After the sunset had turned blood red sunset and only little light was left, they got to the shore.



The man secured the wooden boat, covered it with a thick layer of branches, then took his prey and walked along the shore.



Mu Qing silently followed him into a cave beside the shore.
It was not very deep inside, but it could be seen that there were traces of people having been here before.



She guessed that this was probably a temporary place for them both to spend the night.



The man lit a fire at the entrance of the cave like the night before, he pierced the hind leg he had just torn off from the deer’s body with a sharp wooden stick and put it on the fire to roast.


Mu Qing just sat at the entrance of the cave and watched.


He turned it around to roast for a moment, then looked back at her, and beckoned her to come over.


Mu Qing walked up to him.


He handed the deer leg to her, motioned for her to continue roasting, before getting up and disappearing into the jungle by himself.



It was completely dark all around.
Not far away, the night sky on the river was still dark blue, and the star lights were a little dazzling to the eyes.
The river was flowing quietly, and from time to time something in the middle of the river jumped out and showed its head, before diving back into the bottom again, the ripples it made had yet to reach the shore that already the creature had disappeared without a trace.



Animals should normally be afraid of fire.
So Mu Qing was not too worried at the moment.


That deer leg was a little heavy, Mu Qing turned it around, back and forth for a while, but then she felt that she wasn’t going to able to hold on to it for much longer.
She originally wanted to put it on the ground, but thinking about it, since this was also her own dinner, no matter what, she had to make it tasty so that she could have the appetite, so she used both hands to hold on to it.  The deer legs squeaked and bubbled oil, which dripped into the fire which was burning vigorously.
Mu Qing felt that her whole body was being roasted by the heat, especially her skin that had been smeared with that layer of coconut juice, she felt very uncomfortable.


Just as she wanted to step back, she suddenly heard a strange rustling sound.
Following the sound, she turned to look, and that piece of deer meat in her hand fell to the ground with a “pa”.


A big snake, thick like a large bowl, was crazily roaming towards her.



Mu Qing shouted loudly, and started to run forward in a panic, almost falling down.



After running for more than ten meters, she felt that something was wrong, there was a crackling sound behind her, like cold water was being poured into a fire.


Mu Qing couldn’t help but look back.
She saw that the snake was actually rolling inside the fire.
Now the fire was almost on the point of extinction, and it was emitting white smoke upwards.


Mu Qing was dumbstruck.


At this moment, the man had already run out of the forest, it was probably her shouting just now that had made him come back.
When he saw that she was okay, his expression relaxed, and when he saw the scene in the fire, his face actually showed a very happy look.


The snake had already extinguished the fire more or less.
It then seemed to have noticed that there was someone around, as it suddenly raised its neck, ready to make an attack.



The man quickly attacked and beat the snake’s head with a wooden stick, before strangling its throat and tongue, and lifting it up in the air.
The snake vigorously struggled around in the air for a while, its tail swayed around, making “pa” sounds while its mouth was emitting a frightening hissing sound.
Very slowly, it finally stopped and hung straight in the air.



The man threw the snake aside and hurried to go inside the cave, when he came out, he had a stone knife that had been sharpened into a thin blade in his hand.


Mu Qing saw him open the snake mouth and touch the snake teeth with his hand, with an expression on his face that looked like he had just found a treasure.

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