295 Pitiful People Must Have A Hateful Side

These plants had the dark Qi that Shen Fei needed.

As the dark Qi was absorbed, its color gradually faded, and it eventually disappeared.
Not long after, in Shen Fei’s sea of consciousness, the bead of life’s light completely disappeared.
Its physical and spiritual forms became an ordinary bead, and returned to quietly float in his mind.

Meanwhile, a huge sapling grew in the depths of his consciousness.
This sapling was the tree of darkness.
The tree of darkness was formed by the condensation of dark Qi.
Not only could it devour dark Qi, it could also evolve itself and finally transform into a dark divine tree.

However, it was very difficult for a tree of darkness to sprout, because ordinary dark creatures were not enough to support its evolution.
Without this support, it would wither and turn into a pool of blood.
As a result, the tree of darkness generally grew in dark corners, and very few people would notice it.
Even if they occasionally discovered a tree of darkness in their minds, they would only observe it.

However, at this moment, the tree of darkness in Shen Fei’s mind had unknowingly grown into a divine tree of darkness.

This process was very slow, but one could see the branches of the tree of darkness growing, and finally sprouting leaves.

The leaves were very strange.
They were covered in mysterious patterns and runes, as though they contained a mysterious truth of the world.
One could feel almost enlightened from gazing at the patterns on the leaves.
There were even wisps of black-colored dark Qi on the surface of the leaves.

Shen Fei carefully sensed this and discovered that the dark Qi at this moment was completely different from before.

“It’s really effective.” Shen Fei’s eyes lit up, and he felt happy.
He did not think that this result would really come true.

Although he did not know the exact principle behind it, Shen Fei was certain of one thing: the bead of life could indeed devour everything, even dark Qi.
Such an accomplishment made him feel excited.

Shen Fei could even feel the powerful energy within the tree of darkness.
The effect of this energy on the bead of life had far exceeded his expectations.

After a short moment, Shen Fei left his mindscape and returned to reality.

At this moment, the demonic beast roared.
It had sensed what Shen Fei had done, and became furious at this.

“Flame Owl, Blazing Charge!” Shen Fei ordered.

Hearing this order, the Flame Owl immediately rushed forward.
A loud sound was heard, then the earth and the mountains shook.
The entire cave trembled violently.

“Goodness, your strength has increased by two fold!” Shen Fei sighed dramatically.
This was not even the Flame Owl’s full power.
If it had used all its power, it might have overturned the whole mountain.

“Flame Owl, Flaming Bramble Inferno!” Shen Fei commanded.

This time, the Flame Owl absorbed the surrounding dark Qi before it cast its skill.
In an instant, countless sharp brambles shot out from the ground and densely covered the whole area until they could not see the sky outside.

To Shen Fei’s enemies, it would feel like being attacked by a dense rain of needles that bombarded the surroundings and caused the air to distort.
It was as if the entire area was threatening to shatter at any time.

Violent explosions rang out continuously as the sharp thorns pierced the ground, leaving countless holes.
Even the rock walls suffered the same treatment.

The demonic beasts in the area were all frightened by this sight which they were witnessing for the first time in their lives.

As for Shen Fei, the corner of his mouth had curved into a smirk.

Although these sharp thorns were powerful, they also had a weakness.
As long as they could not find its weakness, they would not be able to break it.

At this time, the Flame Owl suddenly disappeared and was replaced by another figure.

“Roar!” Seeing this figure, the demonic beast immediately let out a cry of surprise and turned to run.

“Where are you going?” Shen Fei mocked.

He controlled the fire elements and condensed them into numerous sword phantoms.
The sword phantoms drew out a dazzling trajectory in the air, and they gradually surrounded the demonic beast.

The demonic beast roared in rage and attacked.
It did not manage to strike Shen Fei’s body, because the cultivator’s figure had long disappeared from his original spot and it only swung through an afterimage.

The sword phantoms followed the demonic beast like shadows, blocking its route of escape.
They slashed at the demonic beast, and it was soon covered in wounds.
Blood kept spurting out of its wounds, creating a ghastly sight.

Within seconds, the demonic beast was brought to the brink of death.

Shen Fei looked at the demonic beast and shook his head.

“A pitiful person must have a hateful side.
You were given a chance, but you chose the wrong path, so now you’re being punished.
I can only say that you deserve it for defying me.”

As he spoke, Shen Fei lightly waved his hand, and a red fireball flew out from his palm.
The fireball grew in size rapidly and flew toward the demonic beast.

The beast sensed the danger and immediately opened its mouth to spit out a round, translucent bead.
As soon as the bead appeared, it emitted a dazzling light, as bright as the sun.

Crack, crack… The fireball hit the surface of the bead and exploded.
The demonic beast heaved a sigh of relief at this.

It was fortunate that it was a strong demonic beast, or else this skill would have failed, and it would have died here.
The very thought frightened it and made the beast grateful for its strength.

However, at this moment, a flaming spear suddenly appeared in its field of vision.

The flaming spear flew through the air, as fast as lightning, and made a whooshing sound as it went.
It was extremely hot and was heading toward the demonic beast’s chest.

Seeing this, the demonic beast’s expression changed.
It tried to dodge, but it was too late.


In the next moment, the flaming spear pierced through its chest and came out the other side.
Fresh blood sprayed out behind the demonic beast.

“Aargh!!” A blood-curdling screech was heard as the demonic beast fell to the ground dead.

Shen Fei let out a sigh of relief when he saw the light of life leave the beast’s eyes.

“Flame Owl, go on and devour the soul essence of this magical beast now,” Shen Fei suggested.

“Coo!” The Flame Owl nodded.
Then, the Flame Owl swallowed the core of the demonic beast.

As soon as the bead-like core entered its mouth, it turned into a cloud of black mist and fused into the Flame Owl’s body.
The black mist was the soul essence of the demonic beast.

The Flame Owl circulated its cultivation technique and began devouring the essence.
All of a sudden, the Flame Owl’s body was filled with endless power.

However, another bead then rose from the demonic beast’s body.
This bead was enshrouded in dark red flames, and it even sparked with electric arcs.

“Could this be the strange energy that Su Yang was talking about?”

“Hahaha! Good job! I’m glad I didn’t misjudge you.”

Shen Fei turned around and saw a man standing next to the demonic beast’s corpse with a relieved smile on his face.


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