An Ordinary Story I guess….

A Static Amongst Protagonists

*Drring* *Drring*

The sound of my alarm rang through my ears, I half-knowingly placed my hand on the phone and the alarm stopped. Work was physically demanding as usual so why can I treat myself with a couple more minutes of sleep? God, I just realized how sad that sounds.

*Drring* *Drring*

What the hell? I thought I turned it off.

In the moment, my half-awake body just threw the phone across the room, the alarm is faint but its manageable.

As I rest my eyes for a second time and wonder if I could just dream the day away, but its been a long time since that ever happened.

There was a moment where I felt weightless as if Im flying in the air, then suddenly, a soft surface stifled my flight. I open my eyes to see my carpeted bedroom floor and hear a grumbling voice say,

”Dammit can you just get up and out on time for once in your life ”

They say that like they would know what I have to go through just to get up in the morning,

I get off the floor and rub my crusted eyes to perfectly see the asshole in front of me.

The person who decided to awaken me from my beauty sleep was none other than a boy that wore a camo V-neck and dark jeans, who was barely taller than me, has sun kissed skin, brown hair in a military cut, and for some reason acts like an ass most days.

■For his name was Kaleb Sangstun, a good friend that hes known since kindergarten. He wasn the coolest, or the smartest, nor bravest person someone could have as a good friend. That begs the question to why these two stuck together. Maybe out of necessity or no reason at all■

”Hurry up man, we can afford to waste any more time, or I swear I will drag you all the way there ” he exclaimed with impatience

”Is that an invitation? ”

He didn even respond to my awesome retort and stormed off to wait outside.

I collected my thoughts while I checked the weather today; it was going to be pretty cold in the morning, so I decided to wear my casual t-shirt and jeans with a gray hoodie.

Before leaving my bedroom, I stared at myself in my mirror. I should feel pity, but I don even deserve that much.

■He repeated his boring name multiple times like his parents before. Mathew Grayson. The nobody who made it all throughout his life doing nothing, making it by with mediocre test scores and common after school activities. He was an average high schooler who contemplated his life after his last day, but he couldn imagine how his life was about to take a turn for the better and worst■

As I headed downstairs, I contemplated to see if there was a chance of getting a quick snack, how easily my mood changed when I saw my parents together in the kitchen.

I scoffed to myself.

Thats a rare sight, better just get out now before-

Right as I opened the door and almost out the house, I heard the same fake words I hear every time I leave.

”Love you son ”

I shut the door to be greeted by the usual bustling streets and Kaleb who was looking at his digital watch.

”About time, lets hurry or else well be late, you don want to be tardy on our last day? ” Kaleb said with an unimpressed tone.

Its almost hard to believe that today is our last day of our school lives, every one of our friends has their goals already set in stone for their futures, but what will happen after today?

I look to the other conjoined townhouses the same as mine, how long have I seen the same bricks, the same pizza restaurant that serves crappy food, how many times will I see these things again and again?

My mind filled with more questions for myself, anxious thoughts have always been the better of me, but enough with the hypotheticals, its just a waste of time so I just gotta live in the moment, or at least thats what one of our friends says all the time…

That idiot, he doesn know but he rubs off on everyone, whether thats a good or bad thing.

As we continue our walk just normally chatting about how we think the day is going to happen or making fun of each other, we heard the yelling of a boy among an ocean of other voices on the crowded sidewalk.

”Hey! Wait up guys! ”

We turned our heads to see the familiar face of a tall boy with blonde hair and kind blue eyes who always wore some graphic t-shirt with motivational quotes. Todays shirt said, We Rise by Lifting Others I swear those give me secondhand embarrassment just to be around my cousin.

■He lied of course, seeing this boys face brought the only sense of joy to Matthew. The boys name was Clay Grayson. The most kind and purest person anyone can meet and the only one known to Matthew. He was never meant to be corrupted by their faults, and though it was never detected, he too had his flaws■

”Hey Clay, I said before that I would leave you if you didn show up on the usual path to Matts house ” Kaleb said

”Sorry, I know but I just woke up late thats all, come on, you can keep me on that deal, right? ” Clay huffed out trying to catch his breath, he may be chubby, but he sure can run, however, thats not good enough for Kaleb because he already had a strict posture and spoke.

”NOPE, you agreed with full confidence that you would buy lunch if you came late yesterday so you know what that means ”

Oh boy, here he goes.

”It means that we
e eating Chinese again, oorah! ”

As he raises his prideful fist in the air, I jab him in the side of the ribs with my elbow.

”Gah*, Hey man- ”

I cut him off,

”Listen, Mister We
e gonna be late look at the time ” I show him my phones clock that stated

[7:28 a.m.]

”Shit we
e going to be late! Come on lets go ” he recited in a panic as he dashed off.

I followed close, I swear he worried too much about that perfect attendance even on our last day.

