An Ordinary Story I guess….

An Unfair Bargain (2)

ilar ” He tossed it back into the menu.

”Oooh, this is cool ” he brought out this plain looking sword ”I remember this from a web novel I read this one time, check this out ”

He grabbed it by the hilt and concentrated on something. The sword turned ice blue with a cold aura, then it turned glowing light giving it some holy property ”No I don think this is your type of weapon ”

He was really getting on my nerves, I was about to say something, but it looked like he found the jackpot.

”I got it! It was right in front of me this whole time, I remember you in the first trail, looking so badass with that little baton, so I give you… ”


T+-he sound of a cashier making its sale was in the background.

[Gift received from ?Jon?]

[Tactical Stun Baton]

He handed me a baton, it looked way more professional than the plastic one I had in the first trail, it seemed to be made out of some kind of metal, its handle was smooth and easy to grip as I swung it around a little, the peculiar part of this thing was the large, bulbous metal on the end and the buttons that laid near the handle.

I immediately recognized this. My father was a police officer and on occasion I went to his workplace and saw people practicing with these things, and of course my father gave one to my eight-year-old self, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

I pressed a button forward and a high-density flashlight showed its light, then I pressed the button backwards and there was another one at the handle, so I pressed that in unison. This large cackling sound came from the top of the baton as these small, controlled, electric currents sparked. This thing will come in handy, Im sure of it.

”Thanks, I owe you ”

Jon seemed to be flustered ”Well shucks you don owe me anything, you
e my bestest pal in the world! ” He now rubbed the back of his head over as if he was giving himself too much credit.

He snapped out of his praise high and went straight to Clay. ”As my most extra best friend in the world, I got you this little thing ” he handed him a metal rod that got thinner at the end of it, he explained it should help him get things from a distance.

[two viewers appreciate Jons generosity and donate him kredits to accommodate his good deeds]

He saw the notification and for a split second he had this shit eating grin and went back to his little act, that little smug bastard, thats why he was helping us, I didn know we were getting paid for doing mediocre stuff like this…

After that whole charade, with a little bit of suggesting to one another, most of us had geared up.

Marcus bought this sort of wrapping tape and tapped his hands up in a way like how boxers do, Scott bought shin guards similar to the ones he used in the taekwondo matches weve watched many times, I think Kaleb went a little overboard and got these leather shoulder pads and this really fancy short sword that was at least twenty inches and it was attached to his belt, Peter bought some little slingshot which will come in handy for someone like him, Kai was the weirdest as she only bought a tool belt that wrapped around her waist, and last but not least Jon… had nothing

”Hey Jon, where are your weapons or armor, theres literally nothing new on you? ” I asked

”Dude I swear, I got this mega ultra-cool skill from my random skill box and bought other cool skills, I didn want to waste my precious ludicrous amounts of money on- ” he looked me in the eyes as I already knew where this was going, he sighed ”I wasted it on yall, buying those cool weapons, but its okay, I did actually get some skills that I can attack with ”

I put my hand to my face, Jon is a good guy but sometimes he goes too far with things to the point he forgets about himself, at least his heart was in the right place. I put my hand on his shoulder and reassure I will give him my moneys worth for the baton and wand.

”By the way, how much was this thing? ” I ask

”Six thousand kredits ”

I retracted my arm and immediately left him, whistling like I didn hear or say anything.

”Lets go, no time to waste ” Kaleb spoke in a firm voice. We told Milo we were ready and a bright doorway opened, it was wide enough to fit all of us at once.

The feminine announcer started to speak ”Before you leave, I have one personal request ”

”I thought you were programmed; how can a machine have something personal to ask? ” Peter inquired in a questionable tone.

”I am more than just a code young man, but this request is not from me, but from one of the revisors ”

Now thats a word I haven heard, they
e probably the ones running this whole thing.

”They wanted to test this experimental guide system to help contestants who are new to this situation ”

”Is this guide thing like a person or another a.i.? ” I asked, but Kai asked more firmly, ”What do we get for taking this? ”

”To put it into simple matters, the best I can describe it in human terms is a pet, but you will find its companionship and functions quite helpful when needed ”

A small opening appeared from the floor below Marcus and this cylinder popped out into the air, he caught it with ease, but the cylinder looked as if it was melting, no, it was more like it was softening into a liquid. Marcus quickly tried swatting the now slimy metal, instead, it just went up his arm and into his sleeve. He stood in place like a statue, unsure what to do, then it leaped onto Clay and started moving around inside his clothes too.

