172 The Enigmatic Origin Herb

“Three-clawed Golden Dragon! You two can continue playing, I’ll go refine some medicine.” After Shen Fei said that, he turned around and walked to the furnace.

Shen Fei took out a red herb and threw it into the furnace.
He then began to purify it.


After the red herb went inside the furnace, Shen Fei raised his left hand and clapped down on it, then a blue flame flew out.
Shen Fei wrapped the flame around the red herb and quickly began to burn it.

Not long after, a dark green liquid flowed out of the furnace and dripped onto the table.

Sizzle… The moment the green liquid fell on the table, it gave off a green smoke and made a sizzling sound.

“I wonder if I can refine the enigmatic origin herb…” Shen Fei frowned a little.
The enigmatic origin herb was an enigma-tier material.


Just as Shen Fei was contemplating, he suddenly felt a burning energy fluctuation coming from his left, a rich fragrance then assailed his nose.
Shen Fei quickly raised his head and looked over.

He saw a small emerald flower floating on the table.
The faint fragrance was coming from it.

Shen Fei could not help but praise it, “What a dense life force!”

“Roar!” At this moment, the Three-clawed Golden Dragon, the Flame Owl and the Black Sun all rushed over out of curiosity.
The Black Sun’s gaze fell on the green plant on the table, and its eyes lit up.

“Could this guy be starving?” Shen Fei was somewhat surprised.
He immediately shook his head and chased the Black Sun away.

“Three-clawed Golden Dragon, Flame Owl, do you guys want this?” Shen Fei asked.

The Three-clawed Golden Dragon shook its head.
It was accustomed to eating food, but the food this time seemed different.

“Coo, coo!” The Flame Owl nodded its huge head excitedly.

“Haha, since you want to eat, then eat up!” Shen Fei grinned and handed the enigmatic origin herb to the Flame Owl.
The Flame Owl took the enigmatic origin herb and impatiently swallowed it.

“Coo, coo!” the Flame Owl roared, and its body emitted a dazzling red light which shielded its body.

“This… gives you red patterns?” Shen Fei stared at the Flame Owl in surprise.
These red lines were signs of the Flame Owl’s bloodline awakening.

After the awakening of a Flame Owl’s bloodline, it could successfully advance to a Fifth-rank demonic beast.
But today, his Flame Owl had gained its red patterns, which demonstrated that its bloodline was extraordinary.

About an hour later, the red light shield around the Flame Owl’s body gradually faded.
A violent aura suddenly emitted from its body, accompanied by a soft sound.

The Flame Owl roared at the sky, and its body suddenly expanded.
After a while, the red patterns disappeared, and the Flame Owl’s once dark scales turned dark red.
Its body then shrank dramatically, but it still remained about ten feet long, and it was covered in dark red goosebumps.

Suddenly, the Flame Owl hissed at the ceiling.
It spread its huge six-meter long wings, and flapped them, slowly rising into the air and letting out a deep dragon-like roar.

After that, the Flame Owl spat out a ball of white flames.
The white fireball drew a beautiful arc in the air and landed on a wall not far away.


The blazing white fireball exploded after hitting the hard stone bricks of the wall.
Immediately, a crater with a radius of several meters appeared there.

“Shriek!” The Flame Owl let out a furious cry again.
It flapped its wings and flew around the room.
Seeing this, Shen Fei hurried after it.
The Flame Owl’s speed was extremely fast, and in just a few seconds, it passed through several narrow obstacles.

After flying for who knew how long, the Flame Owl’s eyes suddenly flashed with a fierce glint.

‘What’s going on? Could it be that eating the enigmatic origin herb has made the Flame Owl hostile?’

“Shriek!” The next moment, an intense pain came from the Flame Owl’s chest.
Then, the Flame Owl’s body glowed with a pale yellow light, as if a holy aura was spreading from its body.

“What the h*ll?”

Shen Fei’s expression changed drastically because the divine aura emitted by the Flame Owl was too terrifying.
It was like a supreme existence that compelled everyone to worship it.

“Shriek!” the Flame Owl cried again.
Immediately afterward, its huge body rapidly shrank, returning to its original size in the blink of an eye.
Simultaneously, its powerful aura disappeared as well.

“Whew…” Shen Fei could not help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw this.
Even though he did not understand what was going on, he believed that the Flame Owl would not harm him.

Shen Fei tried to call to it, “Flame Owl, come back.”

After hearing Shen Fei’s words, the Flame Owl hesitated for a moment before flying back to Shen Fei’s shoulder and obediently perching there.
Everything that had happened moments ago had made it quite frightened.
Fortunately, its master had stopped it.
What would it have done if it had really hurt its master?

The Flame Owl rejoiced in its heart.

At this moment, the Three-clawed Golden Dragon and the Flame Owl no longer have their usual arrogance.
Instead, they obediently stayed on Shen Fei’s shoulder.

In the next moment, Shen Fei discovered a strange mark on his palm.
It was a purple flame totem.
“Huh, what…? This should be the inheritance of the Heaven-burning Fingerstrike, right?” Shen Fei muttered.

As he thought of this, a hint of excitement gushed from his heart.
If he were to cultivate the Heaven-burning Fingerstrike, his combat strength would definitely be even more overpowering.

At this moment, the system’s notification suddenly sounded.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the fire-attribute spirit skill, the Heaven-burning Fingerstrike!]

[Heaven-burning Fingerstrike: Second-tier spirit technique.
After successful cultivation, one can release the Heaven-Devouring Flames.
(Note: The host can only practice the second form: Myriad Beast Extermination)]

“A second-tier spirit technique?” Shen Fei was startled.
He never thought that he would have the opportunity to learn a second-tier spirit technique.
This was extremely precious.

“Heaven-devouring Flames…” Shen Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly.
His heart was filled with desire.
“I wonder what exactly this is.”

Shen Fei immediately sat down cross-legged and prepared to seriously cultivate the Heaven-burning Fingerstrike.

“Shriek!” The Flame Owl immediately kneeled on the ground, obviously guarding him.

Whish! Shen Fei’s consciousness entered the system interface.

[Storage spaces: Three in possession.
Contains a hundred low-grade spirit stones, three ordinary daggers, and three high-grade precious longswords.]

[Spirit medicine: One three-year-old bright sun ginseng (first-tier spirit herb), three first-tier spirit-gathering pills, two marrow-cleansing pills.]

[Martial arts techniques: Basic Sword Technique (yellow-tier, initial stage), Heaven-burning Fingerstrike (incomplete) (orange-tier, intermediate stage)]

[Rare martial skill manuals: Windwalk Sword Technique (orange-tier, low-grade), Heaven-burning Flames (incomplete), Wind Shadow Steps (orange-tier, low-grade)]

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