The mentors believed that they had seen all sorts of trainees among the 98 individuals they had reviewed, and they didn't expect anyone to surprise them anymore.
However, there seemed to be a reason why the production team placed this person last.


The first impression was of his tall height, then his clothing, as if he was about to attend a press conference.
The white suit looked exquisite in craftsmanship.
Although the style was simple, the cut complemented his figure, making him appear extraordinarily tall and upright.


Due to the dim lighting in the audience area, it was difficult to see clearly.
But when he walked onto the stage, even the mentors couldn't help but stare blankly for a moment.


No wonder the production team placed him last.
If he came first, the following trainees would have all paled in comparison.
Even now, if he were to appear in the same frame as the other trainees, it would also have this effect.


“My God, are there really people who look this good in real life?” Chatterbox Lu Zhi seemed to have more energy than the others and still appeared lively.


The person sitting next to him, who had previously lost all hope, regained some spirit upon seeing Han Suyan.
“He's really good-looking…
I shouldn't have come on this show.
I don't stand a chance with my skills, so I thought I could rely on my face, but now it seems that this isn’t going to work at all.”


People around them also felt disheartened, feeling sour to the point they couldn’t even feel sour anymore.
“If a face like that appeared in the same shot as me, who would even look at me…?”


“Let's not even mention it, I finally understand what it means to be overshadowed when standing together in the same frame.
I thought it was just an exaggeration, but now I see that people's innate conditions can really create a wall between people.”


“If I end up in the same group as him, it means we’ll be compared in the same frame every day.
Just the thought of it is terrifying, bro.”


The mentors couldn't help but look Han Suyan up and down for a few rounds.
This was truly a case of being blessed by heaven.
If his strength was also acceptable, there wouldn't be anything for anyone else to do.
Even if he couldn't do anything, he could probably become a flower vase (1) in web dramas and still have plenty of young girls paying for his face.


“Hello, teachers.
I am Han Suyan, 20 years old, majoring in law at Beijing University,” Han Suyan, dressed in a business-style white suit that looked out of place, spoke calmly and unhurriedly, as if giving a speech at a commendation ceremony for young entrepreneurs.


“…Law major?” Yin Suli felt that this show was truly godly.
Where did they find so many people with the correct hardware(2) but mismatched profession? She glanced at the information and was somewhat shocked.
“…Beijing University? That Beijing University, in a broader sense?”

Han Suyan: “En.”


Yin Suli raised an eyebrow subconsciously and asked bluntly, “Why would you, a law student, participate in a singing and dancing competition talent show?”


Han Suyan, who had exuded an extraordinary calmness since stepping on stage, responded in a peaceful tone, as if basking in the sun in his own backyard, “All personal choices that do not violate the law are the freedom of citizens.”


Yin Suli: “…”


She felt this this kind of heart attack feeling seemed a little familiar.


Yin Suli: “You're quite unique, aren't you?”


Han Suyan was very candid, saying, “At the moment, yes.
It should disappear once I complete my Ph.D.”


Yin Suli: “…”


Alright, you're quite meticulous.


Producer Cui Zhihao tried his best not to burst into laughter and coughed dryly before dutifully cueing the program (3), “Then, did you have any experience with singing and dancing before coming here?”


Han Suyan replied, “Yes, but also no.”


Cui Zhihao almost choked.
These trainees were quite difficult to handle.
He tactfully commented, “Indeed, very meticulous.”


Han Suyan responded, “Thank you, it is an occupational disease.
I am trying to change that and learn how to make my words contain more loopholes, but it is difficult and will take some time.”


Cui Zhihao quickly lowered his head, taking a deep breath to control himself from laughing too much.


Yin Suli took a deep breath.
“Has anyone ever told you that you're more suited to be a comedian than a member of a boy group?”


She was just teasing, but Han Suyan actually showed a serious expression as if in reminiscence, then nodded, “The director did say that after watching my audition stage.”


The mentors immediately felt a strong sense of curiosity.
What kind of stage performance could have such this kind of effect?


Yao Chen asked him, “Is what you are going to perform dance?”


Han Suyan replied, “Well, you could say that.
It is something I have been often practicing since I was young.”


Yin Suli said, “Quickly start your performance.”


Han Suyan went through the procedures with strict precision and nodded calmly.


The trainees were all guessing what he would perform, but Han Suyan turned out to be a man who surprised everyone.


When the prelude began, everyone's expressions became lifeless.


Han Suyan, with his exquisite appearance and calm demeanor, performed with impeccable precision.
He didn't show any signs of slacking off and even managed his expressions flawlessly.
It was just that the movements and music were all too familiar…


It was the national middle school radio gymnastics routine.

The resounding and passionate “One, two, three, four” echoed throughout the entire studio.


It was so subversive that the mentors forgot to stop him, and the venue fell into complete silence, with only the brainwashing and powerful broadcast voices heard.
Listening to the entire routine, it was a little beyond comprehension.


Approaching 3 am, with Yin Suli's mind filled with radio gymnastics (4), they put an end to this surrealistic and creative performance.


Han Suyan didn’t mean to be perfunctory at all; he was very serious.


After the dance, Producer Cui Zhihao asked, “We’ve already come to fully know where your strengths are.
But why did you choose to perform this…
radio gymnastics routine? Is it because it's relatively simple?”


Han Suyan responded, “Yes, yet no.”


The mentors had started to get used to his unwavering and rigorous approach.


Continuing his explanation, he said, “This is my learning philosophy.
No matter whether it is difficult or simple, I will definitely be able to do it after ten years of work.
I have a severe obsession with every aspect of my life.
If one thing is not done well, I'll do it ten thousand times until it is.
Dancing is no exception.”


“I may lack natural talent in this area.
But if I practice it ten thousand times, like my radio gymnastics, I can achieve the same level as someone gifted.”


Han Suyan was completely serious from beginning to end.
He used a simple and understandable way to convey his life philosophy and his terrifying belief in never being a burden to others.


Yin Suli found it quite interesting.
Han Suyan's behaviour and actions had been difficult to predict.
She picked up the microphone and asked with interest, “You do know that your current level is F? Just now, did that mean you have confidence that you will definitely debut?”


He didn't respond with his previous rigorous style of saying “Yes yet no” but instead smiled politely.


“Yes, I do.”


The other trainees felt a strong fighting spirit ignite within them, rising straight to the sky.
In an instant, the atmosphere became charged with the scent of gunpowder, and the competitive spirit that had been brewing within them burst forth, pushed from underneath to the surface.




Translation notes


(1)   Refers to a hua ping (flower vase); a person who is just there to be pretty but has no other use (empty headed is the implication)

(2)   She’s likely referring to how his hardware (face and body) is amazing but his career choice doesn’t take advantage of it

(3)   What he’s cueing is the workflow or the plan of the show, which is hard to explain in english.
Think of it as the steps in a program.
He’s doing it so that they stay on schedule, basically

(4)   A little late to mention it, but they’re basically a series of body exercises that you do to a specific kind of music.
Everyone in china grew up doing it at school in the mornings, where they would play it from speakers (hence the radio part), so it’s like a shared sort of meme/trauma that all of them have lol



Translator’s note

I didn’t cut the chapter; I know it feels short but it’s really this length haha

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