For Shi Xi’s performance, Tang Cuo and Tang Xu’s seats were in the VIP area, which can also be said to be the relatives and friends area.
Shi Xi’s friends were all over the place, and many of them knew each other.
Tang Xu whispered a few words to a few people.
After a while, another person entered and sat next to Tang Cuo.
Tang Cuo raised his head and found that it was Lu Chengwei.


Lu Chengwei had a shocked expression on his face as well.
Regardless of Tang Xu, who was still talking to others, he stared at Tang Cuo.
Tang Cuo looked at him, then turned his head to see that Tang Xu hadn’t noticed this side, so he had to say hello.
“Brother Cheng Wei.”


“Damn!” Lu Chengwei stood in the high-end hall and let out an extremely abrupt exclamation, “SiHang! It’s really you!”


Such a big commotion finally made Tang Xu turn his head.
When he saw someone approaching, he simply said, “Here we go.”


A man on the side noticed Lu Chengwei and teased him, “Yo, why did Brother Wei come by himself? I wouldn’t dare to recognise you if you weren’t accompanied by a beautiful woman!”


Lu Chengwei laughed and cursed, “Fuck off.”


A girl also laughed and chimed in, “Really, why are you here alone?”


Lu Chengwei pulled the chair back and sat down, his long legs strengthening on the ground.
“I wanted to bring the beautiful lady with me, but Tang Xu ruined a ticket, so I could only let her down.”


The man who started to tease him laughed even more.
“You should thank Brother Xu.
if Shi Xi knew that you wanted to use her VIP tickets to bring your one-night stand on a date.
You would no longer have any artist friends to brag about.”


“Get lost! I don’t want to talk to you.
Even if you wanted to bring a date, no one would want to be your date!”


“Oh, how can I be as suave as Brother Wei? I think the last word of your name should be changed.
The fourth tone doesn’t suit you.
The third tone is more appropriate1In Chinese, there are 4 tones.
So the phonetic transcription of ‘蔚’ (Wei) in the Chinese is the fourth sound, the third tone is the sound of ‘伟’, and ‘伟哥’ (Wei Ge) is the same as viagra..


Tang Cuo had been sitting there obediently, listening to their ridicule, but he hadn’t expected their conversation to drift away…



“Come on, I brought a child with me.” Tang Xu interpreted.


The man smiled and closed his mouth, and Lu Chengwei pointed at him and cursed him quietly before sitting obediently on the back of the chair.
He turned his face to Tang Cuo and Tang Xu and asked, “So you brought Xiao SiHang here.
When did you guys get in touch?”

Tang Xu said, “We met in school.”

Lu ChengWei let out an ‘Ah’, imitating the accent from the skit, “Fate.”

Tang Xu glanced at him and said, “Shut up and be quiet.”

However, if Lu Chengwei could stop talking, he would no longer be Lu Chengwei.
He spent the rest of the time asking Tang Cuo various questions.
Although it was in the name of caring about the little brother he hadn’t seen for many years, the question he asked the most was…

“Are you dating?”

“Have you ever had a partner before? How many people have you dated?

“You haven’t dated any? Oh, damn, that’s no good… Come on, come on! Your brother will introduce you! Take a look at my friend circle; which one do you prefer? Eh, this one is good; this one is beautiful… Oh no, this one is much older than you.
Well, it’s okay for my brother to contact me later… Oh, I don’t have any young people here.
After all, I cherish children more and don’t touch them.
Well, tell your brother what type you like, and he’ll help you find one.”

He was as noisy as a crow.
Tang Xu couldn’t take it any longer, so he stood up and pulled Tang Cuo aside, saying, “Change seats.”


Before he could react, Lu Chengwei stopped Tang Cuo with his arm and said, “Don’t; I don’t want to be next to you!”


Tang Xu was speechless and looked at him with contempt, saying, “Then shut up?”


“Tsk,” Lu Chengwei waved his hand, “really, I can’t even get in touch with my brother SiHang!”


Tang Xu then looked down on him with the king’s contempt.


“Okay, I’ll shut up.
Please take a seat quickly; I’m feeling psychological pressure from your presence here.”


