Do You Want to Play Games Together During the Storm?

“Fuck, are you cheating?! How did you win again?!”

“Shut up if you don’t have the skills.”

“I’ll say, Jiang Tairan, you keep losing every bet, yet you still have to play cards with us.
Do you have too much money and nowhere to spend it?”

“Young Master is helping the poor today, what’s it to you?!”

“With just those few thousands of yours, who can you help?”

When they walked up to the door of the classroom, You’er and Song Luan heard the noisy voices coming from inside.

After opening the door, as expected, Jiang Tairan, Hang Jiyun and Ke Hongming were sitting in a circle and playing poker together.
Hang Jiyun was smoking again.
Smoking was obviously not allowed inside the classroom…

Hearing the sound of the door opening, the three of them turned their heads in unison.
Ke Hongming became upset as soon as he saw Song Luan.
He promptly turned back to look at the cards in his hands.
Hang Jiyun paused for a moment with the cigarette in his hand before turning back and inhaling another lungful of smoke.

And Jiang Tairan happily jumped off the stool when he caught sight of You’er.

“Xiao1 Youyou, how come you’re so late~ I got so bored I started playing cards with them.”

“You’er waited for you guys for quite a while before going out to look for her phone.”

Song Luan continued to hold onto You’er’s hand as he turned slightly to the side to block Jiang Tairan, who had rushed over to hug Zan You’er, and explained quietly to him.

“You still have the face to talk about us, didn’t you come late as well?”

Ke Hongming threw the cards on top of the table before turning around and placing his feet on the table in front of him.
He cradled the back of his head with his hands as he rocked the chair back and forth and glanced at You’er and Song Luan’s hands that were intertwined together.

“If some guy who runs around with a stinky face every day hadn’t come over to provoke me, I would have come to the classroom a long time ago.”

He glanced at Ke Hongming who had spoken with thorny words and counterattacked easily with the words that You’er had used.

Song Luan knew very well who Ke Hongming’s weakness was.

“Guys, that’s enough.
Do you know what time it is while you’re kicking up a row? Are you planning on sleeping in the classroom today?”

“I don’t mind sleeping together with Xiao Youyou~”

Jiang Tairan placed his hands on top of the table behind him and used some force to prop himself up and sit on the table, swaying his legs as he gazed at You’er with a big grin.

“Xiao Tairan, I mind.”

With a similar smile adorning her face, You’er replied to Jiang Tairan before casting a sideways glance at Hang Jiyun who hadn’t said a single word.

Covering her chest while pretending to be pitiful, Zan You’er walked over to Hang Jiyun and leaned down to look at him sadly.

“Hang Jiyun… How can you have the heart to let our group of 17 year old youths breathe in your second-hand smoke~?”

Shaking off the ash from the cigarette, Hang Jiyun took out an ashtray from his desk drawer and put out the smoke.
He raised his eyes and tilted his chin slightly to indicate that he had put out the cigarette.
His eyes were like a pool of stagnant water as he glanced at You’er’s open collar, exposing a hint of spring light.
Hang Jiyun’s voice was low and husky;

“I don’t mind either.”

Zan You’er pretended not to hear him as she walked over to the podium and moved the ecology box to his table before telling the other three to gather around and write down their observations and experiences, after all, it was unlikely that this young master in front of her would move even half a step.

After several rounds of quarrels and mediation, the rowdy group of five finally managed to finish their assignment.
Outside, the sky had already turned dark and it was raining heavily now.

“Ah, it’s raining so hard… What if I can’t go back?”

The schoolbag had already been taken out and the pitter-patter of the rain falling outside the window was very distinct.
After pulling the curtains aside a gap, one could see that the open-air surface downstairs was already drenched with several puddles on the ground.
The raindrops struck against the surface of the water, creating ripples in the water.

“It’s a pity, I didn’t bring an umbrella.
Otherwise, I could have taken you home.”

Song Luan approached the window and opened it by a gap, examining the situation outside as he shook his head at You’er who was frowning.

