274 As Expected Of An Emperor-rank Golden-horned Crocodile

Shen Fei did not expect the Golden-horned Crocodiles to have such terrifying bodies.

A Golden-horned Crocodile’s body was made of an unknown material yet extremely hard material.

“Flame Owl, Flaming Bramble Inferno!” Shen Fei growled out, and the Flame Owl flapped its wings.

Immediately, fiery red thorns fell from the sky like rain, covering the whole area.
Although the Flame Owl’s shower of thorns could not hurt the Golden-horned Crocodiles, they could still trap them inside, making it hard for the Crocodiles to escape.

Seeing this, Shen Fei slowly grinned.
“Flame Owl, keep this up!”

The Flame Owl flapped its wings again, and suddenly, thorny brambles shot out from everywhere and began to wrap around one of the Golden-horned Crocodiles.

At that moment, the Golden-horned Crocodile suddenly opened its eyes.
Within its red eyes, there was a trace of madness and cruelty.

The Golden-horned Crocodile jumped up and broke through the thorny brambles that were wrapping around its body!

At this, Shen Fei’s pupils contracted.
He had not expected this Crocodile to actually be so capable.

“As expected of an Emperor-rank Golden-horned Crocodile.” Shen Fei could not help but sigh.
As he finished speaking, the Golden-horned Crocodile charged at him.
Shen Fei did not hesitate, and immediately evaded it.


The Golden-horned Crocodile smashed through an ancient tree, but it clambered back onto its feet and chased after Shen Fei again.

Shen Fei’s face changed slightly.
He never expected this Golden-horned Crocodile to be able to detect his tracks so swiftly.

“Flame Owl, keep using Flaming Bramble Inferno,” Shen Fei said.
Hearing his command, the Flame Owl flapped its wings again.

Brambles shot out once more, sweeping toward the Golden-horned Crocodile.
The Golden-horned Crocodile was fast, but the brambles were even faster.
In the blink of an eye, they had wrapped around the Golden-horned Crocodile.
Then, these brambles whipped the Golden-horned Crocodile’s body.

Immediately, blood began to spray out in mists, accompanied by the sound of bones breaking.

“Grargh…” The Golden Horn Crocodile was in pain and let out a sharp cry.
However, just as the scream rang out, the Flame Owl flapped its wings again.

One after another, the brambles whipped the bound Golden-horned Crocodile incessantly, making it unable to avoid the attacks.

It could only watch helplessly as it was whipped.
Even a few scales on its body were ripped off, and the crocodile was soon covered in blood.

The Golden-horned Crocodile roared continuously, but it had no way of escaping.
At this moment, the net of thorns closed over it, and tied up the body of the Golden-horned Crocodile.

After the thorn net bound the Golden-horned Crocodile, it roared and struggled to no avail.

“Ice spirit, use Ice Seal,” Aloy commanded.

Ice immediately swept toward the Golden-horned Crocodile.
The Golden-horned Crocodile was unable to resist and was soon frozen.
After the Golden-horned Crocodile was frozen, a smile appeared on Aloy’s face.

Shen Fei arrived in front of the immobile Golden-horned Crocodile in the next moment.
Seeing the frozen Golden-horned Crocodile, his eyes were filled with a burning desire!

If this Golden-horned Crocodile could be killed, it would definitely be a priceless treasure! Not to mention, just the tough skin of this Golden-horned Crocodile was extremely valuable.
If it was refined into armor, it would definitely be a relic for defense.

Furthermore, this Golden-horned Crocodile’s strength was not ordinary.
If he could merge his essence with it, it might increase his strength.

As he thought of this, Shen Fei’s heart beat faster.
A drop of blood essence slowly emerged from his body and was held in his palm.

“Golden-horned Crocodile, devour it,” Shen Fei said indifferently.

At this moment, a black shadow suddenly appeared from Shen Fei’s back and entered its body!

“Howl!” The Golden-horned Crocodile let out a low roar, and its blood-red eyes stared at Shen Fei.

In the next second, the Golden-horned Crocodile’s tail suddenly swung at Shen Fei.
Seeing this, Shen Fei quickly dodged and controlled the Flame Owl to attack the Golden-horned Crocodile.
However, this crocodile was unusually stubborn.

The Flame Owl’s attack speed was extremely fast, and it would brush past the Golden-horned Crocodile’s body each time.
However, it was still unable to heavily injure the Golden-horned Crocodile.

Shen Fei was unwilling to give up.
He continued to try, wanting to kill this Golden-horned Crocodile.
But the Golden-horned Crocodile was as tough as iron.
Even if the Flame Owl used all its strength, it was unable to heavily injure it

“Roar!” Suddenly, the Golden-horned Crocodile let out a low roar and tried to bite Shen Fei.
Shen Fei’s heart jumped as he quickly dodged it.

Simultaneously, the Flame Owl took the opportunity to dive in, ruthlessly clawing at the Golden-horned Crocodile’s abdomen.
The close proximity allowed the Golden-horned Crocodile to lodge its sharp fangs into the Flame Owl’s body.


Immediately, one of the Flame Owl’s nails was pulled out by the crocodile.
It intended to mutilate the Flame Owl, and use its own weapons against it.
A strong burst of magic energy exploded from the nails, breaking through the protective magic armor on the Flame Owl’s body.

However, Shen Fei did not care.
He waved his right hand and shot flames at the Golden-horned Crocodile’s body.
A burst of green smoke rose up, and the Golden-horned Crocodile’s huge body was set aflame.

“Roar!” The Golden-horned Crocodile let out a heart-wrenching cry.

Shen Fei did not show any mercy.
He immediately controlled the Flame Owl and attacked the Golden-horned Crocodile again.
This time, the demonic energy armor on the Golden-horned Crocodile was directly burned away and the Flame Owl’s fiery attack managed to reach the crocodile’s flesh, cremating it easily.

Seeing this scene, Aloy could not help but say happily, “This is great! We’ve killed another high-rank exotic beast!”

“Yes, let’s continue.” Shen Fei nodded, then beckoned for the Flame Owl to join him as he continued moving forward.

A golden light suddenly swept out from straight ahead.
Seeing this, Shen Fei frowned.
He could clearly feel that this light contained an extremely terrifying demonic might.
It could even give the illusion of suffocation.


This golden ray of light suddenly arrived in front of Shen Fei, then transformed into the figure of a man, and it was not just one man, but two—Li Yuan and Xia’er.

“Oh, it’s Shen F*ck.
I didn’t expect you to be able to escape from that Golden-horned Crocodile area alive.
You do have some skills,” Li Yuan said with a smirk.

Hearing this, Shen Fei’s brows twitched as he asked in a deep voice, “What do you mean by that?”

“What I mean is that although you escaped by chance, you didn’t actually escape the Golden-horned Crocodile,” Li Yuan said sinisterly.

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