Chapter 17: An Unexpected Gift, Contracting The Second Spirit Beast

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“But before I give you the gift, I have something to do.”

Without waiting for Shen Fei’s reaction, Shen Teng grabbed the wine jar on the table and smashed it on the ground!

With a sharp sound, the wine jar that had accompanied Shen Teng for many years shattered into pieces.

“From now on, I, Shen Teng, swear that I will never touch a drop of wine again!”

Shen Fei was excited.

His father had finally pulled himself together! The once awe-inspiring and high-spirited Shen Teng had finally returned! This kingly aura was his father!

“Fei, remember this.” Shen Teng sat down again and looked at Shen Fei with a heavy heart.
“Don’t be discouraged just because you’re not talented.
If you’re not talented, you’ll just have a lower starting point than others.
Your final destination is determined by your own heart! Speaking of which, what’s your contracted spirit beast?”

“It’s a Flame Owl.” Shen Fei extended his hand, and the red Flame Owl appeared in a roundish form on his shoulder.

“Hoot, hoot!”

As soon as the Flame Owl saw Shen Teng, it raised its head arrogantly.
The feathers on its body exploded, and it almost doubled in size!

“This spirit beast is quite bold.
It dares to threaten me the moment we meet.
Not bad!”

Satisfied, his father patted the Flame Owl’s head and pressed it into its round shape.

“Hoot!” The Flame Owl shook off Shen Teng’s hand in dissatisfaction.

“Son, you’ve made a good choice.
The Flame Owl is a fire-attribute spirit beast that prefers to attack.
It has a variety of moves and is very suitable for your talent.
The most important thing is that the Flame Owl has a good temper and likes people.
However, if you want to pass your school’s entrance exam in the future, I have an even better spirit beast.”

“A better one?” Shen Fei looked doubtfully at Shen Teng.

He had been drunk for so many years, where could he have found a spirit beast?

“Your mother and I prepared this for you before you were born.
Now, it’s time to give it to you.”

Shen Teng took out a beautiful silk pouch from his pocket.
On the red silk bag, there was a complicated totem embroidered with golden thread.

Shen Fei did not even get a good look when his father stood up and walked straight into the courtyard.

“Let’s go to the courtyard.
The spirit beasts here can’t be fully utilized in a small room.”

In the courtyard, Shen Teng stood in front of Shen Fei with the silk bag in his hand.

“Inside is a Count-rank spirit beast, the Three-clawed Golden Dragon! When it comes out, I’ll subdue it.
Then, you can come over and sign a contract with it.”

Shen Fei took a serious stance.
“Let’s do it!”

His father undid the ties and threw the silk bag into the air.
A golden ray of light immediately escaped from it!


The full moon in the sky instantly paled in comparison to the spirit beast.

[Three-clawed Golden Dragon]

[Rank: Count, Superior grade]

[HP: 105]

[Attack: 256]

[Defense: 120]

[Spirit: 350]

[Speed: 180]

[Special skill: Bloodline Suppression (All spirit beasts without an ancient bloodline will have their attack and defense reduced by half when facing the Three-clawed Golden Dragon.)]

Shen Fei was dumbstruck as he looked at the spirit beast flying in the air.

A dragon! It was a dragon!

No wonder his father and mother, the two geniuses, had to join hands to catch it!

“Don’t even think about running!”

Shen Teng roared at the Three-clawed Golden Dragon in the air and put his hands together.
A blue light flashed between his eyebrows.
In an instant, a huge, translucent barrier descended from the sky and firmly suppressed the Three-clawed Golden Dragon!


The Three-clawed Golden Dragon turned its head and roared at Shen Teng!


Shen Teng’s body trembled, and he could not help but retreat a little.
Dark red blood suddenly flowed out of his nostrils and ears!

This scene caused Shen Fei, who was watching from the side, to be frightened.


Shen Teng’s eyes were bloodshot, and blood flowed out of his eyes and mouth, too.

Even so, he still did not let go of the Three-clawed Golden Dragon!

“Fei, come here quickly! Hurry up and sign a contract with this spirit beast!”

Shen Teng used a barrier to press down on the Three-clawed Golden Dragon, not giving him any chance to move.

“Don’t be afraid.
As long as I’m here, this spirit beast will sign a contract with you no matter how much it resists you!”

Shen Fei nodded his head in understanding.
He walked toward the struggling Three-clawed Golden Dragon with confidence.


The Three-clawed Golden Dragon immediately became alert.
His snake-like body tensed up.
Seeing this, Shen Teng pressed even harder.

“It’s okay, dad.
You don’t have to be too nervous.
Leave the rest to me.”

Shen Fei took the initiative to step forward and quietly released the aura of his innate talent.

In an instant, the Three-clawed Golden Dragon, who was still looking at Shen Fei with a fierce expression, fell to the ground.
He was stunned on the spot.

As expected, the moment Shen Fei released his aura, the Three-clawed Golden Dragon in front of him immediately lowered its arrogant head in front of Shen Fei!

In fact, when he saw that Shen Fei did not extend his hand for a long time, the Three-clawed Golden Dragon even took the initiative to obediently place his forehead on it.

Shen Teng was extremely surprised to see this strange scene.

‘Why did the Three-clawed Golden Dragon, who was so fierce just now, suddenly become so quiet? It didn’t even have the slightest consciousness to resist…’

The moment Shen Fei touched it, a small white Three-clawed Golden Dragon appeared in Shen Fei’s mind.

“Alright, dad, you can let go now.”

Shen Teng looked at the docile Three-clawed Golden Dragon in confusion.
He lowered his head and wiped the blood off his face.

The difference between before and after was too great!

“Son, is your talent really only at C-class?”

Shen Fei put on an act and nodded his head.

“Alright, then.
It looks like this Three-clawed Golden Dragon just likes you more.” Shen Teng did not think too much about it.
He let out a long sigh of relief.
He could finally relax now.

“With this Count-rank spirit beast, the school’s final exam should not be a problem for you.
When the time comes, we’ll just have to choose a good university.”

Shen Teng looked at the mayor’s mansion in the distance with a heavy heart.

“Go back and rest first.
I still have some things to do.
I’ll talk to you again in the future.”

After saying this, Shen Teng leaped up and left the house.

“Dad, it’s time to get up!”

The following morning, just as he pushed the door open, Shen Fei was instantly stunned.

If he was feeling sleepy before, he was wide awake at that instant.

The yard that was dirty and messy last night had become clean and spotless.
Normally, when he pushed open the door, there would be a mountain of garbage outside.
And yet, not only was the courtyard very clean, even his father’s room had become incomparably neat and tidy.

Shen Fei stared at everything in front of him in surprise.

‘Did father clean this up by himself?’ A smile appeared on Shen Fei’s face.
‘He really has changed.’

“Dad, it’s time to eat.” Shen Fei walked towards his father’s wide open door.

However, when he reached the door, he realized that the entire room was empty.
Other than a note on the table, there was nothing else.


‘Where was he? Where did he go?’

Shen Fei slowly walked to the table and picked up the note left by his father.

[Son, I’ve thought about it.
I’ve already done everything I can for you.
I really can’t help you with anything else here.]

[I’ll be gone for a while to look for your mother.
You must cultivate well in school and become a powerful Beastmaster!]

[When I come back, I’ll properly test the results of your training.
Don’t embarrass our family!]

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