291 Breath Of Death

The beast let out a tragic scream.
The scales on its body were cut into smithereens, and it bled heavily.

This Flame Owl was worthy of being a fire-attribute God-rank spirit beast.
Not only was the Flame Owl’s body strong, it was also rock hard, and wielded the power of fire.

“Coo!” The Flame Owl cried out a few more times before it pointed at the huge egg on the ground, signaling Shen Fei to swallow it.

“You want me to eat it? “Shen Fei’s brows twitched.
He then gritted his teeth and swallowed the large egg.

The egg was the size of a fist, and it glowed with a faint blue light.
It was obviously a special treasure.
But at this moment, it was Shen Fei’s lunch.

As soon as the egg entered his stomach, it melted into a blue liquid and quickly flowed into his body, absorbing his profound Qi and energy.

“What a powerful medicinal effect!” Shen Fei clicked his tongue in delight.

In the next second, Shen Fei’s body emitted a powerful aura.
This aura spread out and caused even the surrounding grass to sway violently.

After a short while, the armor—which was made of bone—on Shen Fei’s body let out a crisp cracking sound.
Under this aura, the bone armor actually became much harder.
The medicinal power of this giant egg was much stronger than he had imagined.

At this moment, a series of rumbling sounds came from the canyon, and it sounded like a huge creature had rushed out from the depths of this canyon.
Shen Fei hurriedly looked toward it, but the canyon was pitch black; he could not see what kind of monster was emerging from it.

“Coo, coo!” The Flame Owl rushed into the distance at great speed, and disappeared into the canyon in the blink of an eye.

Shen Fei hurriedly gave chase.
“Flame Owl, why aren’t you waiting for me?”

But suddenly, the surrounding area became distorted.
It was as if there was some terrifying existence that was currently moving towards him.

“What’s going on? Did the Flame Owl also sense this danger?” Shen Fei immediately circulated his Qi, wanting to find out which direction it was coming from.

A thick aura of death began to fill the air.
The aura of death was so thick and suffocating that it was like being submerged in hundreds of undead insects.

Shen Fei had read in books about undead insects.
Although there were very few in existence, they were all very cunning.
Every one of them would hide and find an opportunity to attack humans and chew their prey into pieces.

Shen Fei had encountered undead insects before, and the experience from that time was still fresh in his memory.

Undead insects were very weak.
They were essentially the same as ordinary demonic beasts.
There were even some low-level undead insects that were no match for Shen Fei.
But currently, things were different.

These undead insects were God-tier beasts and were extremely powerful!

Suddenly, a shrill cry was heard.

Immediately afterwards, Shen Fei saw that the Flame Owl was entangled by several black threads.
No matter how it struggled, it could not free itself.

These black threads were like venomous snakes, tightly strangling the Flame Owl’s neck, making it difficult for it to breathe.
The Flame Owl struggled with all its might, but the black threads were very strong and thick, strangling its bones until they creaked.

The Flame Owl let out many painful wails.
It wanted to deal with the black thread around its neck, but found that they were too thick and showed no signs of loosening.

The Flame Owl opened its mouth and bit down on one of the black threads, and it snapped and broke.
However, the black threads did not let up and continued to wrap around the Flame Owl.
On top of that, the snapped ends merged back together in an instant.

The Flame Owl immediately became anxious, opening its mouth to bite down once more, but it was still futile and the firebird could only give another loud cry, “Coo!”

Another two black threads then wrapped around the neck of the Flame Owl and grew tighter.
The Flame Owl’s expression changed even more.

“Coo!” The Flame Owl roared again and kept shaking its head, trying uselessly to dislodge the black threads.
Shen Fei did not expect to encounter such strange black threads.
They were actually able to resist the Flame Owl’s bite and even wrap around it!

“Damn it!” he cursed.

The Flame Owl tried to bite down once more on the black threads, but the threads did not relent, and the Flame Owl’s strike seemed to bounce off it this time.

This made the Flame Owl extremely angry, and it was provoked into trying again as it was unwilling to admit defeat.
It managed to break a few segments with this bite, but the self-repairing threads were endless.

“This…” Shen Fei was dumbstruck by the scene, and his heart was filled with shock.
‘What now?’

The black lines were endless, and no matter how many lines were bitten off, they would regenerate.

A warning sign appeared in Shen Fei’s heart.
‘Something’s definitely wrong!’

He did not believe that these black threads were truly endless; they were definitely not formed naturally.
Someone had deliberately set them up—to trap him.

Shen Fei guessed that it was that cultivator who wanted to kill him.
Thus, he intentionally used this method to prevent the Flame Owl from escaping.

Shen Fei did not pay too much mind to it because the Flame Owl’s strength was too great.
If a Saint were to be devoured by the Flame Owl, he might as well be turned into an undead insect.
Such a fate would be guaranteed.

However, Shen Fei did not realize that he had already fallen into danger.


Suddenly, three more black threads appeared, thicker, longer, and tougher than before.
They wound tightly around the Flame Owl’s body, making it unable to break free.

The Flame Owl roared incessantly, trying to chew its binds off, but it was still in vain.
After all, there were too many of them, and they were very tough.
Biting them was a truly difficult task.

Still, even though the Flame Owl could not break free from the black threads, it could still continue to make noise.


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