After putting the ant ecology box away, Jiang Tairan also leaned close to Zan You’er stretched his head out to look outside the window.

“Seems like we won’t be able to go back in this rain, how about we wait in the classroom and wait for the rain to step?”

Hang Jiyun and Ke Hongming sat aside in silence with their heads lowered, not voicing any approval or disapproval.

Zan You’er stuffed her schoolbag inside her desk drawer and sat down once again before cradling her chin with her right hand and asking in a tangled manner;

“Did any of you bring your mobile phone? I’ll make a call to find my phone and call a taxi to pick us up.”

“If I had brought my phone, I would have already taken it out and called my driver, would I still have to wait for you to call a taxi?”

Ke Hongming, the brother from a wealthy family, put down the cards in his hands as he raised his head and responded to Zan You’er.

When she thought about it, she realized he was right.
If they had brought their mobile phones, they might have already reached home by now.
But it was already 2019, why would there be people who don’t take their phones with them when they go out…

“Are you all living in 1019… Why don’t you take your phones with you when you go out?”

She couldn’t understand how a person could pass such a boring day without a mobile phone.

“I’m not addicted to my phone like you, unable to live without my phone.”

Ke Hongming, who was playing cards with his head lowered, spoke in a deprecatory manner.
You’er secretly rolled her eyes and didn’t bother paying attention to him.

Song Luan smiled without saying anything as he stood in front of the window and looked out at the heavy rain thoughtfully.

Hang Jiyun continued to read, as though what happened outside had nothing to do with him.

“It’s so annoying to have a phone.
A bunch of people come to chat with you on WeChat and you get tired before you even finish blocking all of them.”

Jiang Tairan felt disgusted to death when he remembered that scene and stuck out his tongue to dissipate his nausea.
He sat next to Ke Hongming and grabbed his cards before shuffling the cards disinterestedly.

“Isn’t it because you run around outside with that superficial look on your face that so many men and women run up to you to ask you for your WeChat, you don’t have to give it to them.”

Jiang Tairan had an extremely exquisite face with big eyes and long eyelashes, smooth and fair skin.
He was the type who could pull it off if he dressed in women’s clothes and wore a wig.

“It’s not as if I want to be so good-looking, what can I do about it~~ Xiao Youyou, let me tell you, those people are so annoying.
If you don’t give it to them, they’ll ask you for your QQ, if you don’t give them your QQ id, they’ll ask for your phone number, if you don’t give them your phone number, they’ll give you their phone number.
You tell me, aren’t they boring?”

After he bragged for a while and frowned as he complained about some stupid men and women, Ke Hongming snatched the cards away while he wasn’t paying attention.

“They are boring, but I am also bored now! How can I wait for the rain to stop without my phone!”

Lifting her head up with an appearance as if she would never be happy again, Zan You’er screamed at the sky. Noo!

“Then we could play cards, we can play a lot of things with five people.”

Song Luan walked up to Zan You’er and smiled as he gave his suggestion.
The two people who were snatching the cards from each other stopped when they heard him.

Jiang Tairan was the first to agree, “Okay, okay~ Xiao Youyou come over to me, I’ll teach you how to play cards~”

“You’re going to teach her? Do you really want her, who isn’t rich in the first place, to lose her entire family’s fortune?”

Ke Hongming looked down on Jiang Tairan’s rotten card skills and ridiculed Zan You’er’s moderately well-off family in passing.

“Hey hey hey, Ke Hongming, you’re talking more and more excessively, take care or I might hit you!”

After leaving her seat and walking over to the table of three, Zan You’er sat down next to Jiang Tairan and waved her small fist at Ke Hongming in a threatening manner.

Song Luan also followed behind her and stood at her side before glancing at Hang Jiyun who had his ears shut to his surroundings as he read his book whole-heartedly as though he were a sage.

“Jiyun, do you want to join us? What do you want to play?”

Hang Jiyun closed his book and put it inside the desk drawer.
He raised his leg and rested it on top of the other as he leaned against his chair and spoke softly. 

“Truth or Dare.”

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