”Come on I just got here ” Clay retorted with a deep huff.

We hurried along the sidewalk as quick as we could, cutting a few corners and slightly pushing against crowds until we stumbled our way to our multi floored High school, the rush of other late students outside could be seen from the front sidewalks but luckily, weve seen these enough times.

I whip out my phone while we hurried along the side of the building going up a series of stairs and go to my contacts looking for a name,

[ Pete ]

I pressed the contact and sent a text of only a single word ”backdoor ” while we hurried our way to the third floor, we came across the door of one of the fire escapes.

A moment passes until the sound of two separate footsteps are heard on the other side.

A couple seconds went by when the thick metal door was released. A girl wearing an outfit consisting of overalls and a baggy shirt ushered us inside while I saw a boy with large, round glasses next to the door fidgeting with the lever to not activate the emergency shift.

”There, you guys owe us lunch for doing this ya know ”

The girl that had been helping is Kaileah Eliki, who was as tall as me with golden brown skin, had frizzy dark hair with dyed tips put into a messy bun, and a playful type of vibe, but that is not to be mistaken by her pride.

■Its said that her pride was so fierce, it could even rival the sun in boldness. She was a competitive girl who grew up with seven brothers and her fathers mechanic shop. Her warmness brought others close, and some would even get burned, with an exception of course. That being a certain moon who saw beyond her surface■

”Stop it Kai, thats a little too much ”

Said a boy almost a foot smaller than her wearing jean shorts and a black sweater, his name is Peter Adzumi, he has fair skin with short dark hair parted in the middle. His intelligent face looked as if a woodcarver slowly crafted it with fine lines and was complimented by attentive eyes under a pair of large, round glasses.

■He was an observer. His cold aura and fierce gaze could be felt from a mile away. He was gifted with an amazing brain but was inept with social encounters. Thats why many referred him as a moon, something so out of reach that they could only gaze at its beauty and elegance from afar. Maybe thats why the Sun also stared back■

Kaileah contemplated for a moment until she gave in,

”I guess you
e right, that is too harsh. They should get us some dessert at ChilBs after grad ”

”We will just put it on Matts tab ” Kaleb loudly whispered ”Clay lets go, don want to want to get on Mrs. Johnsons bad side AGAIN ”

He then pushed them aside while giving a quick nod of appreciation while Clay followed after and thanked them profusely. After they left, we heard the bell for classes to start

”Alright, I guess I should be going too, see yall tonight ” I say as I head to my home room class.

Throughout the day I just napped in between classes or eavesdropped in conversations that were none of my business. Some people talked about their plans for the summer and other seniors talked about careers. It was my period before lunch when there was a big commotion in our group chat because that idiot started trouble again.

[BigBlair]: Guys you won believe what Jon did again

[FutureSoldier76]: What did he do this time?

[KaiE13]: if its another ”Mr. T situation ” Im going to laugh

[BigBlair]: So get this, we were just walking down the hallway back from the cafeteria when the principal came out of his office and greeted us

[me]: I don like where this is going…

[BigBlair]: we had a small chat then we continued on our way but as soon as we finished our conversation Jon managed to trip on his own laces (that are-tied mind you) and spilled milk all over the principal!

[GrayClay]: Oh no :0!! Are they okay??

[KaiE13]: oh my goodness, thats to good XD

[Marc]: lol

[BigBlair]: He did the usual kiss ass move but now he is gonna be out for lunch because he has to help out set up the stuff for graduation

[FutureSoldier76]: Great, just what we needed, how does he keep doing this stuff?

[Me]: I swear he goes from being the luckiest guy in the world to being the unluckiest.

[GrayClay]: Remember that one time he managed to make a bet with the Chemistry Teacher to make everyones final quiz a one hundred?

[FutureSoldier76]: Ugh, I still can believe he managed to win that dumb bet

[EthanKing]: Wait, wasn the bet something like ”If I can win three times in a game of chance ”?

[Me]: Yeah, thats basically it, I swear he just took advantage of the situation because we all know the teach goes to Vegas every chance he gets-

[Seen by Peter]

”Mister Grayson! ” A cryptic, old voice wailed my name.

Oh no, this can be good. I raise my head to see a middle-aged woman with greying brunette hair and a strict stature saying,

”Can you tell me what it is you are doing in my class? ” The teacher yelled across the room and looked straight into me with a disappointing look ”I know its your last day, but can you tell when the lunch bell rings?? ”

Now that she mentions it the room appears to be empty, I guess I wasn paying too much attention again

”I swear, throughout the years I thought you would at least get that head of yours out of the clouds ” she gives me a cold stare before continuing with a sigh ”You still don know what you want to do? ”

I remain silent, it is always a hard topic when someone mentions my future, because I am unsure what it is I want.