Tang Cuo: “…”


Shi Xi is indeed an artist and an excellent ballet dancer.
Tang Cuo doesn’t know much about ballet, but he has been watching Shi Xi’s performances for years.
He had watched some online or purchased record discs, and he went to watch the performance by himself.
He would sometimes watch her performance in Beijing or take a long train ride to Shanghai or Suzhou.


People’s evaluation of Shixi seems to be one-sided praise.
Whether it is professional or non-professional, after watching her performance, they are not stingy with their praise.
This is also why Shixi’s performances are so well-liked and she has so many fans.
These people have been longtime fans of Ballerina Princess.
They have witnessed her growth, transformation from perfection, and loss.
Shi Xi’s comeback performance that year still holds the record for the fastest ticket sales for a dance performance.


Even if it was Tang Cuo, he had to admit her excellence.
Simultaneously, he envied such excellence.


Everyone was watching the entire performance intently, including Lu Chengwei, who admired it without saying a word.


When Shixi was about to call the curtain after the performance, a girl in the front row suddenly threw a large bouquet of flowers into Tang Xu’s arms.
She squinted her eyes and smiled, “Brother Xu, go quickly.”


Tang Xu caught the flower and let out a hey.


” What Hey, I know you didn’t prepare, so I prepared for you.
Go quickly, and to tell you the truth, my sister is looking forward to receiving flowers from you today!” The girl seemed to want to say something, but with so many people around her, she didn’t and pushed Tang Xu, “Go!”


Tang Xu smiled wryly, knowing he had no choice but to tell Tang Cuo to wait for him here.
Tang Cuo nodded and watched him walk away with flowers.


The stage curtain reopened, and the entire audience stood up and applauded.
Tang Cuo heard people’s respect for art, respect, and praise for this dance and the dancers who performed it during the applause.


Many people came up to give Shi Xi flowers, and Tang Xu was the last one to go up.
Shi Xi handed all the flowers to the people behind her as Tang Xu approached the stage and took Tang Xu’s bouquet with her hands free.


Tang Xu slightly bent down and hugged her, softly saying with a smile, “You are the best dancer.”


Shi Xi’s eyes sparkled.
“Thank you.”


Tang Cuo, on the other hand, was still standing in the auditorium, staring intently at the two hugging people on stage.
He felt a slight ache in his chest.
But only a little, he consoled himself.


At this kind of moment, many memories would flood into his head uncontrollably.
He remembers Shi Xi’s interview that he saw a long time ago, shortly after her comeback.


The host asked if she was disappointed when she lost the opportunity to enter the Paris Opera Ballet.


At that time, Shixi was sitting quietly in the chair and smiling gently.
She said, “I’m sure I’ll definitely be very disappointed.
That is the best dance company in my heart, as well as the place I have wished for for many years.
I’ve worked so hard for so many years to get this opportunity, and it only comes around once in a lifetime.
Right, my entire mood was completely off at the time.
Plus, I didn’t know what would happen in the future, so it can be said that I became quite extreme.”


The host went on to talk along with her, It was a really tough time, right?


Shi Xi said, “Yeah, it was really difficult.
I was hit both psychologically and physically.
There was also a lot of talk from the outside world, which added to my stress.”


The host went on to say, I am also your fan myself.
Many people supported and encouraged you at the time.
Is there anyone who has helped you the most and whom you want to thank the most?


Tang Cuo remembered Shixi remaining silent for nearly ten seconds after this question was asked.
when the host was about to take over and discuss something else.
Only then did Shi Xi show a beautiful smile and say gracefully, “Yes, I want to thank a friend of mine the most.
After my accident, he left his affairs behind to accompany me abroad for treatment.
He has always encouraged me and comforted me.
It can be said that he accompanied me through the most difficult days.
I really, really thank him.”


Perhaps it was because Shi Xi’s expression was too obvious and touching.
It was rare for a big-name host who was obviously very professional to say something careless.
Wow, that must be someone you like.


Shi Xi didn’t answer but lowered her head with a smile.


Tang Cuo only found out Tang Xu had gone abroad with Shi Xi at that point.
That’s why he went to Tang Xu’s house so many times to look for him, but no one opened the door.



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1In Chinese, there are 4 tones.
So the phonetic transcription of ‘蔚’ (Wei) in the Chinese is the fourth sound, the third tone is the sound of ‘伟’, and ‘伟哥’ (Wei Ge) is the same as viagra.

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