An Ordinary Story I guess….

Prologue?? Is this the End or the Beginning?

You find yourself in an undiscerning space, you think you were sitting down just passing the time by finding a reading website, but also suppose you may have taken an object from a forgotten shelf, perhaps you were even falling into a story?

The possibilities where you once were are blurred out as all you see is nothing, no color or light. The subject of the matter now is whether you bring your attention to the figure sitting in front of you.

There is nothing human-like about it.

It has no literal body, yet seems to have two floating, hand-like limbs and feet which glow with small dots and a dark colored epidermis that reminds you of space.

Then, where you think the head should be is just a collection of darkness and the same sparkling dots sporadically moving around.

The dots shimmer every once and a while, then all of a sudden, they move with swift speeds and focus on you like a pair of eyes.

■Hey, you
e finally awake■

An undistinguishable collection of voices echos in your ears.

■What am I saying you can even speak, someone like you isn even supposed to be in this area■

There was a pause of uncertainty

■Or are you?■

It says as they plant their feet on the blank ground and reach their hands into the air, appearing to pick something from the air.

It sits back down on its invisible chair and starts making small movements with their glowing hands as if they were writing something, but there was no object to write on, they then flick their hand in a backwards motion.

Suddenly, a series of pictures flooded the walls and floors moving past you both. You catch glimpses of scenes and can hear words from male and female alike.

”Everyone, I lied ”

A boy with black, unkempt hair spoke with an annoying voice.

A few pictures pass again, and you catch a scene of guy with dark brown hair and a serious face, he was wearing elaborate, dark armor and had a look of determination.

”Ill go up or down to bring you back! Count on it ”

That scene was skipped, and you
e now presented with a picture of a girl who had white hair but the thing that caught your eye was her tearful eyes and sobbing voice.

”I did love them! You have NO RIGHT to know how I feel! ” she screamed at the top of her lungs to some audience.

You couldn watch the rest as now a view of what you think is a group of people gathered around a hooded individual.

”Why do you care? This will all be forgotten anyways ” the singular figure said with a sullen tone

The pictures started slowing down, and everything came to a halt, there was now an impeccable silence once again with just you and the figure.

■You were probably wondering what that was■

They say while continuing to write,

■You see, Im help

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