Mu Qing just kept sitting on the ground with her head bowed, letting him roar, while she wrapped her hands around her ribs to slowly probe.

She was afraid that her ribs had really been broken, in that case, it would really not be a joke.

She touched all around, but it wasn’t as painful as just before.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Probably because he had noticed her movements, the man stopped yelling and squatted down in front of her.

Chapter 9


Mu Qing hurriedly removed her hands from her ribs and stood up at once, only to find out that her legs were still shaking.
But she was still able to stand.

Seeing her like this, the man also stood up, walked towards the monster bird, and squatted down.

Although a spear was pierced through the chest of that monster bird, but it wasn’t dead, and it was still unceasingly sweeping its wings on the ground.
Seeing that the man was coming towards itself, perhaps the hatred was giving it impulsion on its last moments of life, but the monster bird suddenly raised its head up, and its beak quickly pecked towards his face.

He reacted very quickly and with agility, he immediately inclined his head to the side, but his shoulder was pecked and left with a very deep hole.
Blood immediately gushed out.

The monster bird had missed his target, and one of his iron wings violently swept over him.

The man was caught off guard, and this time was heavily slapped to the ground.
Lying there, his appearance looked somewhat funny.
Mu Qing let out a shriek, and then saw him quickly get up, roaring in anger.
With a “poof”, he pulled the long spear out of the bird’s body, then with another “poof”, he once again pierced heavily into its body, right through its chest.

The monster bird let out a wretched and shrill screech, before it finally stopping moving.

The man’s face was brimming with ruthlessness, he looked as vicious as a malicious demon coming straight from hell.

This time, Mu Qing was really a bit frightened, especially when his eyes, which seemed to contain a blue light, looked towards her direction, she unconsciously took a step back.

Fortunately, the man did not pay attention to her, he only cared about his own business as he walked towards a pile of large tree roots, he pulled out from a corner a handful of unknown grass, stuffed it into his mouth and chewed it for a moment.
He then spitted it out on the palm of his hand, and applied it on his shoulder wound.
After that, he went back to the monster bird, slightly crouched down, and using the spear and a little force, flung the body onto his shoulders.
With big strides, he walked back towards the direction of the wooden house.

When he passed by Mu Qing, a few syllables came out of his mouth.
Mu Qing guessed he was probably saying “come with me”, or “if you’re not coming, then wait for death here” or something with the same meaning.
After saying his piece, he did not care about her, and just walked forward on his own.

Mu Qing did not hesitate this time, and immediately followed after him.

Although the man was carrying the large bird on his shoulders, which was probably weighing around one hundred kilos, but he was walking very fast, for every step he took, Mu Qing had to walk two steps to keep up with.

All the way, she had been trying very hard to keep up, but gradually she fell behind, about twenty meters were separating them.

With this kind of distance in such a dense forest, one could get lost in a blink of an eye.

A little dejected, Mu Qing gritted her teeth and directly started running to catch up with him.

Probably because he heard the sound of her footsteps behind him stepping over the dead leaves, he turned around to look at her, and started walking at a slower pace.

Mu Qing told herself that he was probably also be a little tired, which was why he was slowing down the pace.

At first, Mu Qing thought that she had managed to escape quite far away, but making the trip back, she found out that, just then, she actually had not run very far away at all.
It was probably even less than one kilometer away.

Seeing yet again that big tree with the wooden house, Mu Qing quickly walked a few steps, before suddenly and heavily dropping on the ground that was covered with dead leaves.
Leaning back against a tree stump, she let out a long breath.

Being back to the place where she had stayed one night, it surprised her to find out that she seemed to feel a sense of security about this place in her heart.

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