did not even have time to react before he was tackled to the floor by the woman. He could only stare at her dumbfounded as he looked at the lady. He had no clue who she was! But he knew one thing, and that was that he could not let go of his knife! He would need it if he wanted to gain any levels. And because of this, a struggle ensued.

But this only lasted a few minutes when a roar of a gruff voice entered the room. ”What the hell is going on!? Maybel get off the boy! ”

”Ricky! This damn boy was about to stab himself! ” Maybel yelled out as she slowly crawled up to the floor. Vance took this chance to unequip his knife and store it away.

”With what!? The kids bare handed!? Are you seeing things, you damn woman!? ” Ricky marched into the room. He looked around and saw nothing but a ratty old bed and a broken stand. ”I swear, you need to let off the ale in the morning. ”

”Ricky, I haven touched any ale today! But… I could swear there was a knife! ” Maybel ran over and began looking around. She saw nothing. There was no knife. She was confused. The knife was so big! How could it have vanished!?

”I think you are still drunk from yesterday. Anyway, Vance, get off your ass and get to chopping wood! So old, yet you laze around every day. This house can not support slackers! I did not give birth to a lazy son! ” Ricky yelled out before glaring at Maybel and then stomping out of the room.

Vance sat up in a daze. ”Just now….. ”

”Vance, hurry up and do as your father said…. ” Maybel was still trying to figure out what had just happened. She turned and walked out of the room after leaving these words.

Vance slowly got up and re-equipped his knife. He then ran it across his arm. A sharp pain made him cringe slightly as he watched a line of red blood begin to form. In the top corner, he saw his health drop by two points. He touched the blood, and it felt warm and wet. His eyes opened in shock.

”Its real….. ” Vance took out a potion and drank it. His arm quickly healed, and his health returned to full. But now he felt fear for the first time. He was only level one which was strange for someone his age. He had seen little kid NPCs that were level five or higher. So for him to be level one and at least in his high teens, maybe even his real age of twenty, then he would be considered very weak! ”Status menu! ”

[Name]: Vance

[Age]: 20

[Level]: 1

[Race]: Human

[Evolution]: N/A

[HP]: 50/50

[MP]: 20/20

[Attack Power]: 30

[Magic Power]: 20

[Status Points]: 0

[Strength]: 3

[Vitality]: 5

[Intelligence]: 2

[Mind]: 2

[Agility]: 2

[Skill Points]: 0


Vance looked at his stats and clenched his fists. His almost one million health was nothing more than a mere fifty health. And all his stats were so weak that he felt like crying…. ”This is worse than having to start off as a mage to become a sword mage later on…. ”

Just thinking about the hard times he had when he first started leveling up made Vance want to die. But he was currently afraid of dying! He did not know, with his current circumstances, if he would actually be able to respawn. Such a thought scared him. He had no idea what was going on, but it seemed he was stuck in the game and as a weak NPC at that!

Vance took a few deep breaths before thinking of something. ”If I work hard and try to gain a few levels plus grab the items needed to gain stats before the games opening. Then maybe I can figure something out once other players enter the game…. That is if the clock and this world are the same as before…. ”

Vance had so many questions and no answers. He could only try to calmly look at his current situation and try to survive and grow stronger for the time being. ”Vance, don make me come in there and drag your ass out here. Quickly get out here and chop this wood, or no food for you for a week! ”

Ricky yelled into the house from outside. Vance snapped out of his thoughts and decided to do what he needed to do for the time being. He had six days, according to the clock, before the game opened. He had to do what he could to prepare. Because once players join, if they do join…. He would need to be strong enough so that he could deal with any unforeseen events. Because in this game, even NPCs were not safe from players. Players could freely rob and kill NPCs if they were strong enough….

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