heaved mightily.

Though when he caught himself, he first surveyed his room. When he took a look at his hands and made sure that he knew that he was in reality.

”Another nightmare… ”

He said sourly, dragging forth his legs to the edge of his bed, where he quickly ventured into the restroom upon standing.

It was convenient that he was on a smooth moving hovercraft that provide to one everything they needed when it regards to accommodation.

So, he ran the sink and washed his face before taking a good look at himself in the mirror.

He perceived his own, the lighting allow him to observe the health of his vibrant brown skin, the conditions of his bright golden eyes. He was looking for veins that mightve appeared beneath them, pausing when he had spotted them.

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