”It is just getting a feel for its new owners, thats if you accept to take it ”

The weird metal now wrapped onto Clays forearm and sealed itself making almost a bracer, but it had this triangular shape and outlining it were small lights.

This new hologram appeared from the triangle outline; it was just an orb though.


The orb made a stagnant sound and gyrated, its like it was trying to speak to Clay. He just stared at the thing trying to think of something, thats when a glint of importance shown,

”I think it wants us to take it, and I think we should ” Clay said with a firm voice.

”We can just take this thing like its a stray kitten- ” he stared at me with those blue eyes of his ”…until we take a vote for it ” it pained me to say that.

His eyes gleamed with happiness as he raised his hand in the air quickly ”Votes to keep the cool thing! ”

None of us didn even barge, it was something unknown and alien like. It began moving erratically and fell to the floor, we all stood back as it transformed its shape into a metal body of a cat, but its head was a blue hologram.

*Mreeow* its robotic voice tried imitating a cat as it licked its paws as well.

”I have to admit, thats kinda cute ” Jon said while easing his hand into the air frantically ”Its got my vote! ” The cat now transformed back into an arm bracer and attached itself onto Peter this time. He looked shocked at first but then just started to stare into it as well, he touched the orb and it transformed into an interface of sorts, he now looked amazed.

”I suppose we can keep it ” he said with no emotion.

”I guess Im with him ” Kai uttered after.

Then one by one we all decided to give this thing a chance, with me being the last one to raise my hand, Clay looked saddened. The metal now made its way onto my arm, the feeling of the weird combination of warm and dense, liquid rising up my arm, it went into my hoodie sleeve, and I felt this tickling sensation on my armpit, I raised my arm to try and get it out of there, but it hardened and stuck my arm in the air.

”It looks like its got my vote as well ”

We all chuckled a little bit then we got serious as we inched closer to the doorway.

”I must give you the thanks from the Administration, they will be pleased to hear about this. Once you are ready, please proceed to the exit ”

”Wait! ” Clay yelled back ”Mrs. Milo, does it have a name? ”

Thats what he wanted to ask?

”It does not a name per say, just an appointed code of consisting of A13K-BT727 ”

”A1, like that sauce? ” Jon dumbly asked, making us shake our heads.

”It almost spells the name Alek in the beginning, I think thats what we should nickname it ” remarked Peter.

*Ber-Woo!* the little orb exclaimed that noise as it moved up and down with some form of excitement.

”Its settled then, because I don want to waste any more time here ” Kaleb now demanded with his usual serious demeanor as we now stood face first from the doorway.

Before stepping a foot into the doorway, I gave everybody the walkie talkie and confirmed that it was literally just that, it was put in the menu to help talk to other people with the same ability, so we all connected to the same frequency.

”Remember the instructions I told you, best of luck contestants, may you make a good story ” Milo said as she shut off, I wonder what she meant by instructions.

”When did she tell us instructions? ” Scott asked.

”When we all went to the shop interfaces, I hate to admit it, but I didn listen to most of it ” Peter answered with regret in his voice

”I heard it though! ” We gazed at Jon as he presented himself as some all-knowing genius.

”Then what were they? ”

”I don know, I forgot, Im sure we will be fine though ”

We all slapped our faces, of course the idiot has the information to stop us from probably killing ourselves by accident.

We could not let this set us back, Jon was the first as he jumped through with glee in his laugh.

Next was Marcus and Scott, they both met each others gaze, Scott smiled and showed his fist, Marcus grew a faint smirk and fist bumped him before walking in together.

After those two, were the lovebirds, they simply held each others hands as they marched in headstrong.

Last but not least, it was our turn, Kaleb remarked he wished he was home, and Clay tried to be optimistic as he could, they stumbled in together and all that was left was me.

■He was hesitant, it almost felt like a fantasy, here he was with his friends and were going on an adventure, well more like a mission that they were forced to do to save their planet, but still, He never could have even imagined finding himself in a place like this. With one deep breath and a small bottle of courage, he wandered into the unknown■

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