Chapter 16: Call me husband. 




There was no light in the toilet, but there was a strange groan coming from the cubicle.
If someone didn't know what was going on, they would think it was haunted.


Zan You'er was carried into the toilet cubicle by Song Luan.
After looking at her watch, she began to take off her clothes.
While taking off her clothes, she whispered slowly:


“You can't refuse any order, you understand?”


So Zan You'er could only let him take off her clothes, unbutton his underwear, and pull down the lining.


Originally, she expected Song Luan to knead her ɮʀɛǟֆȶʂ just  like Hang Jiyun, but he lowered his head and grabbed her ռɨքքʟɛֆ, licking and biting with some strength, softening Zan Youer's entire body and half-closing her eyes.
Just watching Song Luan suck her ƈɦɛֆȶ made her feel weak.


He's very skilled, with the tip of his tongue teasing her ռɨքքʟɛֆ; he sucks the other ɮʀɛǟֆȶʂ occasionally, and he kneed the other one, kneading it gently and slowly.


His meat stick, which had been hard before, was inflated by Zan You'er's panting.
He untied the belt and released his thick and hard stick.


Zan You'er, who was addicted to the pleasure he brought her, was almost taken aback.
She stared blankly at the meat stick, not knowing what Song Luan was going to do to her next.


A little scared, but unable to refuse, she could only bite her lower lip lightly, trying to wake herself up from the pleasure.


He licked harder, sucking and nearly engulfing half of her ɮʀɛǟֆȶʂ in his mouth, covering it with his own saliva, then holding the chest and pushing it up.


He squeezes the two soft mounds and pinches them, eating a few times on one side and switching to the other side, sucking back and forth very happily.


The pulp of the thumb pushes the firm nipple into the ɮʀɛǟֆȶʂ flesh, and when it brings the tingling pleasure, it also creates a bit of emptiness.


The hard evidence of desire was already flowing from the glans of his meat stick released earlier.
Song Luan didn't say a word; he just lifted Zan You'er's skirt and stuck it on the already soaked panties.


He chuckled a few times, as if surprised by her sensitivity, before Zan You'er could speak, he raised his head and kissed her red lips, then forcefully penetrated her lips, found the uvula that was trying to hide, and explored while sucking.


He hugs her and presses her against the wall, then rubs his meat stick through her panties always touching the ƈʟɨȶօʀɨֆ that has been standing for a long time.


A weird and numb pleasure came from the rubbing of the lower body; Zan You'er was addicted to it, but at the same time she was a little scared—why is Song Luan so strong?


Although she has seen him change his face countless times before, when facing her, he will always change from gloomy to gentle, just like a brother.


He couldn't explain why he had such a strong and fierce desire for her, which came at her like a tsunami.


You'er's kissing skills are too unfamiliar, and she needs to practice more in the future.


After putting her down, You'er thought that the time was up, or Song Luan decided to let her go, but before she could stand still, her hands were held behind her back and tied behind her back.


He took off the tie around his neck, tied up Zan You'er's hands, and then pressed her against the wall, letting her press her chest against the wall, and pump his meat stick back and forth against the place where the fluid was gushing out.


“Song Luan…it hurts…”


He pushed so hard that she almost lost her balance, but she could barely support herself with her hands tied.


Hearing this, Song Luan slowed down his meat stick pumping.
He helped Zan You'er up, and asked her with a smile,


“Do you wish me to let go of your hand?”




She couldn't give a strong nod.


“Then call me husband?”


It's not an excessive request at all, but Zan You'er has always regarded him as an older brother…
Although the two people's current posture and what they are doing are extremely ambiguous.


“Or do you want to call me brother? It doesn't sound good…
Call me, father.”


Hey! Why did he suddenly become a father! In order to stop Song Luan from making more and more excessive demands she decided to agree, Zan You'er said softly:




“Speak up, I can't hear you.”




Blushing and closing his eyes.
The smile on his lips deepened.


“Very good.”


Satisfied, he untied the tie that tied her hands and threw it on the toilet seat casually, and he asked her to support the wall in a low voice.
He then rubbed one side with his big palm, and continued to rub her private parts with his meats stick.


Take it easy…”


Song Luan wasn't the only one who was happy; the shape of his meat stick was slightly upturned, and the sensitive stamens were often rubbed in the process of pumping and rubbing upwards, making her body unstoppable in its trembling.


“Call me again, will you Hmm?”


Song Luan patted her buttocks, expressing dissatisfaction with her sudden stuborness, and increased his pumping strength.


“Ah…be gentle…husband…haha…”


It seemed that because of her sweet moans and the address that satisfied Song Luan, he slowed down the rubbing for a reason, and poked his fingers into her panties.


“Uhm…you can't touch it there…ha…husband…”


After moaning for a few seconds, she tactfully called out the name he asked for himself before, Zan You'er was sensitive because his big palm suddenly touched her exclaimed in surprise.


“But my wife, you really want it.”


He only rubbed the stamen a few times with his fingers, then stretched into her panties to draw out her love juice, and put it in front of Zan You'er as evidence, and asked her to clamp it tightly.




Song Luan's hands moved directly to the ƈʟɨȶօʀɨֆ and kneaded without first removing her underwear.
The coolness of the fingertips not only stimulated Zan You'er, but also gave her a lot of pleasure.


After being rubbed a few times, her flower hole was already contracting rapidly and ready to climax.


But Song Luan suddenly stopped, and he looked at his watch:


“Ah, it's been ten minutes…
It's so fast, let's go, we're back to the classroom.”


Zan You'er looked at him with eyes blindfolded, her face shows dissatisfaction and desire that emerged unconsciously.


“What's the matter, do you still want it? My wife?”


He had a smirk on his face that Zan You'er had never seen before.
Sge was a little surprised in the dark, but he was still very handsome.




Tightening her lower body, Zan You'er slowly straightened up and began to put on her own clothes.
Song Luan folded his arms and leaned aside, with desire burning in his eyes, but he just looked at her.


  After she got dressed, Song Luan stroked her waist, ready to walk into the classroom with her.


But she don't know if it's because of him touching her that made her feel itchy , or because she is very sensitive now, just holding her waist, she groaned softly and leaned against Song Luan's body.


He chuckled a few times, picked her up, walked out the door sideways, and walked slowly towards the classroom. 

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