154 Tame It!

Aloy raised her eyebrows slightly.
‘This guy can still dodge my hand!’

She raised her hand and quickly tried to touch the horn!


The Demonic Antelope seemed to have sensed something.
Just as Aloy’s hand was about to touch that horn, it used the same trick and twisted its slender neck away.
The black jade horn nimbly brushed past Aloy’s fingers again.

“Baa, baa!” The Demonic Antelope shook its slender neck proudly, and its horizontal pupils were filled with mockery.

Aloy was speechless, and she bit her lower lip tightly.
She tried moving her hands faster and faster, so fast that it left afterimages behind.
However, the Demonic Antelope did not seem to have any intention of giving in.

“This guy is quite stubborn.”

Looking at the battle of speed between human and beast, Shen Fei could not help but smile.
“There’s nothing we can do about that.
Exotic beasts always have more guts.”

As the Demonic Antelope constantly twisted its neck away from her, Aloy helplessly rubbed at her numb wrists.

“I’ll have to tame it later.”

“Do you want me to try taming it?” Shen Fei rubbed his chin and curiously sized up the Demonic Antelope.

“Are you interested in this strange beast?” There was a hint of surprise in Aloy’s words as she moved aside to make room for him.

“Not exactly.
It looks a little strange, and I don’t really like it.” Shen Fei decisively waved his hand and sat beside the Demonic Antelope.
“I just want to use this opportunity to familiarize myself with the process of taming exotic beasts.”

The moment it saw Shen Fei approaching, the Demonic Antelope stopped twisting its neck.
Its horizontal pupils immediately showed its admiration.
Its expression was like a homeless man who was about to starve to death and saw a bowl of delicious food.

The arrogance and disdain from before seemed almost nonexistent, as it immediately exposed its boot-licking nature.

The antelope raised his head and tried to approach Shen Fei’s position, and enthusiastically nudged Shen Fei’s thigh.

Beside him, Aloy silently frowned.
It was definitely a good thing to be liked by exotic beasts, but for some reason, this felt like… it was too easy for Shen Fei.

It was so easy that it made people envious.

“I’ve never seen anyone tame an exotic beast before.” Qian Yu curiously moved to Shen Fei’s side.
“If you’re going to subdue it, it’ll definitely open my eyes to new possibilities.”

“Sure.” Shen Fei blew a puff of air at his palms, rubbed them together, and then reached for the horn of the Demonic Antelope.

At the moment of contact, a pitch-black ball appeared in Shen Fei’s mind.

‘Exotic beasts really are different from spirit beasts.’ Shen Fei quickly walked over to it and curiously looked at the black spiritual entity.
In terms of aura, the abilities of exotic beasts were indeed much stronger than those of spirit beasts.

The moment it saw Shen Fei, the black ball seemed to have sensed something and started to shake with excitement.
The round ball impatiently rushed toward Shen Fei.


However, just as the black ball that represented the consciousness of the Demonic Antelope arrived in front of Shen Fei, the flame owl and the Three-clawed Golden Dragon’s consciousnesses also appeared on either side of the ball.


The pure white Flame Owl flapped its wings, and its entire body rapidly expanded like a balloon.
The huge body made the Demonic Antelope tremble.

“Roar!” The Three-clawed Golden Dragon also howled ferociously at the ball.

The two spirit beasts sandwiched the round ball between them.
The Demonic Antelope shivered at the sight of their fierce appearances.

Shen Fei raised his brows in doubt.
His two spirit beasts did not seem to welcome the Demonic Antelope.
Could it be because it was an exotic beast?

“Alright, you two don’t have to target him like that.” Shen Fei gently patted his two spirit beasts.
For a moment, he was at a loss for what to do.

To be honest, from the moment he asked Aloy the question, he had no intention of taming this spirit beast.
He just wanted to use the opportunity to learn how to tame exotic beasts.
The Demonic Antelope’s strength was far from worthy in his eyes.
He still would have preferred to have the Black Sun under Lear.

Just like how he tamed ordinary spirit beasts, he only had to leave a spiritual mark on this fellow’s consciousness, and it should be fine.
Fortunately, even with the mark of contract, he could quickly erase it again.

Shen Fei lifted his palm once more, but before he even bought it in front of the Demonic Antelope, that black ball immediately rushed to his hand at an incredible speed, as though it could not wait for Shen Fei to directly brand it.

“Coo, coo!” The Flame Owl looked at the black ball unhappily and turned its head to look elsewhere.

“Roar!” The Three-clawed Golden Dragon was even more disdainful as it raised its head.
It did not even want to look at that exotic beast.

Shen Fei did not know whether to laugh or cry.
The Demonic Antelope was just a little friendlier, was it necessary to treat it like this?

“Baa, baa!” The anticipating voice of the Demonic Antelope repeatedly echoed in Shen Fei’s mind.
Shen Fei did not have the slightest bit of hesitation as he slammed his palm straight onto the head of that black ball.

In an instant, a dark red mark appeared on the antelope’s head.

‘Shen Fei actually succeeded in forming a contract so quickly?’ Aloy frowned silently.
‘That was enviably fast.’

“I feel uncomfortable.” Qian Yu held his chin and looked in puzzlement at the Demonic Antelope, which was slowly opening its eyes with a gentle gaze.
“Contracting an exotic beast doesn’t seem to be any different from contracting a spirit beast.” Qian Yu stared at the Demonic Antelope which had started rubbing its head against Shen Fei’s leg as soon as it woke up.

“Actually, there are a lot of similarities between the two.
The only difference is that exotic beasts are often unruly and can’t simply be contracted just because you want to.”

Aloy shook her head silently, her tone filled with helplessness.

“Like just now, no matter what I did, the Demonic Antelope wouldn’t even let me touch it.
But Shen Fei was able to contract the Demonic Antelope in an instant.
Whether a contract can be formed also depends on the individual’s ability.” Aloy sighed to herself, and her eyes could not help but show some of her envy.

Shen Fei then opened his eyes and smiled as he looked at Aloy.
“If you want this Demonic Antelope so much, I can just cancel the brand.
After that, you can sign a new contract.”

“Baa??!” The Demonic Antelope was stunned.
It raised its head and looked at Shen Fei with a dumbstruck expression.


Hearing Shen Fei’s words, Aloy gritted her teeth and shook her head.


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