ya and Zinra watched in horror as the boar ate its way through the bones, their fear growing with each crunching sound.

Just as the rat-headed boar was about to break through the last of the bones, it suddenly got stuck, its head poking into the cart as it tried to reach Uroya and Zinra. The creature snapped its teeth, trying to bite the two as they cowered in fear.

Zinra knew he had to do something to survive, so he asked Uroya to hold the boars head steady. Uroya gritted her teeth and grabbed the tusks, holding them firmly as Zinra placed his hands around the boars mouth, trying to keep it from biting them.

Thamos, who had been too focused on the fight to notice what was happening in the cart, turned just in time to see Zinra using magic to burn the rat-headed boars head. Zinra cackled with excitement as the flames engulfed the creature, his whole body starting to burn as he lost control of the spell. Uroya could see the pain etched on Zinras face as he writhed in agony, the flames consuming him.

Despite the danger, Uroya knew she had to act fast. She kicked at the bone shell surrounding the cart, trying to break through it. After several fierce kicks, she managed to shatter the bones and throw them aside, along with the burning rat-headed boar.

As Uroya and Zinra emerged from the cart, they saw another rat-headed boar approaching, its beady eyes fixed on them as it let out a series of guttural snarls. Uroyas heart raced with fear as she looked at Zinra, who was still engulfed in flames.

An idea came to her, and she shouted at Zinra to hold still as she grabbed his legs and swung him around like a weapon. The environment became more visible as she swung him through the air, the rat-headed boar cowering in fear as it faced the burning Zinra.

Uroya knew she had only one chance to defeat the creature, so she swung Zinra with all her might, releasing him at just the right moment. Zinra flew through the air, his flames burning brighter as he crashed into the rat-headed boar. The creature let out a blood-curdling shriek as it was engulfed in flames, collapsing to the ground as it burned to ash.

Uroya breathed a sigh of relief as she watched the creature burn, her heart racing with adrenaline.

As Uroya swung Zinra around, she noticed that the flames engulfing his body didn burn her hands. Zinra was concentrating fiercely, determined not to burn her as she held him.

Meanwhile, Thamos and the Emerald Minotaur continued to fight, their weapons ringing out as they clashed and parried. The battle was fierce and intense, the two warriors locked in a desperate struggle for survival.

As the fight wore on, it became clear that Thamos was struggling to keep up with the powerful Minotaur. His movements were growing slower and more labored, and it seemed as if he might not be able to hold out much longer.

Seeing that Thamos was in trouble, Uroya acted quickly. She threw Zinra at the Minotaur like a fireball, then ran towards the creature and delivered a powerful blow. The Emerald Minotaur crumpled to the ground, broken into pieces by the combined force of Zinras flames and Uroyas attack.

Thamos and Uroya rushed to save Zinra, who was still engulfed in flames. They worked quickly and efficiently, using their combined strength to extinguish the flames and tend to Zinras burns.

As they tended to Zinra, Thamos turned to Uroya and asked, ”Who is this boy? How did he get in the cart, and why can he use magic? ”

But before Uroya could answer, Zinra let out a faint moan and passed out, his body going limp in their arms.

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