420 The Mutant Beast Who Transforms Into A Woman


Right at that moment, a bone-chilling cold spread out, and a killing intent swept through the area.

“Who is it?” Shen Fei shouted.

“Me!” A cold voice came from the darkness.
Then, a beautiful figure slowly appeared in Shen Fei’s line of sight.

It was a woman who was wrapped in a black robe.
Shen Fei could not see her clearly; only two scarlet eyes were revealed from her dark silhouette.
Her gaze emitted a chilling light, and her temperament was very strange.
She was like a walking corpse.

“Who are you?” Shen Fei watched her warily.

“The person who will kill you!” the woman said.

Shen Fei frowned at this.
‘Could it be another exotic beast?’

She suddenly threw an incredibly strong punch at Shen Fei.
Shen Fei tried to block it, but the punch was so strong that it sent him flying back.

“What incredible strength!” Shen Fei’s eyes narrowed.
He could feel that this woman was not that simple.
Moreover, the other party did not seem like a local from the same continent, and her body contained such immeasurable energy.

“Die!” This woman appeared in front of Shen Fei once again.
She waved her palm and attacked Shen Fei.

In an instant, a clap of thunder rang out in the passage.
A monstrous flame gathered in her palm print.
Claws as sharp as a Fire Qilin’s tore through the air and headed straight for Shen Fei.

“Hmph, parlor tricks!” Shen Fei said coldly.
He gathered all the power in his body into his fist, and executed the Tyrant Dragon Fist.

In an instant, the two fists collided, and a loud boom was heard.
Shen Fei jumped back in the next moment.

“You’re a mutant beast.
Perhaps a Cloudbirth Beast.
Your strength must be at the higher Count rank,” Shen Fei said slowly.

There was a huge difference between the energy fluctuations on this woman’s body and that of regular exotic beasts.
Regardless, a mutant beast like her possessed powerful combat strength.

“Since you know I’m a Cloudbirth Beast, you can go to hell now,” the woman said coldly.

Her hands rapidly formed a seal, then a cold aura erupted from her body.
A dense and baleful aura was mixed in with the chill.
She was like a demon born from the endless abyss of hell.

The woman fiercely roared, “Time to die!”

The murderous aura on her body grew.
She had completely transformed into a killing machine.
In an instant, the woman’s attack blasted out again with even more ferocity.

Bang, bang!

Shen Fei activated his Tyrant Dragon Fist without hesitation and attacked, engaging in an intense battle with his opponent.

Explosions echoed, and energy ripples spread out.
Shen Fei was forced to retreat.

Very quickly, this woman once again rushed at Shen Fei with another terrifying attack.
Shen Fei could only try his best to resist.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Shen Fei quickly summoned his Flame Owl.

“Flame Owl, Blazing Charge!”

In the next instant, the woman returned to her original form.
A huge snow-white bird appeared in her place.
This was the woman’s true form.

The Cloudbirth Beast was a very special and rare beast.
It was said that Cloudbirth Beasts evolved from the bloodline of an ancient bird that had fallen into the mortal world.
Therefore, her body possessed extremely terrifying power and could control the laws of wind, fire, and water.


As the Cloudbirth Beast fused its strength with the power of the mutant beast bloodline, Shen Fei became shocked.
This incomparably huge Cloudbirth Beast suddenly became ablaze! It emitted a fearsome pressure and suddenly spat out a fireball that was just as massive as its own body size.
The fireball rushed straight at Shen Fei with incredible destructive power.

Shen Fei watched as the fireball flew towards him, and roared at his Flame Owl, “Get out of the way!”

He then threw a punch at the fireball.

Boom! Shen Fei’s Tyrant Dragon Fist directly hit the fireball with a deafening explosion.

The fireball was destroyed, but Shen Fei was also forced to retreat.
He grunted and coughed up blood due to the shockwave that had affected his body.

“Flame Owl, Burning Skies Incantation!” Shen Fei shouted.

In an instant, the Flame Owl charged at the Cloudbirth Beast in the air and opened its mouth.
The flames in its body erupted wildly and the entire area turned into a sea of fire.

The scorching temperature was suffocating, and the flames were everlasting.
The Flame Owl kept absorbing the fire elements in the air and fusing them into its body.
Eventually, the Flame Owl’s body expanded and became even more terrifying.

In the next second, the Flame Owl charged at the Cloudbirth Beast.
The enemy’s expression froze.
Then, it controlled the endless flame energy to gather around itself.
It turned the fire into a longsword and slashed at the Flame Owl.

The two of them shot out with their own attacks that crashed into each other.


A terrifying energy erupted from the Flame Owl’s body.
Its wings flapped and shattered the fire-condensed longsword.
The Cloudbirth Beast stared at the Flame Owl with wide eyes filled with shock.
Clearly, it had not expected this Flame Owl to have such terrifying strength.

In the next moment, the Flame Owl’s body erupted with even more flames as it charged toward the Cloudbirth Beast.
The terrifying sea of fire instantly engulfed the enemy.

“Aargh!” A shrill scream came from the Cloudbirth Beast’s mouth.
The feathers on its body burned away, revealing its true appearance.
The Cloudbirth Beast was thrashing in the sea of fire, and it wailed in pain.
Its entire body soon became charred.

After eliminating the Cloudbirth Beast, Shen Fei did not forget to look for Li Siyu.

“Li Siyu!”

However, in a corner of the passage, a man stood stock still.
His eyes were bulging wide, and his mouth was slightly parted, but he could not make a sound.

This man was Li Siyu, and there was a skull mark on his head.
He was trapped in a forbidden area of this realm.
He heard someone calling him, but he could not speak.


A moment later, a miserable scream came from Li Siyu’s throat.
His entire body was enveloped in flames as he let out a mournful wail.

Shen Fei kept searching in the passage, but he could not find Li Siyu.
“I have to keep searching,” Shen Fei muttered to himself.

Over the next few days, Shen Fei eventually found the spot where Li Siyu was trapped in, but he could not find nor see Li Siyu’s figure, which made Shen Fei frown.

“I can sense something here.
It seems like he’s in danger.
But with his personality, how could he not answer me?” Shen Fei thought to himself.
His memories from the original Shen Fei showed him glimpses of his past interactions with Li Siyu.

After that, Shen Fei walked on…

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks as a chill swept over him.

A pitch-black spider was slithering toward him and circled around his ankle.

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