”Well, I hope you have a good life, I really cared about you kids, now leave before I start growing older ”

She now glanced out her window onto the street of other bellowing high schoolers getting lunch across the street from the nearby restaurants.

I should probably tell her now…

”Thank you miss, you were always a great teacher ”

No, I can tell her, just keep your thoughts to yourself. I gather my things and leave the classroom where I make my way out to a courtyard where some people go instead of the cafeteria.

When I got outside a chill wind ran through the courtyard that made me question if I should have eaten inside. I passed some other tables filled with other seniors and people who formed their own clique of friends to the most hidden table out here, Im pretty sure most people can even tell there was a table back here due to all the shrubbery and laziness of the school. When I passed through, I already found two figures bringing out their lunch bags.

”Did you see the Beavers last night, that Manny Carey guy is doing great for them, might make it to the playoffs! ”

A figure said ecstatically with a head of curly burnt, orange hair accompanied by long, matching sideburns and small hairs on the chin. An average build, and hazel eyes that seem to reflect life. Their name is Aideen Blair, but we call him Scott for, well, obvious reasons.

■From a family of who were once aristocrats. He was always set to high standards. Then why was he in such a ”Lowbrow ” Highschool. Well, being born with a silver spoon does have its perks. Sadly, his silver spoon could never help his way out of being s people pleaser. Neutrality could be the death of him, never picking sides, even when it was hurtful■

The guy he was talking too just nodded and silently ate his food. The quiet brute who sat with a taller stature than Aideen is named Marcus Clementine.

A tough-looking guy with almond skin and a hardy build to compliment it, shortened deep brown hair and a square face that looked to be made from stone, no emotion ever could be seen under those calm brown eyes.

■An unmovable mountain. No matter how the wind howled he would not fall. That was always believed by everyone. He was an unbreakable wall. Yet, his internal beasts battled with him every day. He was not so different from everyone else than he believed to be■

I sit down on my usual corner of the table where Aideen greeted me with a fancy sandwich in his hand.

”Hey, whats up man, a little late but I think Clay and Kaleb already left across the street for food ”

I finished typing a text on my phone,

”Yeah, I just texted Clay to get what I want ”

”Cool well I was just chatting with Clem here about- ”

While he was muttering his usual babble about sports, I couldn help but feel like something was off, the air ran still and not in a way thats natural. Then the sky darkened as if a storm was brewing.


He was cut off by the wail of a siren. What the hell? this doesn sound like a drill and there wasn any mention of an alarm today, maybe it was an accident or some senior trying to pull one last prank.


It shrieked again but my mind was already filled with anxieties on what this siren is meant for.

”Aideen, Matthew, lets get moving ”

Marcus announced with his deep voice and a calm resolve. I was going to ask why but I already saw the sight of most students in hysteria, some looked confused while others started to book it for the doors.

Before we can rush to the doors, a loud crash was heard from the inside, not a moment later a garbage truck came through the wall of the school and onto the courtyard.

I couldn believe what I just witnessed; thank goodness no one was hurt…

I felt my whole body shake and I woke up from an unconscious state. It was Scott, he had both his arms on my shoulders and violently rocking me back and forth while moving his lips. I couldn hear him though.

Thats when I saw it, looking past his shoulder onto the garbage truck, under the wheels was a crushed arm, a pool of blood started leaking from under the truck as well.

I wanted to throw up, I wanted to shout in horror, but I couldn move.

Aideen forced me off my feet and we started moving. Marcus cleared some of the ruble and we went into the school through the hole in the wall.

We rushed in, battling through the crowd of people with Marcus in the front. I could have sworn I saw a student or two crushed under some fallen bricks, calling out for help as others trembled over them.

The voices of multiple people muttering, screaming and yelling full of discord could be heard echoing around the halls. It took time until we made it to the sidewalk.

The streets were already in chaos as there were screeching cars trying to rush by and make it out of the city, other cars weren so lucky and found themselves into the hundreds of people coming from the school and buildings in the surrounding area.

The streets were soon flooded in confusion, but I was too preoccupied with my own racing thoughts, or more importantly, I was looking for Clay amongst the sea of people.


My line of thinking couldn collect themselves as a thundering crack was heard from the sky, and everyone gazed upon the atmosphere. It began to turn a blood red with the clouds circulating into one huge point.


Another was heard, the clouds began to shatter and form a spiraling hole. It then grew until nothing, but a pitch-black void could be seen.

Thats when IT came.

A large, fleshy blob of tentacles, paws, hands, eyes, mouths could be seen coming from the hole.

I couldn concentrate as other people started to scream in fear while pointing upwards. A new sound filled my eardrums.

*Ding* *Ding*

Where they hell is that ringing coming from?

Theres so much information to take in right now, I couldn think straight! When things couldn get weirder, a set of floating letters came in front of me.

[Your *** has been called, good luck surviving]

That was the last thing I saw before everything faded to black.

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